Slave lassie’s story. Part 6. Full version. Copy

chennelassie, french lifestyle slave and her pubic tattoo

Hey, folks! Honorable Lsdmaster! sent me the 7th part of lassie’s story more than three weeks ago. I know, that you so missed the continuation of her story. But, unfortunately for the blog, I got a new job in July, and I had to work a lot and had no time and energy to make something with this site. But fortunately for me, I don’t need to struggle to survive now. So, now I can continue to publish Lsdmaster’s story of lassie’s life.
The text of the 7th part is long because the honorable Lsdmaster spent a lot of time, effort, and his remarkable writer’s talent. That’s why I will divide this part into chapters. After the final chapter is published, I’ll summarize all of them into a single post, as I already did with part 6.

Lsdmaster also kindly answered some questions you and I asked him before.

Q. Is the way you mark her “it” with a tattoo, brands, and piercings so ‘inaccurate’ to make her|it and others know, that she”it” is worthless and doesn’t deserve any beautiful ornamentations?
L. “esclave” is tattooed above “its” cunt on the pubic and of course “it” doesn’t deserve any beautiful ornamentation. “It”‘s only a degraded object to please Lsdmaster. That’s right and it’s homemade tatoo.

Q. Does she “it” do any chores, that include social communication, such as shopping, visiting state offices, driving a car, and so on? Is she allowed to talk to people if she is not spoken to?
L. It’s allowed to talk to people, shop, and drive a car only with Lsmaster’s agreement.

MB. Our website promotes the Anal Only Lifestyle. Is lassie an anal-only slave? Is she allowed to orgasm? Is she allowed to touch herself?
L. lassie is always and only an anal slave. It’s the best birth control!!!. it is allowed to cum but only with Lsmaster’s agreement.

Now let’s continue with the story.

Previously on “The Real Slave lassie Story”:

  • July 1997 she graduated from Bac pro SMS; in May 2000 she met Dom, and 9 months later, February 2001, is the end of Part 1.
  • 6 months later, September 2001, is the end of Part 2.
  • 3 months later, in December 2001, insemination of the Lorraine cow. The end of Part 3.
  • September 12, 2002 Birth of “T.” The end of the 4th part.
  • July 2003. The end of the 5th part.
  • December 2003. The end of 6th part.

Part 7. Chapter 1.

For two months, every morning she took her temperature and had to write it on the graph that her Dom had printed. From the curve of the previous month, Dom knew that it would good be to ‘stuff’ good amélie just before the new year. He was waiting for confirmation on the December curve. Good amélie also knew that her ovulation was coming soon because the curve had been flat for almost 10 days. The 2003 end-of-year weekend had just ended. It was time to prepare for the New Year’s Eve party.

Dom was monitoring the ovulation curve because he had planned a special evening for his big cow on Wednesday, to celebrate the New Year. The previous days, the good cocksucker pumped her Dom’s cock every morning, getting fucked in the ass while she ate on all fours for lunch and dinner but Dom held back his ejaculation because he reserved his semen for the day of the ‘insemination’. In addition, every evening before the night of restful sleep, always on all fours at the foot of the bed, she had to caress herself until she came with her Dom’s cock filling her asshole. The contractions of the good amélie’s sphincters around Dom’s member put an end to the sodomy; she had enjoyed. She could now clean her Dom’s penis with her mouth and her expert tongue, and recite, “You are my Dom, you are my Master, you are the only one who knows what is good for me, I am all yours, I am your toy”. On Wednesday, December 31 in the morning, the thermometer displayed the expected temperature variation. Dom stroked his toy’s breasts and buttocks while telling her: “You’re ready for tonight.” Good amélie understood that her New Year’s Eve was going to be very special…

