The Real Slave lassie Story told by her Master. Part 4.

Previously on “The Real Slave lassie Story” told by Lsdmaster:

  • July 1997 she graduates Bac pro SMS, May 2000 meets De Dom, and 9 months later, February 2001, is the end of the Part 1.
  • 6 months later, September 2001, is the end of Part 2
  • 3 months later, December 2001, insemination of the Lorraine cow. The end of the Part 3

chienne lassie pierced degraded slave

Daily routine

Each day she has to analyze the sensations in her body. The instructions of her Dom are precise: when she goes to the bathroom after the wake-up, she has to collect her piss and morning shit in glass jars and puts them near the sink. Then, at the end of the day, she has to tell her Dom all the details of her working day as well as all the details about her privacy. The ‘good Lorraine cow’ should no longer have a secret garden.

So, at noon after returning home from work, she used to have a lunch ritual. She undresses, keeping her shoes on, takes her Dom’s cock in her mouth (it was her reward), and sicks out her tongue to lick his balls. At the same time, she stretches her nipples as the cock searches the entrance to her throat. Long before ejaculating Dom takes the good Amélie by the ears, pulls out his shiny cock to wipe it in her hair. The good Amélie has to tell him: “thank you my Dom for taking care of me and educating me every day to become your toy”. Then she bustles about making lunch while the glass containers with her morning piss and shit are exposed near the sink. After the lunch is finished, the good Amélie again ‘takes the pipe’ (the fellatio) which she started before the meal, and after the end, she keeps the sperm in her mouth for 2 minutes, then spits it delicately on a small plate. After having wiped Dom’s cock on her face and the hair of the good Amélie, Dom gets the bottles of piss and excrements. He explains to her that she is going to perfume herself with the products harvested of the day. She sits on the edge of the table and opens her shiny pussy. She begins by wiping her face and her hair then she dips her fingers in the small plate and smears her neck, the back of her ears, the cleavage between her breasts, and under the arms with the semen. Then she starts again on the same areas with the morning piss. To continue her Dom opens the bottle of shit and smears it around her anus with a mixture of piss and shit using a rubber glove. Now she is scented with the smell of cow. Her intimate smell, piss, shit, and cum, all that mix will be her scent. Now she can get dressed and go to work. She is worried because she wonders if the scent of this mixture will be felt at work. She finds that her colleagues avoid her. But is it because of the smell or is it the work of her imagination?

Back at the apartment at the end of her day, and the evening ritual starts. She undresses, keeps her shoes on, sits on the edge of the table, opens her cunt, and tells the story of her day. How many times has she been to the bathroom and, was it for pee or for poop? How were the relations with her colleagues, etc? During the story, Dom inspects her slit, her ass, the underarms, and the rest. He finds that the body heat has worked well and that its cow-smelling scent makes it irresistible and unique. She wonders if she should feel flattered or if it is to degrade her, but she remains confident.

After the inspection, she returns to household chores and meal preparation. Meanwhile, Dom watches the news on TV and drinks his aperitif. Sometimes he comes to flatter her rump and sniff near her neck, telling her that she smells good as in a stable and that the smell attracts him. She takes this as a compliment and continues to prepare the meal. For her, it will be vegetables, rice, and fish in court bouillon followed by yogurt. As always, She waits for her Dom to finish his meal. At the end of her meal, after washing the dishes, she kneels down in front of her Dom is busy sucking the adored cock. She takes the dick deep down and with her tongue lovingly licks the balls hard. When her Dom squirts, she keeps the cum in her mouth before spitting it out on the small plate. In a mocking manner, Dom tells her to go take a shower because he doesn’t want to sleep in a stable. What she did willingly before going to bed.


3 weeks passed and the good Amélie still hasn’t had her periods. Dom appears confident about the result of the fertilization and says they will do the pregnancy test at the end of the week. What he does not say is that he is going to replace the urine of the good Amelia with his own … Ah-ha-hah!

