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Running a website costs some cash, but the amount is very small to talk about, and ads easily cover needs. But if you like my humble attempts, please donate, and I will have some butter on my bread and maybe a beer once a week.

The other thing is shooting original content. We are trying to do it. But it requires some equipment (click for a list).

I don’t like paysites. I believe that information (texts, images, porn, audio records) should be accessible to everyone. The main property of information is the ability to make a copy. And attempts to restrict the distribution of information are against the nature of things. So on this site, you will never see the ‘Paid Members Only’ section. All we’ll shoot will be available for everyone. But how should creators get their daily bread? In the good old times, creators were supported by understanding persons – patrons. So if you like this blog, you may feel yourself Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II or Lorenzo the Magnificent and support us with some Bitcoins or a prepaid card. It’s a technical reason for that way. Really. By clicking here you may watch the list of our distinguished donators.

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