Slave lassie’s story. Part 5.

Hey, folks! Today we have a generous gift from honorable Lsdmaster! The fifth part of lassie’s story is told by her Master.
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  • July 1997 she graduates Bac pro SMS, May 2000 meets the Dom, and 9 months later, February 2001, is the end of the Part 1.
  • 6 months later, September 2001, is the end of Part 2
  • 3 months later, December 2001, insemination of the Lorraine cow. The end of the Part 3
  • September 12, 2002 Birth of “T.”. The end of the 4th part


Back to home

The days in the maternity room were punctuated by meals, breastfeeding “T.” and visits. Good amélie wanted to avoid breastfeeding but her Dom imposed on her to give volume to her breasts and to strengthen her son. Every day, Dom came to see her early in the afternoon and waited for the breastfeeding session. He took the opportunity to massage the tits and squeeze the nipples of his good Lorraine cow to stimulate milk production. During the massage, Dom reminded her that she had worked well and had to take care of her son while he would continue to train her to become what she had accepted to become a few months earlier, that is to say, to become his toy. While she was breastfeeding “T.”, she had to recount the details of her days and her nights. The parents came to see her only on the second day because they had not known that she had given birth. Dom had warned the parents only the day after the birth she gave… They were upset, but the sight of the little one with the mother filled them with joy (they did not know that the child would not bear the name of their daughter) and they forgot about the incident. The days passed quietly leaving time for the healing of the cesarean section. The good amélie rested physically and mentally. Her Dom imposed very few exercises on her. After a week’s stay in the maternity ward, the good amélie returned to the apartment. The training could go on.

Arriving in the apartment, she noticed the disorder that reigned but Dom reminded her that she had to get naked and then she could go and take care of her son. Dom patted her rump as he always did and inspected his big fat cow. He started from her breasts and told her that her tits had grown in size and that he liked that. He stretched and squeezed the nipples to squeeze out the milk that would be used to feed his son. A bit of whitish liquid oozed out and ran down the cow’s belly. He smeared it over her stomach and the cesarean. He took the opportunity to inspect the scar and told her that everything was fine and that his juice would soften his skin. Then he passed his hand between her thighs, introduced a finger into her hot cunt, and noticed that she was very juicy.

Dom: “You’re in heat! Your cunt is dripping.”
The good cow: “Dom, I like it when you caress me.”
Dom: “Patience, let’s resume your education, but don’t forget that it’s my pleasure first. You can cum like a female dog, only when I bugger you and permit you.”

As he was talking to her, he put his thumb in her ass then pulled it out for her to lick it. “Clean that dirty finger from your ass and then place my son to the bed. He needs rest,” he said, “When you’re done, you’ll come over to the couch.”

After putting the little one to bed, the good amélie joined her Dom who was sitting on the sofa. She wanted to sit down, but Dom told her to take a beer from the fridge and the jar that was next to it. Then she took two small plates and the bag of peanuts which she put on the coffee table. Dom opened his beer which he poured into a glass then opened the bag and poured a handful of peanuts into each small plate and said, “one for me and one for you. Now you’re going to masturbate because you must miss it and I want to see your slobbery cunt.” She rolled onto her back on the couch next to her Dom and started to caress herself while her Dom was drinking his beer and eating peanuts. After a few minutes, the good amélie accelerated the pace to achieve enjoyment. Dom took her hand and checked the cunt. It was very hot and humid. He grabbed a handful of peanuts and shoved them into the dripping slot. Then he told her that today she would not need to suck him to taste the nectar of his cock because the jar in the fridge contained his sperm collected during the week. He had kept his semen cool and that she wouldn’t lose a drop. He served her a little glass with the jar she had taken out of the fridge and said to her, “We’ll toast when you get back. ‘Chin-chin’ my good cow, drink it down in one but keep my juice in your mouth. You will swallow it when I tell you.” She didn’t like her Dom talking to her using those words she found vulgar but she knew it was part of her upbringing.