Saturday morning, after breakfast, the test in hand, the good Amélie soaks it in the bottle. She gets impatient while waiting for the result. Disappointment! This one is negative. But what she doesn’t know is her Dom’s urine that has been tested. She is very disappointed, but she does not understand why she does not have her periods. Her Dom tells her that maybe it’s stress. He tells her that he finds her a little tired and stressed at the moment but that she should not worry, that he will take good care of her and that they will retest in 3 weeks. Then he said to her: suck me because I want to bugger you and that will make you think of something else. Prepared by the voracious mouth of the good Amélie, the dick is ready for sodomy. She opens her ass, sits down, and impales herself on the rod very deeply. While she masturbates and her anus pumps the cock, Dom begins the work of the breasts and the nipples to avoid the arrival of the enjoyment of her toy. It is effective because after 15 minutes her sphincters harvested the pleasure of the Dom, while she has not reached orgasm. Frustrated again, she cleans the cock for a few minutes and returns to cleaning the apartment.

On weekends the good Lorraine cow used to exempt from the “perfume” session. It was replaced by the make-up session with the sperm of his Dom. She applies with a small brush the sperm on her lips, on her eyelids, and around the eyes, and finally on her cheeks. It made her look like a poorly made-up geisha. The hardened cum on her lips and eyelids bothered her but it was what her Dom wanted. This is how you could see her in town on walks or when she went to the shops. On weekends, at the apartment, time was divided between meals, cleaning, and education, or more exactly the training of the good Amélie.

During the next four weeks, the days and weekends were held with the same rituals, blowjobs, sodomy, masturbation, breast and nipple work, the scent of cow smells, make-up with cum, work, and household activities. The good Amélie was feeling tired and it was visible, so Dom lowered his demands for anal and breastwork a little. It was time to take another pregnancy test.


Like the previous time, on Saturday morning, after breakfast, the test in hand, the good Amélie soaks it in the bottle. While waiting for the result, she sucks her Dom diligently as always and the ejaculation is over, her Dom shows her the test. This time, it’s positive, because it was her urine. She jumps to his neck, but he stops her and he tells her that it is his penis that she must thank and that she must congratulate him by repeating: “Thank you delicious and adored member for having impregnated me”. So she sucks and licks him again without forgetting the hardened balls ready to release a new portion of semen. Full of ardor and joy she savored the genital apparatus of her Dom, repeating “Thank you delicious and adored member for having impregnated me” until the arrival of the semen which she keeps preciously in her mouth. After this moment of happiness, she puts on makeup with the sperm harvest and gets ready for the weekend.

She wanted to break the news to her parents but the Dom told her that she would wait to tell them and that after the first exams she might be able to tell them. To give them a big surprise, you can show your plump stomach and like that, I think the effect will be perfect. She told him that it wouldn’t be before July and he replied that she would have to wait until the summer and that in the meantime she could do the dishes and afterward they would go to town to do some shopping.

The following week, Dom announced to the good Amélie that she would have to take a half-day off because he had made an appointment with the gynecologist on Friday afternoon at 4:00 p.m. for the first consultation. On Friday noon when she came home from work, the ritual of lunch has undergone a small change: the harvest of the sperm of her Dom … After the meal while she serves coffee to her Dom, he tells that he wants to fuck her ass to make anus lubricated for the consultation. She obeys, sits on the dick, and is busy extracting the semen while her breasts and nipples are stretched and triturated unceremoniously. She complains that it hurts her, but she receives the answer: ‘It’s normal, it’s the hormones that work, and you take care of pumping my cock with your cow ass’. After 15 minutes her ass was lubricated with cum and she was able to lick and clean the cock saying: “Thank you delicious member and loved having me pregnant”.

After the toilette of the cock finished, Dom said: ‘Now you are going to put on makeup and you will also coat niples with the sperm’. She asks if before she could take a shower. And her Dom tells her that she does not have any need because she is not covered with dirt but just with love. After the sperm makeup (the eyelids, lips, cheeks, and the nipples, that were still sore) she put on her high granny-style panties and the underwired bra bought the previous weekend, jeans, a wool sweater, and a pair of flat shoes completed her outfit.

Medical inspection

They arrived at the office of the gynecologist which was on the ground floor of a townhouse, entered and settled in the waiting room which was rather old-fashioned and austere. After ten minutes a man in his fifties of the Maghrebi type of a stature comparable to his Dom told them to come in and sit down. Looking at the good Amélie, the gynecologist said: “So are you the future mother?”