After shopping for the New Year’s Eve meal they returned to the apartment. The good amélie did the household chores and prepared the evening meal. Roast beef with a side of fried potatoes ready to be reheated in the oven. When she set the table, Dom told her to set just one plate. Around 9:00 p.m., after putting little T. to bed, Dom told his toy to lie crosswise on the table with her legs apart and with her knees on either side of her head. When she was in position Dom went to get a pillow which he placed under her ass to raise her pussy. Then he tied her right hand to the right ankle and the left hand to the left ankle. After that, he attached a rope to each ankle which he spread as far as possible to provide the best access to the orifice to be inseminated. To continue, Dom attached two large paper clips to each outer labia and two smaller clips to each inner lip. The pressure of the clips made the good amélie moan. But Dom didn’t care about it and spread the clips that he hooked to elastics fixed to the top of the plump amelie’s thighs. Dom contemplated the result, and pulling one of the clamps, he said to the good amélie: “You are ready to be stuffed for your insemination, but this time, my penis will not visit your sloppy and ugly hole. It is not worthy of your Dom’s member”. The pain of the clamps on her lips and the contemptuous words that her Dom had just uttered brought from her a few tears that flowed down her temples. Dom left to start the oven to heat up his meal. He poured himself an aperitif. While the meal was heating, Dom collected the insemination equipment and then explained the procedure to the good amélie by showing her the different instruments.

Around 11:00 p.m. Dom had finished his meal and the toy was still in the same uncomfortable position with her vulva wide open. Dom released the clitoris from the hood and massaged it between his thumb and forefinger and while staring at his toy, he said to her, “I like it when you are served and helpless like that. You are even more desirable.” As she began to wiggle with desire, Dom stopped fiddling with her clit and presented her with his cock to suck. With her head back she tried to suck her Dom’s member as she knew how to do (a suction alternated with licks around the glans while her Dom managed the comings and goings in her mouth). Despite the uncomfortable position, the good amélie managed to increase the pleasure of her Dom who was enjoying regularly pushing his cock deep into the entrance to the throat of the good Amélie who each time let out gurgling sounds. She was not in danger of vomiting, she had not eaten anything! Dom showed her the container and he told her that it was to collect the semen that was going to make her pregnant. He ejaculated into the container that he had pushed into her mouth. Then Dom showed her the syringe which he delicately filled with the collected semen. Then he told her: “Now I’m going to slowly push the syringe into your sloppy hole up to the entrance to your uterus. And like 2 years ago, I’m going to delicately inseminate you like a bitch.”

Dom inserted the syringe and when it hit the entrance to the uterus he delicately pushed on the piston to inject the semen. Then he slowly withdrew the syringe, telling her to enjoy the contact of the plastic with the inside of her pussy. Then Dom put the syringe in her mouth to clean it. She stayed like that, pussy offered, open, and stuffed with sperm until the New Year. At the sound of the 12 strokes of midnight, Dom wished his good amélie a happy New Year and said to her: “I hope that this insemination will result in a lovely creation, even if it is with equipment to impregnate the bitches because you are going to become a good bitch”. Around 3:00 a.m., Dom removed the clamps which left marks well embedded in the tender flesh of the lips of the good Amélie’s pussy. Then, he freed her from her bonds. Numbed by the position in which she had been kept for almost 5 hours and with the prohibition of touching her pussy, she had difficulty getting up from the table to go to bed. She fell asleep wondering if she was going to get knocked up again and why she was putting up with all this from her Dom! She knew she was dominated but deep down, she needed to be dominated, and it reassured her to be trained by her Dom because he took care of her so well.

The end of the 1st chapter of the 7th part.

To be continued…

  • Jay says:

    I don’t get tired of reading it over and over again. It’s really perverse and I like to see her body changing gradually.

    I wonder what you did to her nipples in the picture. I can see a flower like wounds. (it’s hot)

    Thank you for the sharing to LSDMaster and thank you for the translation to MeatBarn sysop.

    • MeatBarn says:

      You are welcome! I’m just a humble and weak translator. LSDMaster’s style is very poetic, my translation is like a candle near the sun.
      I’ll do my best to post the next chapter ASAP. The last Sunday I had an exclusive vid/photo session for this blog. So I hadn’t enough time to prepare the next chapter.

      Thank you for your warm words! We are happy to see our kinky buddies satisfied )))

    • Lsdmaster says:

      “I wonder what you did to her nipples in the picture. I can see a flower like wounds. (it’s hot)”
      About the picture :
      It is because it’s pregnant and because it receives some succion session…

  • Lsdmaster says:

    Hi dear,
    It’s first chapter of part 7 !

    chiennelassie was inseminated like an animal not like a bitch (with an artificial insemination kit for dogs).
    chiennelassie, this is how we can called it now. chiennelassie is highly fertile. Wait and you could know why with the following of its history.
    I wait on your comments.

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