Slave lassie’s story. Part 6. Full version.

Whipped ass of chiennelassie, the real French lifestyle BDSM slavegirl.

Hey, folks! Today we have a Christmas gift from the honorable Lsdmaster! The sixth part of lassie’s story is told by her Master. I know, that you all missed the continuation of her story. Lsdmaster divided it by “days of action” and it was published one by one. And now, I will summarize all “days” into the single post. I also attach Ladmastr’s and amelie tracks and coordinates of the locations mentioned here in the final post.

Lsdmaster also answered some questions I asked him before.

MB. Is the way you mark her “it” with a tattoo, brands, and piercings so ‘inaccurate’ to make her|it and others know, that she”it” is worthless and doesn’t deserve any beautiful ornamentations?
L. That’s right and it’s a homemade tattoo. Of course, it doesn’t deserve any beautiful ornamentation. It’s only a degraded object.

MB. Does she “it” do any chores, that include social communication, such as shopping, visiting state offices, driving a car, and so on? Is she allowed to talk to people if she is not spoken to?
it’s allowed to talk to people, shop, driving a car only with Lsdmaster’s agreement.

MB. Our website promotes the Anal Only lifestyle. Is lassie an anal-only slave? Is she allowed to orgasm? Is she allowed to touch herself?
chiennelassie is only an anal slave. It’s the best birth control!!! it is allowed to cum but only with Lsdmaster’s agreement.

Now let’s continue with the story.

Previously on “The Real Slave lassie Story”:

  • July 1997 she graduates Bac pro SMS, May 2000 meets the Dom, and 9 months later, February 2001, is the end of Part 1.
  • 6 months later, September 2001, is the end of Part 2.
  • 3 months later, December 2001, insemination of the Lorraine cow. The end of Part 3.
  • September 12, 2002 Birth of “T.” The end of the 4th part.
  • July 2003. The end of the 5th part.

The map of lassie and Lstmaster's promenade


The 3 weeks of vacation were necessary because the good amélie was tired. But her training should go on. The first week was reserved for rituals.
When she woke up, she sucked her Dom as he had taught her. She had to take the glans between her lips. Then she had to turn around her tongue and play with the foreskin, and at the same time, she had to suck and suck the glans to collect the seed of her Dom as with a big straw. For the reward, her Dom took her by the ears and she stuck out her tongue to receive the precious warm juice. But before receiving her reward, she had to say, “You are my Dom, you are my Master, you are the only one who knows what is good for me, I am all yours, I am your toy”. Then, she went to prepare breakfast, keeping the precious semen in her mouth. When breakfast was ready, she had to spit the juice out into the little jar that was kept in the fridge. When she had finished serving her Dom she could have her breakfast. It was a coffee with a biscuit covered with the mixture from the jar from the fridge (her Dom’s cum embellished with her saliva).

Then she had to take care of the little guy. Then it was time for household chores and preparing lunch. For her meal, of course, she had to stuff her pussy and her ass with the vegetables and fruits that would serve her as a meal. For her cunt it was more like bananas, strawberries, or any kind of fruit small and soft enough not to dilate the hole which had to remain narrow. On the other hand,  zucchini, aubergines, or apples were intended for her ass, all big and firm enough to dilate her anus well.

Then the whole family would go shopping for food or else they had a walk in town or a walk at the pond of the “Sangsue”. Whenever they passed people, the good fat cow amélie felt ashamed because she thought that someone could guess that she was stuffed in front and behind. And she constantly had to squeeze her asshole and cunt to keep some of her meals in her holes, which made her step hesitant. The cum makeup was mostly used when they went out for food shopping.

The next week, Dom told her that he had reserved a bungalow at the Lac de la Madine campsite. The good cow was delighted with this news and told him that it made her happy because she could take her mind off things and they could visit her parents. Her Dom told her that he was satisfied that she liked it and that he was going to take the opportunity to complete her education. About the visit to her parents, he told her that it would depend on her progress and docility during the training. She was surprised that her Dom used the word training even though she knew she had agreed to be her Dom’s toy. She didn’t have time to ask him why when his Dom told her to come and thank him. She instantly understood the message and hastened to cherish her Dom’s cock to collect the sperm as she had perfectly learned to do. The weekend was devoted to preparations for the week at the lake campsite.

