The Kingdom of feet and slaves. An interview with “Fetish Fantasy Studio”.

Girl throat fucked with hand and chocked with foot in the sand

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Hi, everyone!

Today I’ll tell you about my “discovery of the year”! Welcome “Fetish Fantasy Studio”! Everything you love in Brazilian porn is available with white chicks now.

I found the studio on Twitter. And I loved their content from the first look. Humiliation, spanking, trampling, food play, gross things… Had you ever seen planting a plant (oh, my English!) with roots full of soil into a girl’s mouth? They have it. Slave, which is smoking a bunch of 50 cigarettes simultaneously? They have it. A girl sucking raw fish guts? They have it! Perverse Family has a strong concurrent now in the “disgusting gross porn” niche. I should notice one of the possible flaws of the “Fetish Fantasy Studio”: the absence of insertions and penetrations. But I believe the reason for this limitation is that their materials will be qualified as “erotic” but not “porn”. It’s a necessary limitation in some countries. But the absence of penetrations doesn’t mean that your kinky heart will not rejoice. If you are filthy enough, I guarantee: you will get a hard dick and a wet cunt.

The studio keeps 2 Twitter accounts:@KingdomSlaves and @FFantasyStudio. A full bunch of their links where you may purchase their hot production is here on AllMyLinks.

I asked a Twitter-responsible person a few questions and the studio kindly answered me.

MB. Please, first of all, tell us a short story about your project.
FFS. We are a group of fetish enthusiasts of various ages and genders. We are trying to create a fetish project based on our own views and preferences. We do not focus on already created ideas and try to combine different genres of fetishes in our videos, our further goal is to make our “fetish production ” at a high level of cinematography. Our studio started its work not so long ago, in September 2021. We started with very gentle genres of “tickling”, and bondage, and later added new ones.

MB. Were you inspired by Brazilian humiliating videos or it was your own idea?
FFS. We have heard about Brazilian videos from our fans, but to be honest, we have never even watched them. We do not focus on anyone, we follow only our own views and ideas. But if we get something interesting from our fans, then, of course, we can listen to their opinion and implement the ideas that we have they ask for.

MB. I lost count of your girls. I see at least 5 models on the screen. How many girls are involved in your project?
FFS. Now we are very picky about the choice of models, and our philosophy is that fewer models will be better, but the video quality is higher. We are conducting a serious selection with which not everyone can cope, and we are screening out quite a lot of candidates. At the moment we have more than 20 models who are gradually introduced into the frame and studied from the main models of our studio. When we see that they are ready, we release a video with them.

MB. Do you have a cameraman or one of the models is shooting while others are performing?
FFS. We have several camera operators. We constantly improve conditions, we devote a huge amount to editing. We do not skimp out on light, sound, or cameras. We try to be sure that our videos are as good as possible and will be better over time.

Beautiful volume light on the stage of Fetish Fantasy Studio

Yeah, the cameraman knows his job.

MB. Does at least one submissive girl do her job not just for money, but for fun too? Please, be honest. It’s important.
FFS. Of course, we don’t hide that there are girls who are interested in money, but there are also those who really like what is done to them. Over time, we want to see only them.

MB. Do you shoot custom videos?
FFS. We do it all the time, trying to please all our fans! Customers may email us at slaveshow.custom @

MB. How much will cost a custom video/photoset?
FFS. We used to write that a minute of video would cost $15, but we have not been working on this concept for a long time. The reason is that we receive requests for very different videos. That minute could be a minute where a slave is beaten with all possible might with high-heels or whips, or another minute where she just licks her feet lying on a cozy bed. Therefore, in order to name the price, it is always important for us to see the scenario, whether additional props will be needed, how many models there will be in the video, and how long the video will last, and only after that we will be able to name the exact price to our fans.

MB. Do you accept crypto payments, i.e. Bitcoin?
FFS. In light of recent events, we have started accepting cryptocurrency as payment. At the moment it is one of the most convenient methods for us.

MB. Does your studio have any taboos?
FFS. We really don’t shoot some genres of videos at the moment, but we are not categorical about any genres. I think that over time we will develop various directions to please more fans with new content.

MB. I didn’t find any piss, scat, or vomit video. Did you ever shoot some? Maybe you plan to shoot some?
FFS. Of course, we shot the video with vomiting, and in our opinion, we succeeded in this! You need to be more careful! But we really did not shoot a video with piss and scat. As we said in the answer earlier, we will continue to add new genres and do not exclude that these genres will also appear in our studio.

MB. Did your models get offers from international porn studios?
FFS. So far, there have been no such proposals.

MB. You have a submissive guy but don’t have a dominant one. Why?
FFS. At the moment we are actively developing the genre of lesbian domination. It seems to me that it is not quite correct to dilute this genre with the male half. We often receive messages about men in our videos, and we consider this genre interesting, but at the moment we are not ready to abruptly go into it.

MB. Are your models “universal” or some of them are pure dominants and some pure submissives?
FFS. Some models are pure dominants, and we do not change their role, but there are also universal girls whose role has changed dramatically!

MB. Tell us please about your plans for the future.
FFS. Our plans are grandiose! We will not reveal all the cards, and we’ll keep the intrigue, because first of all, we are focused on doing, not chatting, so you have to look eventually at our affairs and news related to them. But in short, the world of fetish, in our opinion, could be more interesting at the moment. One of our ideas is to launch our own TV series and our own platform for watching fetish TV series. Not amateur videos but high-quality TV series, for example, like the ones you can watch on Netflix.

Undressed girl wrapped with duct tapa and saran wrap in a field

Isabella (that, which is wrapped, not the left one)))

MB. My personal question. Could you tell me a little bit about Isabella? She is “my type” of a girl: flat, skinny, patient, and non-squeamish. If I could fall in love, I would do it with her.
FFS. Isabella came to us as a Dominant, but over time, from video to video, it seemed to me that it was better to reveal her in the role of a slave. Isabella danced with one of our models, and she decided to meet with us to offer to take pictures. The first meeting with Isabella was controversial, and we did not expect any result from her. We thought that this girl unlikely would show anything. She was thin, small, and modest, she did not look dominant, but she did not consider the role of a passive at the very beginning. Although, later when we got to know her closer, we saw, that in her life, there is much more submissive behavior than dominant. Does Isabella like what they do to her? My answer will be unequivocal, “yes”. I think it is unlikely that a person could be persuaded to do this by offering her only money. We ourselves are interested in exploring her taboo, that’s why we shoot very tough videos with her in order to reveal her full potential and understand where her limit is.

MB. So, boys and girls of “F.F.S”, thank you for your great job and for your answers! MeatBarn.Club wishes you great luck and creative and financial success!

And now, my dear perverts, you may enjoy some demo videos that the studio kindly allowed us to show you.

  • Bongonutz says:

    I love these! they are more violent than Licking Girls Feet, which has christina, one of the cutest slaves ever

  • Andrea Z. says:

    When I came across this, I was shocked, of course, in a positive way. I was most sincerely afraid that I had a serious disorder, so I thought about seeking the help of a psychiatrist. However, a friend and her boyfriend convinced me that it was just a very interesting fetish and nothing more. And now I look at it that way. But what I saw here delighted me. That petite, young girl has a unique fetish just like me. I AM THRILLED !!

    • MeatBarn says:

      Every time it’s an extra pleasure for me to see a girl on my site. End more extra to see a fetishist girl! I hope you enjoyed this page.
      Could you tell us a little bit more about your fetish?

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