Delia Day.
The great gallery update.

Today we have a big update on the gallery of Delia Day, a woman of severe fate. An artist, writer, and amateur MILF extreme BDSM model. at the beginning of 2000th She kept a blog about a slave’s life with a lot of hot photos and stories from her life as a slave.

But one day she shot her dominant husband with a pistol to death. The court decided that she is not guilty and there was self-defense. Eleanor Neale conducted an investigation. It’s pretty good for an investigation made via Internet sources only. So, you’d better listen to the story from her.
After the gunshot incident, Delia Day disappeared from the nets. As I know, she is a granny now and lives with her daughter’s family.

Delia Day retired but we remember and still love her, and wish her a good life.