The following week, they went to the Heudicourt campsite on the coast. The trip was short because the distance was only 50 km (31 miles). In an hour they had arrived at the campsite ready to settle in the bungalow reserved by Dom. Two hours after their arrival the good amélie had finished preparing everything. She changed little T.’s diaper and gave him the bottle. During her child’s nap, the good amélie thought she could rest but her Dom told her to come and lie down on the table.

When she was lying down, her Dom said to her, “This week you will receive an enema every other day and like that. You will be good to be assfucked at all times, and your ass will not be full of shit, and it will serve as a pantry much better”. He heated a little water which he mixed with the coffee, which just had been prepared. After having prepared the enema bag, he inserted the cannula into the good fat amélie’s ass and told her, “You are going to stay as it’s 30 minutes and squeeze your asshole tight so there’s wiil be no leakage”. Dom left to smoke a cigarette and 20 minutes later he went over to his toy and massaged her belly to make the enema effect better. Her ass began to ooze during the massage, so Dom told her to lift her ass and hold on tight if she didn’t want to receive a second enema.

After 15 minutes she was able to let go of her sphincter and free herself from the enema in a bucket. The evacuation was carried out in a sequence of farts and jets of brown liquid, while good amélie was squatting above the bucket and pushing to evacuate everything. Dom checked the last pours which he didn’t find clear enough and decided to make another enema with warm water only. After the second enema, the result was satisfying. When Dom said to her, “Your ass is very clean now, we can fill it with your meals”, little T. woke up and began to ask for his meal. While the good amélie took care of the little one, Dom went away to do some shopping.

He arrived with provisions of food an hour later. There were courgettes, apples, bananas, eggplants, rice, minced meat, potatoes, etc… Dom said to the good fat cow, “Put my son to bed, and then you are going to peel zucchini and you will cut it in half. Then you will come and suck me with your mouth and pump my cock with your big ass.” When she was done peeling the zucchini, she cut it in half as her Dom had ordered her to. Then she started to suck her man’s cock with passion. She applied herself to sucking the glans well between her lips while her tongue frantically nuzzled the tip of the cock. During the fellatio, Dom worked with the teats of the good big cow without tenderness. He crushed them and stretched the nipples until she moaned. When he felt that his cock was ready to enter the anus of his toy he took a piece of zucchini and made two cuts in a cross half the length with the knife. Then he said to the maid amélie to open her ass and pushed the piece of zucchini deep inside her voracious ass, starting with the rounded end.

He said to her, “Now your ass is welcoming and prepared, you are going to pump my cock in a squatting position as I taught you and as you know how to do it. At the same time, you are going to caress your clit and the clit only. I don’t want to see a single one of your fingers in your pussy and I want you to cum when my cum fills your ass.” While the good fat cow’s rear end moved up and down around Dom’s cock, he amused himself by slapping his good fat cow’s rump. The big ass was starting to blush while the good amélie was busy polishing her clitoris and conscientiously sucking Dom’s cock with her anus. Dom began to feel the first spasms of his toy’s asshole around his cock, so he took her buttocks with both hands to fuck her deep in the ass and ejaculated deep inside her quivering ass, flooding the zucchini with cum. Dom took the second piece of zucchini and inserted it into the slobbering hole. He said, “You are perfectly stuffed, so from now on, you are going to squeeze your ass well to keep your meal warm my fat cow. Come on, go get dressed, you’ll just put on your dress without underwear and we’ll go for a walk with my little T.”

The whole little family took the direction to the nautical center. The good amélie pushed the stroller where the little one was lying, and Dom followed them and enjoyed the show a few meters away. They walked along the lake towards Nonsard, the other village on the edge of the lake. The weather was sunny and the temperature at the end of the day was very pleasant. There were many walkers and tourists buzzing around the shores of the lake. During the walk, Dom savored his pleasure watching his good amélie walk with a hesitant gait because she squeezed her buttocks tightly so as not to let out what filled her ass.

