Dirt play poll

Submissive girl in collar covered with dirt licks a Mistress's dirty sneaker

Hi, folks!

Today we have a new Friday poll. The topic is dirt and garbage play. Do you like to be covered with rotten food and soil, lick dirty soles, or clean dusty cars with your tongue? Maybe you prefer to be forced to duck your face in a mud pool or a garbage can? Chewing cigarette butts? Suck a used condom found on a street? Being 24/7 covered with stinky disgusting substances? Or do you want to do it to your girlfriend? Or maybe it’s just a disgusting thing and every girl should be treated like a princess?

Feel free to answer. Feel free to add your own answers. The poll and comments are anonymous, as always.

Important! I will make some good-quality posts soon. Now I’m working on some blog speed optimization and SEO. So, please, wait a little!

To be a disgusting dirty bitch or not?
If 'Other' is filled, checked answers are ignored.

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