Amélie: “Yes, doctor”.

The gynecologist: “Let’s start with the usual questions of use: name, first name, date of birth, address, profession, alcohol, tobacco, illness …”

The good Amélie answered the questions under the attentive gaze of her Dom.

The gynecologist: “Tell me at what age you had your first period and if it was regular because if I understood correctly, it is your first pregnancy?”

Amélie: “my first period was when I was 15 and it was regular and it’s the first time I’m late”.

The gynecologist: “well, is there no contraception?

Amélie: “No”

Dom added that she doesn’t need it …

Gynecologist: “So the conception is intended and when is it approximately?”

Amélie: “Yes it’s wanted and it’s been a little less than 2 months, it was at the end of the year”

Gynecologist: “Okay, now that we’ve finished with the miscellaneous questions, let’s go to the exams. Take your clothes off. We’ll start with height and weight.”

Amélie: “Do I have to undress completely?”

The gynecologist: “For now you can keep the underpants and the bra”.

The good Amélie took off her shoes, her pants, her socks, and her sweater under the satisfied gaze of her Dom.

The gynecologist: “Get on the scale, 71 kilos and now stand up straight, 1 m 66. This is your normal weight”.

amélie: “Yes, that’s it”

Dom: “We care about our food a little, otherwise …”

The gynecologist: “There is no problem with the weight. Now take off your panties and your bra and go and sit on the examination table.”

The good Amélie took off her panties and saw a beige stain at the bottom of them. She became feverish but at the same time her Dom told her: “Hurry up a bit, the doctor is waiting”.

She took off her bra and went to sit on the examination table.

The gynecologist, standing in front of her, took her feet by saying: “Here you put your feet in the stirrups and spread your knees”.

The gynecologist: “I’ll take your blood pressure first and then do the full exam. 130 – 70 for blood pressure is good.”

The sight she offered could not hide her anus oozing with cum …

The gynecologist: “Are you comfortable?”

Amélie: “Yes” – she said with a small voice.

The gynecologist: “Don’t be embarrassed miss, you are not the first woman I see in this position and you would not be the last. Go relax”.

With his gloved fingers, he inspects the vulva, spreads the labia minora and the foreskin to free the clitoris.

The gynecologist: “It’s good for the vulva, now I’m going to introduce the speculum and check the inside of your vagina”.

She felt the cold metal penetrate her pussy; it was not to displease her. She saw the doctor’s head between her legs as he examined the inside of her vagina and imagined the spectacle she presented. He pulled out the cold object and replaced it with his fingers.

The gynecologist: “The vagina is narrow but very flexible. I see discharge at the level of your anus, it often happens that you have anal discharge?”

Amélie: “No”- she said blushing because she thought it was no longer visible.

The gynecologist: “I’m going to wipe it off and check that there are no hemorrhoids.” he said, introducing 2 fingers.

Good Amélie’s anus contracted around the invading fingers but offered no resistance.

The gynecologist: “Everything is fine on that side … No hemorrhoids present and it’s less narrow than in front” he said looking at Dom.

Dom added that anal practice is a good method of contraception …

The gynecologist: “Indeed, you are absolutely right.”

‘No abdominal pain?’, he said, palpating the stomach of the good Amélie.

Amélie: “No”

The gynecologist: “The breasts now. Ah! I see you are coating your nipples with cream?”

Amélie: “Yes”

Dom added that it is a natural cream to soften them and she also uses it for her lips.

The gynecologist: “I do not know but if it is effective!” he said with a small smile in Dom’s direction.

Palpating the breasts, the gynecologist asked her if she was in pain.

Amélie: “No, it’s okay”. It wasn’t her Dom’s massages …

The gynecologist: “You can get dressed and I will prescribe the blood test and for the next appointment, it will be in a month”.

When the visit was over, they returned to the apartment. Dom told her that she had behaved well and that he found her horny in the examination chair.

-The gynecologist has noticed that your pussy is very narrow, unlike your voracious asshole. It’s perfect because I want your vagina to stay very narrow and your anus to become even wider. Next week I will take care of this. Now get naked and suck me until my penis spits in your mouth. This will be your first cum face mask.