After 20 minutes they passed near the children’s play area and the good amélie tried to avoid the eyes of the people who passed her. A mother who passed near her asked her how old her pretty boy was. Her face flushed with confusion, and she replied that he was 11 months old. The woman told her that he was very cute and she wished him a good day. The good fat amélie felt relieved not to have to continue the conversation because she didn’t know how to hide the embarrassment that came over her every time she met the gaze of passers-by. Dom approached her and, while massaging her buttocks, he said to her, “It’s true that he is handsome my son, you did a good job. I don’t know if we can guess that you are naked under your little dress and that your ass is full but I can tell you that by observing you correctly we can imagine very well the depraved female that you are. And I like that.” When they arrived near the Digue des Chevaliers, Dom told his good amélie to get his son out of the stroller to make him walk. It was little T’s first steps. While she was making little T walk. Dom took the opportunity to pass her hand under her dress and he could see that her pussy was sticky. He also checked by passing his hand between the buttocks of his toy that her ass was not losing the sperm that served as cooking juice for the zucchini that filled the ass.

He said to her, “In fact, you like these humiliating situations because it makes you wet, your pussy is all drooling. Come on, we’re going back to the bungalow because seeing you wet like that makes me want to bugger you again.” The good amélie put T. back in the stroller and they took the way back. Dom walked behind. Arrived at the bungalow, the good amélie prepared the bottle and put the baby to bed. Meanwhile, Dom was drinking a beer and smoking a cigarette on the little terrace overlooking the lake.

Dom called the good amélie . He said to her, “Go to the bedroom, put yourself on the edge of the bed on your back, and prepare your ass, I will add a little zucchini juice which fills it”. Dom took his time to finish his beer while the good amélie was waiting lying on her back on the edge of the bed with her legs bent and her ass in position, ready for sodomy. Dom approached with a plate in his hand. He tells her to open her anus to squeeze out the first half of the zucchini without pushing out the other half. She pushed on her sphincters and you could see the shiny corolla of her anus opening, allowing the piece of zucchini to pass through. Dom retrieved the piece from the plate and then wiped the secretions that surrounded the piece of vegetable around the mouth of his good big cow before telling her to open her mouth to suck the zucchini while he went to the fuck. Dom put a pillow under the good amélie ‘s buttocks to adjust the position and, without preliminary, he buggered his toy.

He pushed half of the zucchini that was left and when it was well introduced he told her to suck his cock. Good Amelia began sucking the member with her ass. Dom grabbed the inner cunt lips and began to stretch them and open them as he slowly moved his cock back and forth into the good amélie’s ass. He was enjoying the sight of his toy: she had her mouth filled, her ass filled, and her belly contracting to the rhythms of the sucks. And while he was playing with the deformed labia of her cunt he told her to rub her clitoris and that she could cum when he will fill her ass. What a lovely show! The big cow with her legs raised gets buggered and frantically rubs her bean to achieve pleasure. Dom perceived the first spasms of the ass around his cock, but he wanted to enjoy the show a little more. He slapped the good cow’s flabby udders several times. Surprised, the good amélie almost choked on the courgette. For another 10 minutes, Dom continued the sodomy and finally filled the hole of his fat amélie with sperm. He took the zucchini from her mouth and put it back in her ass, telling her, “Tomorrow the zucchini will be well marinated in my sperm and you will be able to enjoy its strong taste.” She had almost come. Dom left her, thighs raised with slobbering pussy and painful labia minora, frustrated at not having come.

Leaving the room while he was adjusting his pants, he told her to get busy preparing dinner because the little entertainment had whetted his appetite. Dom told the good amélie to make a mash with chopped steak for him and a good portion of rice with a glass of water and yogurt for her. She prepared the meal and then took care of changing and feeding little T. After the meal, the three of them took another walk by the lake, enjoying the sunset. Coming home around ten o’clock in the evening Dom whispered in the ear of his toy that tomorrow he would mark her. She asked him why he wanted to do this because she already belonged to him and she already accepted all his desires. He replied, “It’s one more desire so that you never forget that you belong to me. Before falling asleep, she sucked her Dom and pronounced the ritual phrase, “You are my Dom, you are my Master, you’re the only one who knows what’s good for me, I’m all yours, I’m your toy”. Dom stroked her face and wished her good night. Tired from the busy day, she fell asleep thinking about how and where her Dom chose to tag her.

