Hangman, hangman, hold it a little while…

Two topless girls playing gallow asphyxation

Hey, you! Yeah, you! Read this before going further! Asphyxiation and other breath play practices are very dangerous! If you can’t keep away from it, at least NEVER do it alone! I hope, you know the word “never”. Remember David “Bill” Carradine! Did you get it? If you didn’t, read this paragraph again.
Wankers! Videos for wanking are below the text.

I found videos of this cool guy on Motherless.com. And I was amazed by his calm and professional work. He reminds me of PD from Insex in his best years. Both do exactly what is needed and never don’t lose their mind.

Greet Alex aka Alex Bald. He keeps a small studio ‘Cruel World’ and makes custom extreme videos on demand. You may enjoy all his works on nicheclips.com and DeadSexyClips.com. And I think this studio deserves your financial reward! Alex shoots not about suffocation only. You may find bondage, spanking, rape fantasy, and other spicy things on his sites. But real hanging is one of the most extreme and rare practices in porn. Of course, I couldn’t pass by and asked Alex a few questions. Here is our small interview. I was surprised by his answers. Wankers and fappers, don’t be upset, a couple of videos are right under the text wall.

Q. How long are you interested in asphyxiation?
A. I’m not interested myself. It’s a purely commercial project. But I’ve concluded that a lot of kinksters like this genre. And this theme is not the main theme of my movies. As for me, I don’t like to choke or hang girls. I like to make love with them, carry them, cuddle them, stroke their hair, talk to them, feed them with delicious things.

Q. Were you trained in suffocation by someone or experimented on your own?
A. On my own. And very cautious.

Q. Do you deal with other BDSM practices? Some devices, such as floggers, whips, cross, one can see in your videos.
A. Yes, I do. Everything, that doesn’t cause serious injuries and doesn’t confront my aesthetic position. For instance, I never will shoot a scat or a bestiality scene. Despite some clients trying to make such orders.

Q. Are girls that perform in your videos your friends or hired models?
A. It’s usually both. But they get paid anyway. Most of these girls have poor financial situations.

Q. Do your girls like the noose play? What do girls feel?
A. A real short-time hanging is just an unpleasant job for them. They feel no pleasure. But it’s a well-paid job. Especially because all real hanging videos are made on customers’ demand. It means, that a model receives all money paid by customers. Myself, I prefer beautiful and technically perfect imitations. But I’ve concluded, that most customers want to see real hanging. Even if it lasts just a few seconds.

Q. Do the girls, who experienced real hanging, come to you again?
A. Yes. Most of them. You may see it in my videos. But I never will choke any of them too frequently. It could be dangerous for health.

Q. How old are girls that are interested in asphyxiation?
A. 20 and older.

Q. Did you ever test suffocation on yourself?
A. No. I’m not a choking enthusiast and not a model playing a role of a victim. In my movies, I play a gangster, an executioner, an inquisitor, a monk, or a mad doctor. Variations are possible.

Q. You offer videos by custom orders. Would you kindly tell us what is OK and what is taboo?
A. Nothing that will cause serious injuries to a model. Even if she will agree. I also never will shoot something that poses a serious threat to a model’s life and health. I also never will shoot things that are too disgusting or dumb for me.

Q. Do there leave strangulation marks on a model’s neck after your hanging?
A. Sometimes, if the model agrees to it. But I usually do my best to minimize such marks.

Q. You use a special loop in some of your movies, a simple rope in some of the others, an electric winch – in a few others, and so on. What techniques or ways do you prefer?
A. It depends on a customer and a girl.

Q. Do you have like-minded colleagues or friends who practice breath play?
A. No. It’s not a game for us, we don’t ‘play’ with breath. It’s just a job.

Q. What safety rules about breath play you’d like to give to our visitors?
A. At least, never play it alone. And don’t play with a partner that doesn’t have strong common sense and sanity.

Q. Are there any manuals or other literature, that you may recommend? May our visitors ask you, as a guru, for a piece of advice?
A. I’m not a guru, and I can’t tell or recommend anything to anyone.

Q. What else do you want to tell our visitors?
A. It’s better not to try to play with the breath. It could happen, that you will play “too well”.
I also want to say, that those, who put my movies on free access resources, such as Motherless, steal not from me only. They deprive girls of earnings. A lot of models are in serious financial trouble. So, the less I get paid for legal orders, the less I could pay to models. There is no place for miracles.

I was very surprised by Alex’s answers. So much suffering and no pleasure at all! As for me, I don’t think that people should perform jobs that make them suffer. But my humble opinion is just my opinion. As we can see, the lack of cash and the lack of a job may force anyone to make everything. Sad, but true. But you aren’t here for sadness, right? You’re here to enjoy some extreme things that make your dicks and clits harder! So, enjoy. Alex was so kind and gave me permission to publish a couple of his hot works. If you want more, you better follow the links above or write him directly to his e-mail: [email protected]. And now, you may start your fap session!

  • FRANK says:

    Hi Meatbarn, thank you for this intresting toipic and interview. It shows that not all masters are doms. I would have had too much fear to harm the girls.. This coustomer relationship I knew from this two girls. https://up.picr.de/37527468kc.jpg they had also financial & law problems. Their lawyer offered a little job as houskeeper and for gardening. He was handicaped whit a wheelchair and his wife has cancer in final section.

    During gardening he asked if they can wear a bikini for extra cash. Then naked cleaning at the house.. He and his wife looked at them on lesbian action. Then he asked for little videos, so the girl with the scotish skirt asked me for assistance. The wheelchairman give them challenges and a script and if he liked the video, they get payed.

    From lesbian sex at the elevator of a shopping mal, to sex on the beach, little BDSM slapping and flogging. Up to breathplay. The curly girl was tied/cruzyfied to a tree. Her mouth was taped with duck tape. The scotish skirt should flame her tits by nettles and clamp her nose until she passed out.

    When the wheelchair man asked for a C/D cup breast augumentaion and nipple piercing for the scotish skirt girl, this relationship endet insrantly.

    • MeatBarn says:

      Low life makes people agree to a lot of things. And these girls, as I beleive, had not so bad job, as they could have on streets.
      And, of course, every person has a taboo, a stop border. For one it is a short skirt, for another it’s piercing.

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