She hastened to get naked and, on her knees, she took the cock in her mouth. Her Dom said: ‘You haven’t forgotten anything? Hurry up and thank the tail that got you pregnant.’

The good Lorraine cow: “Thank you delicious and adored member for making me pregnant”.

Dom: “This is better and take your time. Apply yourself, I want your beauty mask to be abundant and effective”.

The good Lorraine cow concentrated on doing her best to earn a compliment from her Dom. He told her that she was a really good cum pump, both with her mouth and with her ass. When the lukewarm sperm entered her mouth, Dom told her not to swallow anything and spit it all out into her hands and to spread the mixture of cum and saliva well on her face until it dried.

Dom: “You are going to keep the face mask until tomorrow and now you will take care of the food”.

The next morning the good Lorraine cow felt that her skin was stretched because of the dried sperm that stained her face. Dom tells her to go to the bakery to buy 2 croissants and a baguette. She wanted to wash but the answer was not long in coming: “Hurry up I’m hungry”. She went to the bakery. Ashamed, she lowered her head and tried to hide her face as best she could. Back at the apartment, Dom was waiting for her with a glass of urine on the table. Dom: “Now go get a washcloth and you can clean your face with the content of the glass. I hope you like it.” She dipped the washcloth into the glass and passed it over her face. The feeling of dry skin faded with the moisture from the piss. She wiped the cloth several times all over her face, but the result was that she was only diluting the semen with the strong-smelling urine. After several passes of the wet cloth over her face, she was able to rinse the washcloth and put it back in the bathroom. She made breakfast and did the dishes while Dom enjoyed his 2 croissants. When he finished she was able to drink her glass of water and eat a piece of the baguete. In the afternoon, they took a walk in the park. One more week of training had just ended.

Life goes on, holes do wider

For the next 2 visits to the gynecologist, the good Amélie prepared herself as for the first time. Make-up with sperm and for clothes, high panties in grandmother style with the underwired bra. Tight light gray leggings, a matching cotton sweater and a pair of flats completed her outfit. This time no sodomy, she will do the first ultrasounds. She started to gain weight (75 kgs for the second ultrasound) and her breasts became more and more sensitive. Her nipples and her areolas took a darker shade. During the examination, for the palpations, she was entitled to remarks concerning her make-up but the good news is that all was well for the child.

When they got back to the apartment, Dom checked again the development of the udders of his good Amélie cow, which was placed on all fours on the kitchen table. He palpated the sagging breasts, squeezed the nipples and stretched the nipples to make them even more sensitive. She was moaning but he was telling her that it was to promote future milk production and it is a good method for milking cows like you.

In the following weeks, to widen the narrow vagina, the good cow had to insert vegetables or fruits. She started with half a banana which she kept all day. In the evening for her dessert, when she took the banana out of her pussy, it had turned into mash with body temperature. Once the skin was removed, she could taste her banana cream. Then the operation was repeated with half a zucchini cooked at low temperature (37 ° C). She could eat it in the evening as an accompaniment to rice. Different fruits or vegetables cut in the shape of cylinders came every day to fill her vagina and decorate her meals. It was the low temperature cat-style cooking of the good Amélie.

Dom tells her that several weeks of this new training should allow her vagina to get used to cooking food. Although these new practices were experienced, she was not exempt from sodomies and daily blowjobs accompanied by masturbation. From the month of June, the physical changes were clearly visible. The good Amélie cow looked like a pregnant woman. Wider buttocks, the belly rounded and the breasts took on volume.

For the fourth visit, the program included a weight gain check (77 kg), tension, and vaginal examination for which the gynecologist noticed an enlargement and increased flexibility of her vagina. Dom smirked at the comment as it was certainly due to the introduction of fruits and vegetables. The gynecologist also asked the good Amélie if she was not suffering from constipation … This was not likely to happen thanks to the almost daily sweeping of her asshole. Other than that, the child’s development was normal and everything was fine.