The map of lassie and Lstmaster's promenade

(End of Day 1)


Around 7 am she got up to go pee. When she returned to bed, Dom kindly invited her to suck him and, of course, before receiving her reward, she recited the adoration phrase for her Dom and received the warm semen on her tongue stuck out well. Then she got up to prepare breakfast and take care of little T. An hour later Dom got up. He took a glass and told the good amélie to spit out the semen mixed with her saliva that she had lovingly kept in her mouth. She was entitled to have coffee with a slice of toast decorated with part of the contents of the glass.

When breakfast was over, Dom told his good fat cow to sit down and blindfolded her. He says to her, “Now, I am going to mark you and you will have to guess what I am going to write. Hold out your left arm, I’m going to start. And don’t move”. Dom prepared the material to tattoo his toy with his initial. The materials were simple: a needle and a vial of Indian ink. Dom began by tracing the outline with a pen and then began the tattoo on the top of the left wrist of his toy.

The good amélie tensed when she felt the first pricks. Dom reassured her by telling her that they were only small needle pricks. After an hour the outline was finished with a line 2 millimeters thick and an hour and a half later it was almost done. Dom asked her if she understood what he had written and she answered that she couldn’t find it. He said to her, “Concentrate and don’t relax, I’m going to repeat the outline.” He pricked in a new layer of Indian ink on the wrist. Then he repeated the question, and she said that it must have been a letter. He told her it was that but did she know what letter it was? He redid the outline again and she said, “I understood, my Dom. It’s D”. “It’s good, now this “D” will guide you in your life as your Dom whom you belong and who educates you.”, he answered. He took off the blindfold and she could contemplate the mark that will decorate the top of her left wrist for life.

“Do you like it?”, he said.
“Of course I like it! I’m yours, my Dom,” she replied.
“Perfect! In three weeks, I’ll go over a new layer of ink to finalize your marking.”

She didn’t like the term “marking” because it made her think of branded slaves but she wanted to please her darling Dom.

The bar

They got ready to go and do some shopping in the village of Vignelles-lès-Hatonchâtel, which was a 10-minute drive away. They bought bread, 2 steaks, and a few cold cuts at the butcher’s, then some vegetables. Dom says to amélie, “These aubergines and zucchini will be perfect to fill and dilate your asshole.” amélie blushed and looked around to see if anyone had heard what Dom had just said. She was reassured to see that there was no one nearby. Then they stopped at the corner bar in the main street and while the good amélie was taking care of the little T., Dom settled down at the bar counter and took the opportunity to buy 2 packs of cigarettes. When his good big cow entered, all the eyes of the regulars turned to the front door: the morning sun illuminated the entrance with its light, and anyone could easily guess that the woman who entered was not wearing any lingerie.

Dom was pleased with the entrance of his good fat amélie. He chose a table where he could see the customers sitting at the counter. They sat down at a table and Dom ordered a beer for himself and a soda for his good amélie. Then he told her to open the buttons on the front of her little flowered dress up to the height of her hairy pussy and ordered her to go to the toilet. Then he said to her in a low voice, “I want to see the effect that a shy, submissive, and slutty young mother like you can have on the drunkards at the counter”.

She complied and lowered her head, passing close to the two people who were sitting at the counter. Dom saw that his toy had caught the eye and prompted remarks and a few mocking smiles between the 2 guys at the counter. When she returned two minutes later, all eyes were on her again. She was an attraction of the day for the patrons of the bar. After they finished, always under the obliging gaze of the bartender and the customers, she had to go and pay the bill.

In the car, Dom says to amélie, “You did the right thing. You were perfect, very shy but perfectly submissive and very seductive, just the way I like it. Slutty and shy, you should have seen how they checked you out when you passed by them. You caused a sensation and I think they will remember this moment. There is not much entertainment like that in these small villages.” amélie answered that she had not been able to see all that her Dom had just described to her because she had lowered her head, ashamed to show herself like that. And she ended by saying that she was ready and always available for the desires of her Dom.


