Out of the drek, a phoenix rises.
Dirty slave Isabella.

All I can say is that you have to try!
Isabella Slave.

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So, after the loooong delay, I want to present to you one of my favorite models! I was chasing her for the interview. And, finally, we made it. Lovely submissive bitch Isabella! I was immediately charmed by her beauty, charisma, and abilities when I saw her in Kingdom of Feet and Slaves studio vids. OMG! Skinny, flat, submissive, beautiful, and non-squeamish. A girl from the dream of a real kinky bastard! Just look at her!

Selfie of naked Isabella dirty slave slut for MeatBarn.Club

Exclusive pic for you. Isabella doesn’t display her ‘secret places’ to the public. Just for her subscribers. Subscribe her! She is worth it! Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to make more photos. Too much job to do. But if you will be so kind as to donate, we will have the ability to make a good collab.

Isabella started shooting at Fetish Fantasy Studio. She learned a lot of submissive and dirty things there. She was tramped. She was spanked. She was beaten. She was spitted on. She drank spit. She licked spit from the floor. She was covered with dirt. She licked dirt.  She puked and ate it again. She drank a bottle of oil. She ate fish guts. Even a plant with earthy roots was planted into her dirty insatiable mouth! And more, and more! Trust me, folks: her mouth is a natural-born rubbish hole!

And she started a solo career a little time ago. She keeps Twitter and performs on OnlyFans and LoyalFans. And we are thankful to all Filthy Gods for it!

I can extol her infinitely. But you are here not for me, but for her. Isabella was so kind to answer my questions! So, let’s switch to the interview.

MB. How old are you and how did you come to submissiveness? What is your story?

IS. I would not like to say the exact figures of my age. Those who have seen old videos with me, I think remember my first role as a mistress, which later transformed into the role of a slave, it all started very simply. The studio Kingdom of Feet and Slaves, or rather Dominique, offered me to try myself in filming. I thought it was interesting, but previously I have not tried anything like this and had not seen such a thing, so this experience was new to me. The first shoot went well, I’ll say more, it even turned me on, I often pulled the guy’s throat with a steel chain, his name was Orlando, sometimes even too much))))) Once there was supposed to be a shoot with me, Dominique and Kira, and a new girl as a slave, but this girl didn’t come and I jokingly offered my candidacy, I surprised the girls and they asked me if I really wanted to do it and if I could do it, I said yes with a smile, let’s try and that day was my first shoot as a slave, the first and quite hard.

MB. Did you have a sexually traumatic experience?

IS. I haven’t had that experience

MB. You have a great talent. What is the secret of your non-squeamishness?

IS. I’m glad to hear that. Thank you. There is no secret, sometimes it can be very difficult to do something and to overcome myself, but I am interested in exploring my limits and of course, when you have a few cruel hosts around, you hardly want to show off much).

MB. Do you practice BDSM in your life or are you just playing around? Or maybe you do it just for the money, without getting any pleasure?

IS. Of course – it has become an integral part of my life and I like to include some moments of BDSM in my life. Of course not, although I have never been offended about my remuneration, money is not the main motivation for me, I just like it and it is interesting, and I also like our team very much.

MB. Many of your performances involve playing with gross things: fish guts, oil, chewing sand and dirt, and so on. How do you feel when you are forced to do this?

IS. At first, it was a shock for me, psychologically it was not easy when they shove fish with mud down your throat, slap you, or step on your heels, but then, having gone through a lot, my attitude to it has changed, and become calmer, there is already an understanding of what to expect, there is already a desire to offer to do something with me and at the moment, I do it easier than in the first time.

Isabella slave shows her scat lump on her hand

“Taste a bit!”

MB. Do you play with other vile substances such as vomit, urine, or shit?

IS. Yes, of course, I’ve often made custom videos like this for my fans.

MB. Which humiliation do you like the most and why?

IS. I like foot worship and anything with vomit most of all.

MB. What does your boyfriend or girlfriend say about your performances?

IS. I’m not in a relationship right now, so nobody tells me anything about my performances except my fans).