Visit to parents

It was time to break the news to good Amélie’s parents. At the beginning of July Dom told his good fat cow (she had put on weight almost 10 kgs) that she could call her parents to tell them that they would come to see them on July 14, the national holiday. She called her parents but she was not to say that she was pregnant or full as they say for a cow. For July 14, Dom told her to put on a short dress as it showed off her prominent belly. No panties but she was able to put on a bra. Just before leaving, at the command of her Dom, she got on all fours, took off her bra, her Dom lifted her dress over her head and he sodomized her. Crouching between her buttocks, he tells her to activate her big ass and pump his cock with the contractions of her anus. The good cow was bustling about, causing her udders and the fat in her buttocks to stir. When he was done, he told her to get dressed and gave her a handkerchief so as not to spoil the seat of the car. 5 minutes later, they took the direction of the parents’ village.

They stopped the car in the parking lot near the church and walked to the parents’ house. Dom rang the doorbell while the good Amélie stood behind him. The mother opened the door and after a moment of joy, happy to find her daughter, she saw the prominent belly of the good Amélie.

The mother: ‘You could have warned us before, why did you hide from us that you were pregnant. Michel! Your daughter is pregnant. Don’t stay, hurry inside.’

They settled into the living room and the discussion became livelier. The parents would have liked to give their opinion on this decision to have a child. The father did not want to give his daughter like that. And since they are not married what name will the child bear? Dom says there is no problem and that he will accept the child. The parents were quite upset but they didn’t want their only daughter to be angry with them and they talked about other things. After the traditional fireworks show on July 14, Dom and his good cow set off for the return trip. In the car, Dom asked her to take the handkerchief she had kept between her buttocks all evening and put it in her mouth to finish the journey. Arrived at the apartment she performed a good blowjob, spat the contents into the handkerchief she had kept in her mouth during the return and wiped her face with it. Dom said to her: ‘Go to bed now, tomorrow you have work.’

The baby is coming

The next day she went to work after a quick cleansing of the face and the insertion of a small eggplant that she had just peeled with several notches along the length to better absorb the white discharge from her cunt (they will replace the seasoning), and this vegetable will serve as an accompaniment for his evening meal. The days passed in accordance with the established rituals. Sometimes to change, the good Amélie had to present herself in front of her Dom and move her breasts and her buttocks and present all her orifices of animal in heat. He congratulated her by feeling her rolls of fat, her breasts and her buttocks. And he pinched and stretched the swollen nipples to release the first juices and then moved to the labia minora that he spread widely. Like that, we could see her peehole and her clit. As he lingered on the sensitive button, he grabbed it between thumb and forefinger, squeezed it firmly, and stretched it until the sighs of pleasure turned into a groan of pain. At that moment, he asked the good Amélie if she was happy to be round and opulent and to be his toy of pleasure. She replied: “Thank you my Dom for taking care of me and educating me every day to become your toy”.

The deadline for childbirth was approaching. The last visit had just ended (the weight of the good Amélie had just exceeded 80 Kgs) and the date of delivery was set for September 12th. Amélie asked her Dom if it was the date of the birth or the date of her entry into the maternity ward to prepare for the birth. He told her that everything was fine and that she should not worry because it was not good for the baby. What her Dom hadn’t told her was that the birth would take place on September 12th, but with a cesarean section to keep her pussy tight.

The day of giving birth had arrived, she packed her small suitcase and left for the maternity ward. Just before arriving in the delivery room, Dom told her that they were going to open her paunch to take the child out but as her mind was confused, she didn’t react. In the afternoon young T. uttered his first cries. It was a boy. Some time later, Dom whispered in his good friend’s ear: “You worked well, everything went well and your pussy will stay very firm and narrow, now rest I will go and celebrate the arrival of my son.”

Dom hastened to recognize the child so that it bears his Name, while the good Amélie waited to be able to return from the maternity hospital to take care of T.

The web that Dom was weaving to make the good Amélie totally dependent and turn her into a sex toy was slowly but surely taking shape. A new stage had just been taken.

to be continued …

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    Don’t be despair and be patient. Just like for the time wich took for chiennelassie’s training…

    To answer to Master A :
    chiennelassie is allowed to cum only when I want. And “it” must do it if I ask it…
    All slave need to cum… a little.

    chiennelassie’s history made for true fans of Bdsm slave training.

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