Back at the bungalow, she prepared the meal of the little T. and the meal of her Dom. She was fed by a plate of rice decorated with the zucchini that had been fermenting in her ass for almost a day and a tall glass of water, semen, and secretions. To make it easier for the zucchini to come out, Dom put his index finger in the rectum of his toy to open it with a circular motion. When the meal was over, she peeled the eggplant and prepared it the same way as the zucchini she had just eaten. She prepared the coffee for Dom and, while he drank the coffee, she got into the position of fellatio and polished with her tongue the glans and, at the same time, she sucked Dom’s cock with her mouth.

When the member was fully erect, Dom took half of the eggplant and inserted it with some difficulties into the anus of his big cow. Indeed the diameter was almost twice as big. But by insisting and with lubrication with the rest of the sperm and a little anal secretion, the piece of eggplant was swallowed. Then she “sucked” the dick of her Dom with her anus to extract the warm juice. Finally, Dom told her to lean forward to introduce the other piece of eggplant which was also difficult to introduce. Dom took the opportunity to tell her that her asshole still needed to be widened. He checked that everything was in place by inserting the middle finger of his right hand then he told her to go into the bedroom and lie face down on the bed until “T” finished his nap. Dom took the opportunity to blush the ass of his big fat cow with a dozen slaps on each buttock.

At the lakeside

When T.’s nap was over they got ready to go for another walk. The good amélie was still with her flowery dress unbuttoned to her pubis like in the morning and she took care of the little one while Dom walked in front. They headed south along the lake to reach the bird-watching point. Dom had chosen a quiet place. On the course, there were few walkers, which reassured good amélie because she didn’t want to be stared at and compared to a slut or a whore, as had happened to her in the morning.

Everything was quiet until they arrived at a small beach by the lake near the pond of Gérard Sart. A bunch of young people were having fun and partying enjoying the holidays. The good amélie heard the remarks of some who said among themselves: “Look, she is naked under her dress and you can also see her pussy”. They tried to pass near her to check that they could see the hairy little pussy of the good fat amélie. Dom called out to the young people, telling them to look elsewhere and take care of their own business. This stopped all the giggles and the comings and goings near the good amélie and the little one. The family continued their walk to the bird-watching point.

The place was totally quiet. The observation point was a small wooden construction where you could learn about the fauna and flora of the lake. They were alone and the interior was out of sight. Dom says to his toy, “You’re going to get naked and caress until you cum. Enjoy we’re alone because I’m not sure this is going to last. Get down on your knees and jerk off. I’ll check that you’re not faking…” While she was masturbating Dom walked near the observation point and returned a few minutes later. He saw her toy eyes closed and concentrated to achieve liberating enjoyment. Dom squatted down next to the good amélie and while he stuck his middle finger in her anus he told her to hurry up if she didn’t want to be taken for an exhibitionist slut. She concentrated again and again as she rubbed her clitoris and after three minutes Dom felt the contractions of the sphincters around his finger.

She had enjoyed and she collapsed face down. Dom turned her around and made her suck on the finger that came from her ass. Sitting on her big cow hindquarters, Dom slapped her breasts and told her to get up and put her dress back on. T. started to show signs of impatience. He stirred in the stroller and began to raise his voice. Dom told amélie to take care of their son.

The way back began. With her dress unbuttoned, you could clearly see her hairy, drooling cunt and her reddened breasts. Dom walked ahead at a good distance and the good amélie followed painfully. After 300 meters shortly before arriving at the place where they found the group of young people, she wanted to button her dress. But Dom said to her, “You can put one button back but no more and you can choose the button…” He sneered because, of course, he knew that whatever button she would put young people could always get an eyeful.

When he passed by the young people he said to them,
“You can look but it’s all. You can say ‘hello’ to my son, and if you are attentive you can see the hairy and very juicy sex of the lady. And, of course, not a comment on her, look, that’s all. It’s clear?”.
“Ok, sir, we understood.”