They clinked glasses and she poured the contents of the glass into her mouth. And during this time, Dom quietly drank his beer. Five minutes later Dom told her to open her mouth to check for warm cum. Afterward, he told her to spit it all back into the plate of peanuts. He mixed it all with a small spoon and told her to enjoy the special mixture. After each spoonful of the special mixture, she drank a mouthful of her Dom’s cum. When the plate was finished she licked the plate without losing a drop and she resumed masturbating her cunt stuffed with peanuts. Dom observed his good cow masturbating on the sofa next to him, her legs wide open which left her slobbering twat in full view. The frantic movements of her hands indicated that the enjoyment was near. Dom quietly watched his good cow enjoying the pleasure. The grin on her face, the spasms of her thighs, her swollen nipples showed that the enjoyment was intense. The good amélie sank into the sofa with her legs wide open, her head back and her arms dangling. Dom took advantage of the painting for a few moments and while the good cow was still taking advantage of the pleasure that had invaded her, he slapped her breasts and told her to recover the peanuts from her slobbery slit with a large spoon. Then she had to eat the peanuts she had hardly harvested and which were mixed with the sticky secretions of her slimy vagina.

Then came the time to prepare the teats that were to feed the baby. Dom told her to take each udder between his two hands and squeeze them from the base of the chest to the nipples to prepare a good meal for his son. She squeezed each teat in turn for a minute, then after ten minutes, Dom checked that the teats were ready to feed her son. He took each nipple between his thumb and index finger and stretched them hard enough several times which made the good amélie moan and then he pressed firmly the base of each nipple which made the milk squirt out. Dom told her that she was ready to serve as a foster cow for her son.

When little “T” slept, the good amélie took care of the household chores. It consisted of cleaning the apartment, preparation of meals, and the laundry. For the meal, she had to follow the particular diet chosen by her Dom: sausages, hard-boiled eggs, meat. All these meals had to be introduced into her vagina before she could consume them. For fruits like pears, she had to shove them in her cunt before going to bed and in the morning she had to pick them up and present them on a plate; it would be her dessert at the end of the meal. Dom explained to her that it was needed to make her mouth keep the taste of her cunt. Her drooling cunt with its misshapen little labia became a real pantry and after two weeks, she had taken the rhythm to take her meals as her Dom had taught her. For her asshole, he had to maintain flexibility. The treatment was similar to the front hole as he too received peeled vegetables like eggplant or zucchini as well as fruits like apples or bananas. She had to keep them on all night and every morning, after going to the bathroom to pee, she had to gently expel and collect everything that had stayed in her ass and her vagina. If what came out of her anus was dirty, she had to clean it before putting it in the containers. Later, she could prepare her meals with all this. After a week, she resumed fellatio to recover the semen of her Dom, which she shot out into a glass. Sperm replaced milk in morning coffee or sauce for meat and pasta.

Visiting parents and a new trick

Breastfeeding, household chores, preparing meals – the good cow had no time to be bored. From time to time she went out with her Dom and the little one for a walk. But before each walk, she had to suck her Dom to collect the sperm and smear her face with it as a beauty mask. Then they would go for a walk along the Leech pond. The outings made it possible to break the routine of the apartment and sometimes to take advantage of the rays of the autumn sun which was very pleasant and which gave pretty colors to trees and the mirror of water. Good amélie took advantage of these moments to do a little walking, which was her physical exercise. She really needed it because she had gained extra volume during pregnancy. Sometimes, before walks, Dom would shove an apple in her ass and a banana in her vagina, to fill her up, “because you’re made for that”, as he said. Then when they got back to the apartment, she gave the little “T” the breastfeed. Breastfeeding was preceded with a hard tit massage session, “to prepare your breasts well and feed my son well”, as his Dom liked to tell her. After the good foster cow would finish feeding the little “T”, she would put him to bed. Then it was the time for her taste training: she had to eat what had stayed inside her for several hours. She painfully expelled the apple from her very supple anal hole and recovered the banana from her always slobbery twat. Then she ate the lukewarm fruits with a trickle of sperm collected during the fellatios. While Dom ate a piece of cake he told her that she would eat like this until she went back to work. She didn’t care a bit because she knew her Dom liked these new rules and she thought it was good for her sexual development.