MB. Wow! So someone lucky has a chance! Do you prefer boys or girls? Maybe animals?

IS. I prefer girls, but I have had experience with men too, each of them was interesting in its own way, animals I like to feed, pet them and nothing else)

MB. You play with tons of disgusting and stinky things. How do you clean up after your sessions?

IS. It’s very hard, as some of you have probably seen in the video film or towel, we did not do it often, but it helped a little bit to clean up faster, once after a video with mud and fish I stank so badly and I was very dirty, not to dirty our transport, they wrapped me in cling film and drove me to the nearest river to wash, it was fun). After the filming is always a lot of dirt and cleaning takes a lot of time).

MB. What is your off-screen relationship with girls who humiliate you in movies?

IS. We have a good relationship and I love our team, Dominic and the guys have helped me a lot, each of them is interesting in their own way and I am very grateful to them for everything we have done and still do together.

MB. What are your plans for the future? Maybe more of the vanilla genre or exploring other sexual practices such as fisting or deep-throating?

IS. There are a lot of plans, I think you noticed that now I am trying myself on new platforms, where you can personally communicate with me and see me in solo genres. Now I want to try a little myself in vanilla genres and show that I can be not only all in the dirt but also a beautiful, nice girl). Also, there will be new genres, which you will see later.

MB. Do you have any hobbies?

IS. Yes, of course! I love to dance!

MB. Cool! Please tell us a little bit more about it. What styles do you dance? Do you study dance anywhere?

IS. That’s right, I really like dancing, I love strip, contempo, and even folk dancing in beautiful costumes. I used to study it and then it just became part of my everyday life.

MB. What are your favorite books and movies?

IS. I like to watch horror movies, and about books, I like Jack London, because he has a lot of books related to adventure and interesting stories.

MB. Do you shoot custom videos by demand? And what are the prices?

IS. Of course, prices vary, because it all depends on the length of the video and your desires )

MB. Please, describe your typical day.

IS. Sure, I wake up, do some stretching or dance, depending on my mood, then shower and have breakfast, then if time permits, I can go and have a coffee, then do some work, and then I can end the day with a walk or watch a movie or maybe a book.

MB. Can you tell the funniest story from your modeling experience?

IS. There were a lot of such stories, for example, one of them, is when I had a fish shoved down my throat and I was driving wrapped in a film in the car, so as not to get anything dirty, and before that, I washed in a cold lake, where there was another rotten fish lying around and Dominique and the girls laughed and offered me to make a continuation of the video). or when we were filming in abandoned buildings and they put old props on me, or when people passed by and were shocked by what they saw, there were many stories.

MB. Maybe you can also tell a story about the most unpleasant situation.

IS. When we were shooting my first video as a slave, Kira got very carried away and hit me very painfully in the face with her foot, this fragment was cut out, but I remember this scene very well and at that moment I was shocked at first.

MB. Please, give some advice to those beginner girls who want to practice such games in their sex life. How to train their squeamishness?

IS. All I can say is that you have to try! The less shy you are and the more you try, the more you get to know yourself and your desires.

MB. Do you want to say anything else for our readers?

IS. I want to say thank you all for writing me a lot of good, dirty, filthy. You are cool and I’m glad I have you, I kiss each of you, your Isabella)

The conclusion. What can I say? Maybe, express some sadness and annoyance that she is not my girlfriend? I believe you have the same feelings. I also believe that we are watching now the rising of the new extreme porn star! And I pray all the Filth Gods to make this star shine in zenith.


  • Merv says:

    Great interview! She’s super cute! Kingdom of Feet and Slaves is so much more extreme than Licking Girls Feet, I love it when they kick the slaves.

    I hope you interview more subs from those two sites, Especially Christina, from Licking Girls Feet. I find her so intriguing, she’s a super cute tomboy and I really wish she had an OF, or at least a twitter. I love when she eats cigarette butts.

    • MeatBarn says:

      Hi! Thanks for your praise!
      Unfortunately, LGF doesn’t answer Twitter DM and emails. Even doesn’t read.
      I love “human ashtray” humiliations. It’s awesome!

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