He advanced fifty meters and waited to enjoy the show. When she approached the group, the group surrounded the mother and her son. One of the guys asked the good amélie if it was her son and how old he was. Meanwhile, the other boys and girls were playing voyeurs and took the opportunity to look at what Dom had proposed to them. The good amélie answered the boy and accelerated her steps, being red with shame. When she arrived near her Dom, he asked her why she had attracted the teenagers around her, and she answered that he had asked her the age of T. Dom said to her: “I think they also took the opportunity to get an eyeful with your outfit.” He laughed and headed back.

End of the day

Arrived at the bungalow, Dom told amélie that the walk had tired him and that he was going to drink a well-deserved beer. Then he told her to take care of T. and when she’s finished she’ll come practice sucking him off.

The day ended and before going to bed the good amélie had to pronounce the ritual phrase, “You are my Dom, you are my Master, you are the only one who knows what is good for me, I am all yours, I am your toy”.

Dom said to her: “Open your cunt by pulling on the inner lips and while you are going to suck me and caress your bud, I will fill it with mashed banana. This will be your dessert for tomorrow”. Dom slowly filled her pussy with the mashed banana until she managed to cum. Dom made amélie spit her sperm into a glass and put it in the fridge. Although her pussy was overflowing with yellow paste, the mixture of wet and banana, she lay down like that.

The map of lassie and Lstmaster's promenade

(End of day 2)

The next morning, after the ritual and breakfast, she put eggplant from her rectum on a plate of rice to prepare for her enema. Since her Dom had placed her on a diet, just one enema would be enough. Like before, she relieved herself into a cleaning bucket. Afterward, there was some tidying up to do. For lunch, she was allowed to eat rice with eggplant garnished with secretions and sperm as well as a slice of ham. For dessert, she took the mashed banana that was in her mold using a teaspoon. Dom enjoyed himself with a piece of cake.

In the afternoon said to his toy: “Now when you are almost clean we can go visit your parents. Put on the dress you wore yesterday without anything underneath and only button three buttons out of six.” Delighted at being able to go see her parents again, she made no comment but got dressed quickly while also getting their little one ready to go!

The parents’ village was about twenty kilometers from Heudicourt, situated under the coast. In only twenty minutes, they were there. They hadn’t warned of their arrival, yet luckily for amelie, her parents were at home when they arrived. Mom opened the door for them as soon as they arrived and hugged amelie joyfully while Dad said hello. Dad then noticed some unbuttoned parts on amelie’s dress and asked why it was like that; Dom explained it was hot outside so he allowed air circulation – luckily Dad didn’t notice the tattoo!

With everyone in the family present, they all went out into the street from the church where Grandma helped T take his first steps while Grandpa questioned the couple about their plans. Dom mentioned wanting to start an internet business while his daughter mentioned continuing her current job. Grandpa found an internet project to be risky and instead preferred hearing about his daughter’s ‘real job’.

Dom told him that Internet commerce was the future, so he decided to do more research. An hour later, they returned home and had coffee and cake. When Mom offered her daughter a slice of cake, Dom suggested she cut it in half because she was on a diet. amelie blushed as her mother protested, but she said that she wanted to be careful with what she ate and that she was following a special diet.

They talked for some time until around 6:30 p.m. when Dom declared it was time to go back to the bungalow. As they said goodbye to Amelie’s parents, Dom motioned for his toy to open her dress and stretch out her nipples; repeating this process three times during their journey there.

Once at the bungalow, Amelie took care of the little one while Dom watched TV. Then dinner was prepared which culminated in a sodomy ritual involving toys sucking on Dom’s member while the anus collected warm semen coating lubricating sphincter.

The map of lassie and Lstmaster's promenade

(End of day 3)

The next day, they set off for another walk. Dom had spotted a quiet place called the Montsec boat launch. Good amélie had prepared a picnic. Dom had estimated that it would take about 1.5 to 2 hours of walking to reach his destination. Arrived on the spot, Dom checked that the site was really quiet. It was a tiny cove with gravel, and a bit of grass all surrounded by trees. They settled down on the grass near the bank. Dom tells the good amélie to get naked to enjoy the sun. She took off her dress and shoes. He highlighted to her that her milky skin really needed the sun. Then, she began preparing the picnic. When the meal was over, she changed T’s diaper and took care of putting everything away, while Dom took a short nap.