After a month and a half, they visited the parents of the good amélie. They were delighted to see the whole family… The parents pointed out that their daughter looked good and that “T” was very cute. Of course, there were the eternal remarks, look: he has his father’s eyes, his mother’s mouth, etc… After the midday meal, the good nurse cow gave the breast to the little one. The mother was confused when she saw her daughter take out her breasts to breastfeed the little one because that was not how it was done here. Dom pointed out to her that it was completely natural, and that there was nothing more desirable than a breast full of milk. Embarrassed in his turn, the father offered to have coffee while the good amélie continued to feed little “T”. At the end of the afternoon, they returned to the apartment. During the journey Dom said to his good cow, “Open your blouse, take out your breasts and prepare them for my son’s meal. When we get to the apartment, I want to see your good nurse cow teats oozing.” She busied herself massaging her nipples and showed her Dom that they were ready to feed “T”. She squeezed the tip of the nipples which made a little milk flow on her belly. “Well”, said Dom, “you will be entitled to a reward when we will arrive at the apartment”.

After entering the apartment the good cow took off her clothes but kept her shoes on at her Dom’s request. Then Dom sitting on the sofa tells her to come and suck it. While she was opening the pants to take out the shaft, her Dom said to her: suck the cock well which will fill your ass. Then after 2 minutes when the cock was standing up very stiff, Dom opened the good cow’s big buttocks to insert his cock. When the glans was in position Dom took the hips of the good fat amélie, telling her to open her anus until the cock forced its way. When the dick glans was inserted, Dom told her to contract and release her anus ten times, counting each release. At the end of the ten times, he said to her, “now you are going to go down slowly, continuing to contract and release your ass until your big buttocks rest on my thighs and then you will slowly go back up to the maximum, always contracting and releasing, and be careful to keep my cock in your ass.” The good amélie went up and down along the pile of flesh, being very careful to prevent its escape. After a few minutes, she understood how to easily keep her Dom’s cock. It was enough to contract her anus well at the end of the race. Like that she felt perfect when the glans risked crossing the narrow part of her anus.

Dom took the opportunity to firmly massage a breast, then he slowly stretched the nipple until it slipped from his fingers, which made the good amélie cry out in pain. The pain was so sharp that she let out her Dom’s cock. Immediately she hastened to reintroduce the member into her ass as she could. Dom took the nipple back and started again three times, telling her that next time she would be more careful and stay focused on what she had to do rather than moan. She continued back and forth. Then Dom told his good foster cow to go feed his son and come back to impale amélie on his cock. When she was back in place on the cock, Dom grabbed both nipples, twisted them, and crushed them between his thumb and forefinger, telling her, “Now you are going to caress yourself and I want to feel your anus vibrate and I want to hear you cum like a fat depraved bitch.” She put her hand between her thighs and searched the inside of her hole which was starting to ooze. When Dom began to feel the first spasms of climax around his penis, he took the opportunity to intensify the pressure on the nipples and stopped shaking his big toy. After that, when the spasms around his cock diminished he made her again impale himself deeply on his cock. After the third time, he let her come to orgasm and the contractions around his cock were so intense that he squirted at the same time into the sub’s anal hole. He kept her very deeply planted on his cock long enough to empty his balls, then with a good slap on the big buttocks he told her to go get a banana in the kitchen. He peeled the banana, cut it in half then moistened the two pieces with her mouth before telling the good amélie to show him her buttocks and open her buttocks so that he could stuff the two pieces into her ass. They got in very easily. Dom said to him: keep them warm, you will take them out and eat them when you have cleaned the dick that brought you to enjoyment. She sucked and licked her Dom’s cock diligently and when she was done, she pushed the two banana pieces out of her ass. His Dom said to him: I think they will be to your liking, perfectly filled with my cum and your ass secretions. She ate them quietly saying, ” They have the taste of your seed, my Dom.”

