Slave lassie’s story. Part 6. Day 4.

Hey, folks! Today we continue publishing the great Christmas gift from the honorable Lsdmaster! The sixth part of lassie’s story, told by her Master.
The 6th part is big enough and I divided it into “days of action”. I will publish them one by one. After that, I will concatenate all “days” into one post. I also will attach the coordinates of the locations mentioned here in the final post.
Please forgive me for the low publication frequency, but sometimes I have some ordinary job to do.
In the current post, I tried to improve my poor English with neural tools. Maybe it helped. Please, tell me about it.

Now let’s continue with the story.

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The next day, they set off for another walk. Dom had spotted a quiet place called the Montsec boat launch. Good amélie had prepared a picnic. Dom had estimated that it would take about 1.5 to 2 hours of walking to reach his destination. Arrived on the spot, Dom checked that the site was really quiet. It was a tiny cove with gravel, and a bit of grass all surrounded by trees. They settled down on the grass near the bank. Dom tells the good amélie to get naked to enjoy the sun. She took off her dress and shoes. He highlighted to her that her milky skin really needed the sun. Then, she began preparing the picnic. When the meal was over, she changed T’s diaper and took care of putting everything away, while Dom took a short nap.

An hour later, Dom circled the creek to find a suitable spot. He had planned a special session for his toy. He wanted to check the obedience of his toy. He tied her to a tree. She protested but he told her that he will leave her tied there for an hour and that while she waited, he was going for a walk with his son. He tied her hands above her head, bound her ankles to the foot of the tree, and finally he tied a rope around her waist and blindfolded her, and gagged her.

She was now tied up, her face against the tree with her stomach and thighs rubbing against the rough bark of the tree. She was also at the mercy of the gaze of potential walkers or fishers. Blindfolded, her every noise, creak, or splash was amplified. She shivered every time she heard a sound and wondered what she could say if she was found in this degrading position. The wait seemed endless. She wondered how soon her Dom would return to free her.

After an hour, she perceived noises on the gravel and furtive noises in the grass. She thought it was a small animal or a bird, but a hiss followed by sharp pain on the left buttock made her bellow in her gag and made her understand that it was not what she believed. Deep down, she hoped it was her Dom who had whipped her ass and not some perverted walker who might have taken advantage of it. She was relieved when she heard Dom’s dry voice telling her that he will set her ass on fire with the wand he had just carved.

He repeatedly whipped the air with the wand all around her. She growled into her gag to implore her Dom. But it was in vain. A dozen blows on the right buttock, followed by a dozen on the other buttock made her squirm against the bark of the tree.

Dom paused for a moment to let the marks appear on fat amélie’s white skin. He stroked her rump to check the marks that streaked her ass. He whispered in her ear about her lovely butt, and when she was ready for a new round, she would have to shake her rear end. She knew she couldn’t refuse anything in this position. She wiggled her big ass and waited for the blows to come.

Dom whipped the air again with the wand and landed another round of ten blows on each buttock. He stopped and checked the results. On the milky skin, one could easily count the number of wand strokes as the skin began to swell and blister along the welts and take on a red hue. Dom paused and watched his toy’s reactions. She was no longer moving. She wondered if the session was over.

Dom returned to her and whistled the wand again. Good amélie understood the message and moved her colorful buttocks to receive the next series. Now, her ass was beginning to tinge with purple marks, and Dom deemed that the docility test passed. He untied the good amélie, took her in his arms, kissed her, and told her that she had been very brave and that he was proud of her.

She ran her hands over her buttocks and felt the marks that decorated each of her buttocks. Then, she could get dressed and they went back to the bungalow. During the trip, Dom caressed her buttocks and said to her: “You see, your big ass is on fire and he is much more attractive with these marks!”

She prepared the meal for T. and her Dom and for herself. She squatted in front of her Dom and pushed to get out the two large pieces of eggplant that filled her anus. The first piece came out quite easily accompanied by the fermented sperm and anal secretions. For the second piece, she had to spread her sore buttocks, and after a few minutes of grimaces and effort, she managed to place the second piece on the plate placed under her ass.

Dom contemplated the spectacle and took the opportunity to describe to her what he saw. She was getting used to these humiliating situations, but she didn’t understand why her Dom liked it She was still squatting with the plate between her legs when Dom took out his cock to get sucked. She collected the juice in her face then she took the plate to deposit the warm cum on her vegetable pieces. Dom took the plate, put three spoons of the rice she had prepared on it, and put it on the floor next to him. “Tonight will eat like a female dog at my feet”, he said.

She had to eat on all fours, without cutlery, and without hands. During the meal, Dom stroked her nape and hair, saying to her: “You are doing very well as a pet dog”. She finished her meal by lapping the plate so that it was perfectly clean. Around her mouth were strewn bits of food, and Dom was happy to smear her face with them.

She spent the rest of the evening with her sore, dripping ass and soiled face. Around eleven o’clock at night, before going to bed, Dom told her to caress her clitoris. She was standing in front of him, Dom grabbing the misshapen little lips of her cunt, which he tweaked as she caressed herself. Each time she approached orgasm, he took her hands and pinched her clitoris. She almost came three times, but after 30 minutes Dom thought it was time to go to bed.

A new day was coming to an end.

(End of day 4)

To be continued…

  • sk70 says:

    Very interesting. Those latter pics of her shaved and with a catheter are awesome. Would be good to hear more.

    • MeatBarn says:

      Thanks for your comment! And double thanks to Lsdmaster, who shares the story.
      I will publish the next day ASAP. I hope it will be on Thursday.
      Sorry for the slow updates. But I have a rush time on my job.

    • Lsdmaster says:

      I’m glad to see your interest.
      Living with the catheter for several weeks will be for later… That’s another humiliation…

  • lisa-sofie says:

    such a good little dog. it must be so happy to have such a caring Master.

    • Lsdmaster says:

      Hi lisa sofie,
      it’s became very submissive, docile, attentive and devoted slave whore.
      Perfect to became a Master’s toy.
      And It’s a pleasure to take care of and to play and to modify such a toy. But it’s also needs a lot of time and attention…
      You would like to be like “it”?

      • lisa-sofie says:

        Oh yes, fully transformed into such an object.

      • MeatBarn says:

        My dear brother and sister in kink! I’m so happy that you are in touch here! That is one of my missions. To consolidate kinksters.
        Maybe I should make a forum or another discussion platform? The only problem is moderation. I barely have time for this site. And I think I can’t manage moderation. But without moderation spammers, scammers, CP and drug promoters will run into. What do you think, my dear?

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