An hour later, Dom circled the creek to find a suitable spot. He had planned a special session for his toy. He wanted to check the obedience of his toy. He tied her to a tree. She protested but he told her that he would leave her tied there for an hour and that while she waited, he was going for a walk with his son. He tied her hands above her head, bound her ankles to the foot of the tree, and finally he tied a rope around her waist, blindfolded her, and gagged her.

She was now tied up, her face against the tree with her stomach and thighs rubbing against the rough bark of the tree. She was also at the mercy of the gaze of potential walkers or fishers. Blindfolded, her every noise, creak, or splash was amplified. She shivered every time she heard a sound and wondered what she could say if she was found in this degrading position. The wait seemed endless. She wondered how soon her Dom would return to free her.

After an hour, she perceived noises on the gravel and furtive noises in the grass. She thought it was a small animal or a bird, but a hiss followed by sharp pain on the left buttock made her bellow in her gag and made her understand that it was not what she believed. Deep down, she hoped it was her Dom who had whipped her ass and not some perverted walker who might have taken advantage of it. She was relieved when she heard Dom’s dry voice telling her that he will set her ass on fire with the wand he had just carved.

He repeatedly whipped the air with the wand all around her. She growled into her gag to implore her Dom. But it was in vain. A dozen blows on the right buttock, followed by a dozen on the other buttock made her squirm against the bark of the tree.

Dom paused for a moment to let the marks appear on fat amélie’s white skin. He stroked her rump to check the marks that streaked her ass. He whispered in her ear about her lovely butt, and when she was ready for a new round, she would have to shake her rear end. She knew she couldn’t refuse anything in this position. She wiggled her big ass and waited for the blows to come.

Dom whipped the air again with the wand and landed another round of ten blows on each buttock. He stopped and checked the results. On the milky skin, one could easily count the number of wand strokes as the skin began to swell and blister along the welts and take on a red hue. Dom paused and watched his toy’s reactions. She was no longer moving. She wondered if the session was over.

Dom returned to her and whistled the wand again. Good amélie understood the message and moved her colorful buttocks to receive the next series. Now, her ass was beginning to tinge with purple marks, and Dom deemed that the docility test passed. He untied the good amélie, took her in his arms, kissed her, and told her that she had been very brave and that he was proud of her.

She ran her hands over her buttocks and felt the marks that decorated each of her buttocks. Then, she could get dressed and they went back to the bungalow. During the trip, Dom caressed her buttocks and said to her: “You see, your big ass is on fire and he is much more attractive with these marks!”

She prepared the meal for T. and her Dom and for herself. She squatted in front of her Dom and pushed to get out the two large pieces of eggplant that filled her anus. The first piece came out quite easily accompanied by the fermented sperm and anal secretions. For the second piece, she had to spread her sore buttocks, and after a few minutes of grimaces and effort, she managed to place the second piece on the plate placed under her ass.

Dom contemplated the spectacle and took the opportunity to describe to her what he saw. She was getting used to these humiliating situations, but she didn’t understand why her Dom liked it She was still squatting with the plate between her legs when Dom took out his cock to get sucked. She collected the juice in her face then she took the plate to deposit the warm cum on her vegetable pieces. Dom took the plate, put three spoons of the rice she had prepared on it, and put it on the floor next to him. “Tonight will eat like a female dog at my feet”, he said.

She had to eat on all fours, without cutlery, and without hands. During the meal, Dom stroked her nape and hair, saying to her: “You are doing very well as a pet dog”. She finished her meal by lapping the plate so that it was perfectly clean. Around her mouth were strewn bits of food, and Dom was happy to smear her face with them.

She spent the rest of the evening with her sore, dripping ass and soiled face. Around eleven o’clock at night, before going to bed, Dom told her to caress her clitoris. She was standing in front of him, Dom grabbing the misshapen little lips of her cunt, which he tweaked as she caressed herself. Each time she approached orgasm, he took her hands and pinched her clitoris. She almost came three times, but after 30 minutes Dom thought it was time to go to bed.

A new day was coming to an end.