The vow

The days were punctuated by breastfeeding, embellished with sodomy every other day, by walks on the lake, by household chores, by meals with the special diet, by fellatios and cum masks on her face, but always, the good foster cow did her best to satisfy her Dom’s desires. He knew how to alternate reproaches and congratulations to making her ever more docile and faithful. For example, during their last walk, Dom reproached his toy for having stared insistently at a man who passed near them. He said to her: the only man you can admire is your Dom because it was I who transformed you into a real woman and who taught you how to take pleasure and how to give it. Tonight you’ll sleep on the floor on a blanket and tomorrow morning you’ll come and suck me off to wake me up. She wanted to apologize, but he replied that it was useless because that was what he had decided. He asked her to repeat three times: “You are my Dom, you are my Master, you are the only one who knows what is good for me, I am all yours, I am your toy.” She repeated the three times. After that, Dom says to her, “You are my good big feeder cow, go feed “T” now.” The next morning, the good amélie woke up all sore from her night spent on the floor and as her Dom had ordered her, she slipped her head into the bed, took the cock into her mouth and, with little licks of her tongue, she lapped up the cock to wake it up and feel it grow. Dom stroked her hair and as he sat on the edge of the bed, he told him to repeat three times the sentence from the previous evening. The good amélie complied and in an imploring tone as if to be forgiven, she repeated three times: “You are my Dom, you are my Master, you are the only one who knows what is good for me, I am complete yours, I am your toy”. He said to her, “I like to hear you talk like that and that is why, every morning when you wake up, you will repeat this sentence to me three times. Now resume your little licks on my glans, I like it when you suck my dick like that to collect my cum.” Before ejaculating, he grabbed her by the ears and told her to stick out her tongue to deposit his cum on it. Then he added, don’t forget to keep it warm in your mouth, my good dairy cow. Now you can go and cook breakfast. Another day had just begun.

She prepared breakfast for her Dom, and as the little “T” was also asking for his meal, she massaged her breasts under the gaze of her Dom. When he thought that it was enough, he told her to squeeze the tips of her udders to check that her son would be well fed. When the breastfeeding session was over, her Dom said to her: come and have your breakfast, but before you are going to spit my cum back into the glass, it will be used for your make-up later and now I am going to pour some of it on your slice of toast, it will replace the jam. While she was having breakfast, Dom told her that they would be going out to do some shopping for Christmas. Indeed, Christmas was close and they had to have a New Year’s Eve at the good amélie ‘s parents’ house. While the good amélie was finishing her breakfast, Dom grabbed the nipples of his good cow to force her to get up and said to her, “Go and get ready and don’t forget to make up with my sperm, I like your skin to be very milky and that you enjoy the scent of my sperm.” They left to do the shopping at the end of the morning. During the purchases, the good amélie wondered if the people who crossed her path could notice the traces of dried sperm and, could they smell the smell of cum covering her face? A little ashamed, she lowered her eyes to avoid meeting the eyes of people who passed near her, but at the same time she was proud to be with her Dom, the man who had transformed her and who had made her pregnant. . They bought the presents for the parents and Dom found for his good cow two small pots of milk in the ceramic color of Lorraine cow’s coat (black and white). He says to her: it’s pretty and it will complete your collection. He had planned to use them to put his cum in one and some piss in the other. Shopping for food and shopping for gifts finished they returned to the apartment.

Nice Christmas

The day of the visit to the parents of the good amélie for Christmas Eve had arrived. During the morning the good cow took care of the daily tasks: sucking her Dom to collect the sperm, feeding the little “T”, preparing the midday meal, and tidying up the apartment. The afternoon was devoted to preparations for New Year’s Eve: the good amélie dressed in the same knit dress as the previous Christmas, but with the extra ten kilos, her big buttocks and her breasts with swollen nipples from breastfeeding were fine visible. Dom complimented her on her looks though she thought that was too provocative. She wondered what her parents would think? Then Dom brought her the glass of cum for her makeup. With a small brush, she conscientiously applied the sperm on her eyelids, on her lips, and her cheeks. Dom dipped a finger in the glass and shoved cum into each nostril. Finally, he poured the rest into his hands and he applied his cum on the hair of his good cow saying to him: it will give a little volume to your hairstyle. Before leaving, Dom peeled two tangerines and a banana and told his toy to open her ass to insert the two tangerines, and then he pushed the banana deep inside her twat. Dom said, “Here you are, well stuffed in front and behind like a good big turkey. Now that you’re ready for New Year’s Eve, go put on some panties so you don’t get them all over the place and to keep everything warm.” Then she took care of preparing the little one, being careful not to contract her anus. Around 4:00 p.m., they left for the parents of the good Lorraine cow.

