Before and after Female circumcision.

Before and after Female circumcision.

Female vagina after inner labia removal and clitoridectomy.

  • Luana says:

    Oh I want this done to me soo bad

  • Max says:

    V2 looks much better and I’ve had performance anxiety so a women with no means to cum, or even fuck, would mean less pressure. I’m only 5.8″ so the tighter one appeals. Only concern is whether I’d miss going down on a real pussy. V2 would look smoother in a bikini but not having to worry about them coming or even having to worry about getting it up seals it for me though that they’ve had everything removed would probably get me hard 🙂

    • meatbarn says:

      Hi! Thanks for your comment.
      My English is poor, so I have some problems understanding some details. Please, be so kind and explain me
      1) What performance and pressure do you mean?
      2) I didn’t properly understand the last sentence about bikini and so on.

      Anyway, don’t worry about real pussies and tightness. Anal is the best solution! Who needs a pussy, if the ass is accessible? I don’t.

  • Glenn Nagy says:

    Hi, I think circ females look absolutely beautiful, they also don’t have to worry about so much piss dribble, and cunt snot mucus sticking those ugly piss flaps together first thing in the morning.

  • Menti says:

    ein sehr schönes ergebnis

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