(End of day 4)

The year comes to an end

They ended the vacation week like that. Walks, enemas, fellatios, sodomy, various humiliations like meals on all fours at the foot of her Dom, only her sore buttocks whose color began to turn purple and yellow were spared from the blows of the sticks. When they got back to the apartment, Dom kept the morning and evening ritual with anal sex, squatting on Dom’s cock, or daily oral sex, on her knees. Every night she had to masturbate and sometimes Dom would let her orgasm when her mouth or anus was full.

At the end of August, she resumed the work routine with always the same obligations; she had to describe in detail her day and she had to respect the schedules that her Dom had dictated.

She felt constantly watched but Dom explained to her that it was because he wanted to understand her needs and that he was interested in her. She felt trapped in the routine of work, household chores, and the duty to take care of little T. which was taking up more and more of her time and the daily demands of her Dom and since October she had to take her temperature each day and record it on a small chart in the kitchen. The good amélie had understood what that meant… With all these tasks in addition to her work, she had no more time for herself.

The second weekend of November Dom applied the second coat of Indian ink to the tattoo she wore on the top of her left wrist. She was quite proud to wear her Dom’s initial. It was a sign of belonging and, at the same time, she was with her Dom at all times. Dom understood this well and soon he could take the next step to dominate his toy even more. At the beginning of December, Dom bought Christmas gifts for his good fat amélie: a pretty porcelain cow figurine and a special kit… For the other gifts, they made the purchases the weekend just before Christmas.

Christmas Eve (Wednesday, December 24, 2003)

The end of the year was approaching, and she had a week off at the end of December. She could spend Christmas with her parents and be with her Dom all week. Like every year for Christmas evening, the little family went to the parents of the good amélie. She had found the presents for her parents (a pretty vase for her mother and a DIY tool for her father), and she had bought a bottle of whiskey for her Dom. What her Dom would offer her remained a surprise.

She had put on the rather short cream-colored chunky-knit wool sweater dress, the matching beanie, and the high-heeled pair of caramel-colored suede ankle boots that she had worn two years earlier. The difference this time, as always had several extra pounds, the dress molded her posterior and her belly and the stretched mesh of the dress hinted at her nudity.

Of course, she felt uncomfortable but her Dom found her attractive like that. Her big ass was highlighted and the large dark halos of her nipples were revealed through the dress. The docile amélie got ready. After the shower, she moved on to make-up. Her Dom wanted him to be just provocative enough so she got dressed, the dress, the shoes, and the hat. No underwear, she lived without. They left at the beginning of the evening and 40 minutes after they arrived in the village of the parents. Dom tells his toy to go ahead with his son. The mother opened the door and told them to come in, then she told her daughter that she recognized the dress.

After the customary greetings and hugs, they settled into the living room. The mother thought that T. had grown well and that her daughter was radiant. The good amélie replied that her Dom was very attentive and that he knew what made him happy. The mother told her that she had a few extra pounds, but that she preferred to see her healthy rather than skinny. Dom replied that he found her very attractive like that with her extra pounds. The father asked a few questions about his daughter’s work and asked Dom the same. Dom replied that he was considering continuing his research for a mail-order site.

The meal was very classic. Snails as a starter, the stuffed turkey to follow, and to finish off the Yule log. At 11:00 p.m., a quick trip to the church for midnight mass, and after the mass, we moved on to the distribution of gifts. The vase for Mum, a craft book for Dad, whiskey for Dom, clothes and toys for T., and for amélie, a pretty porcelain cow, and a marked surprise box for my beloved. As always, Dom and the good Amélie received an envelope with a check.

They unwrapped the gifts and when amélie opened her package, she looked at her Dom with a questioning air, he replied with this comment: “These are the kitchen tools for the special dish, do you remember!!!”. She knew very well what it was but she did not expect to receive a new insemination kit. The parents were intrigued but did not ask any other questions about the usefulness of the vials and syringes…

The couple returned to Briey around 1:00 a.m. They went to bed but this time no fellatio, no sodomy, only the ritual phrase “You are my Dom, you are my Master, you are the only one who knows what is good for me, I am all yours, I am your toy”. Dom says to her: “Rest my good amélie, I want you to be in good shape and fully enjoy the end of the week. You’re ready for what’s next.”

The end of the 6th part.

To be continued…

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