During the trip, Dom complimented her on her appearance and told her that he was very pleased that she accepted his rather special wishes. She replied that she liked that he took care of her like that, even if she found some practices a little odd. Dom told her that she was the person he had always been looking for and that he would want no other if she continued to accept being his toy. Arrived in the parents’ village, they parked in the small car park next to the church and then walked a hundred meters to the parents’ house. On the way, the good amélie walked in front with the little one and a few meters behind, Dom contemplated the result of his training: his good cow with her hindquarters (her ass or her cow’s rump) molded by the dress that was too tight and her hesitant step so as not to crush what filled her asshole. Arrived in front of the small house at number 12 of the street, Dom pressed the bell to announce their arrival. The mother came to open the door for them and looked at her daughter, telling them that she was happy to see them and she let them in. She remarked to her daughter that she found her a little pale. The good amélie replied that it was her special make-up that did that. Mom wondered what was special about this make-up, but immediate attention was drawn to the little “T”. He opened his eyes wide to his grandmother who complimented mum and dad on the beautiful result. Dom replied that it was because everything had been well planned. During the meal, the good amélie went to the parents’ room to feed the little one. Dom joined her a few minutes later to ask him to take off his panties. On the pants, he could see a trace of beige color on the front and orange on the back. Then he told her to show her cunt and he wiped with the bottom of his panties the crushed banana that was oozing from the sticky vulva. Dom presented the panties to his good nursing cow and he told her to lick the dirt off the bottom of the panties. Before going back to the table, he says: finish feeding my son, I’ll keep the panties on for now, when you come back to the table don’t forget to check your vagina and your ass so you don’t lose anything. Before returning to the table, she passed a hand between her thighs to eliminate the banana porridge and the juice from the tangerines which were beginning to flow. She finished the meal like that. As in the previous year, Dom, the good amélie, and the grandmother attended midnight mass. The good améliewas doing what she could to hold back what wanted to escape from her ass and her cunt but she felt that it was starting to go down her big thighs. She passed her hand several times between her thighs to wipe up what was leaking. Dom saw this and he whispered in her ear, “Your ass and your vulva are oozing, you’re on point. Here, take your panties, you can put them back with your parents.” She took the panties and tried to hide them as best she could because she had nothing to store them. Back at the parents’ home, she hastened to go to the bathroom to put her panties back on. They took the dessert and returned to the apartment.

When they arrived at the apartment, Dom said to his toy who was undressing: you are going to open your ass and take out the tangerines and then you are going to lie down on the kitchen table, opening your thighs wide. She expelled the two tangerines with difficulty into a salad bowl and she lay down on the table, opening her big thighs well, which offered a perfect view of her slit from which he could see the mashed banana coming out. Dom took a large spoon and shoved it into her snatch to scoop out the mashed banana. Spoon after spoon, she ate everything that filled her mold, and after each spoon, she was entitled to a piece of tangerine. Dom says to her, “Now you have taken your vitamins and you may go to bed. Tomorrow morning you will wake me up as I taught you.”

The night was short because in the morning little “T” demanded his meal. She took care of breastfeeding the little one and went back to waking up the dick of her Dom. Gently she slipped her head under the sheets and took the still sleeping member in her mouth and began to suck it, giving quick little licks. Soon, she felt the shaft grow and stand up. Dom woke up. Immediately as she had to do every morning, she repeated three times, “You are my Dom, you are my Master, you are the only one who knows what is good for me, I am all yours, I am your toy”. Dom caressed her face, sat down on the edge of the bed, and put her hands behind her head so that she could continue the fellatio. As usual, when ejaculating, Dom grabbed her by the ears and told her to stick his tongue out to deposit his cum on it. The tongue lined with sperm she left to prepare breakfast.

She had breakfast with her Dom. Dom spread jam on his toast while the good sucking cow put his Dom’s cum on her toast before eating. Dom took the opportunity to ask her if she liked breakfasts like that. She replied, “I love everything that comes from you and, you are my Dom, you are my Master, you are the only one who knows what is good for me, I am all yours, I am your toy.” Dom congratulated her and told her to come to his side. He patted her behind with two good smacks on each buttock then he inspected, grabbed, and stretched her breasts, telling her that she was a good one. That she is a good cow nurturer for her son and a good, very docile, and very devoted female for his sexual training.

Routine and plans

The last days of the year passed quickly, being shared between training, breastfeeding, cleaning, washing up, shopping in town, and walks to the Leech pond. For the next year, they remained quietly at the apartment. There were remained a few weeks before the good amélie returned to work. Dom was thinking about what to do next with the training. He didn’t increase his intensity to let the routine settle. When the good cow will return to work it will be time to complete the requirements if necessary.

At the beginning of March, the good amélie went back to work. Breastfeeding became less frequent and the milk production of the good Lorraine cow decreased despite the intensive treatment of the udders. Every day her ass work progressed. Now she perfectly mastered how to suck her Dom’s cock using the contractions of her anus combined with the back and forth movements of her big ass in a squatting position and planted on her Dom’s member. A small variation had been added. She had to anticipate ejaculation and had to collect the sperm in her mouth and then spit it in a glass. The spunk would then be used for her make-up or her breakfast sandwiches. With the return to work, the good amélie was a little tired. After two months she stopped breastfeeding but for the rest, the sodomy, the fellatio, and the humiliations that she accepted to please her Dom (make-up with cum, her permanent nudity in the apartment, etc…) everything continued as it was before. The detailed report of her days at work was also on the program again. That’s how one evening in June, on returning from work, the good cow announced to her man that her period had returned. Dom told her to show off her slobbery, bloody slit. He told her to open her slit and slipped two fingers through it, which came out smeared with her blood loss. He made her suck her fingers and at the same time he told her, “You’ll be good to get pregnant again, what do you think?” She replied that she didn’t know and that maybe it wasn’t necessary. Dom answered her, “I will think about it, but I think you are made to give birth to other of my children.” She lowered her head. She felt even more degraded when he spoke to her like that because he compared her to a breeding animal and nothing else. Dom took her in his arms and patted her behind with a few smacks, telling her, ” Don’t worry, I haven’t decided anything but it’s true that if you want, we can have another child.” After the humiliating words that compared her to an animal, she was reassured to know that she could still participate in this decision and she returned to take care of the household chores (preparing the meal and the bottle). The sunny days were here and the summer holidays were approaching. During the three weeks off, Dom was preparing to complete and intensify the training requirements for his big fat cow. His toy…

July 2003, end of the 5th part.

To be continued…

P.S. MeatBarn’s brain is still muddled all up after covid. I did my best on Lsdmaster’s poetic French to English translation. But I’m sure that I made a lot of mistakes. Feel free to point out my errors.

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    Really enjoyed this. I will now have to read the other chapters in this wonderful story. Interesting on the visits to slaves parents. Do they know or suspect the type of relationship here ?

  • Lsdmaster says:

    Patience is always rewarded.
    Part 6 must be translated by Dear Meatbarn…

    And the answer for Chuck : Parents don’t suspect the relationship between.
    amelie is an only child, “its” parents want “it” to be happy with a man., even if the relationship is special and particular.
    Is it naivety or inattention?
    The following will tell you more…

    To all readers, Merry Christmas.

  • Alex says:

    Honestly I really can’t wait for the next part of the story, it’s brilliant so far, love the intensity of the training put on the slave.

  • Lsdmaster says:

    Merry Christmas To All chiennelassie’s Fans .
    I hope you will like part 6 of “its” history.
    And don’t forget to post comments of what you like…
    And happy end of year to All.

  • robinspat says:

    Very interesting. As it is now 22 Years since taking ownership of the slave by Lsdmaster, it would be very interesting to see any improvements and further customisations.

    I would expect type II adjustemt, one would think long overdue, as this slave is obviously born to serve. Clearly Amélie… slave chienne lassie has no need of a clitoris or labia minora. Only deep clitoral removal would have been appropriate. I look forward to news accordingly.

  • Lsdmaster says:

    Hi robinspat,
    It is certain that chiennelassie is made to be debased and degraded.
    The removal of the labia and the clitoris was the possible modifications.
    But psychological torture is just as necessary as physical torture.
    Why remove her clitoris which must remind chiennelassie of what pleasure can be, that sometimes she can seize when “it” gets ass fucked… Only ass fucked.
    Enjoy the rest of his story.

    • MeatBarn says:

      Dear Lsdmaster!
      You understand the SM sense of anal-only lifestyle like no one! I 100% agree with your philosophy!

      • Lsdmaster says:

        This is a very perverse prospect and possibility…
        Additional humiliation associated with physical and psychological torture from “its” offspring.
        Wait and see the following “its” history !

  • Merv says:

    I love the fact that she’s a mom. I wonder if her son will dominate her in the future.

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