Slave lassie’s story. Part 6. Day 1.
Merry Christmas, kinksters!

Hey, folks! Today we have a Christmas gift from the honorable Lsdmaster! The sixth part of lassie’s story is told by her Master. I know, that you all missed the continuation of her story. Forgive me, but the 6th part is too big for my humble brain to translate and edit entirely. So, I divide it by “days of action” and will publish them one by one. After that, I will concatenate all “days” into one post. I also will attach the coordinates of the locations mentioned here in the final post.

Lsdmaster also answered some questions I asked him before.

MB. Is the way you mark her “it” with a tattoo, brands, and piercings so ‘inaccurate’ to make her|it and others know, that she”it” is worthless and doesn’t deserve any beautiful ornamentations?
L. That’s right and it’s a homemade tattoo. Of course, it doesn’t deserve any beautiful ornamentation. It’s only a degraded object.

MB. Does she “it” do any chores, that include social communication, such as shopping, visiting state offices, driving a car, and so on? Is she allowed to talk to people if she is not spoken to?
it’s allowed to talk to people, shop, driving a car only with Lsdmaster’s agreement.

MB. Our website promotes the Anal Only lifestyle. Is lassie an anal-only slave? Is she allowed to orgasm? Is she allowed to touch herself?
chiennelassie is only an anal slave. It’s the best birth control!!! it is allowed to cum but only with Lsdmaster’s agreement.

Now let’s continue with the story.

Previously on “The Real Slave lassie Story”:

  • July 1997 she graduates Bac pro SMS, May 2000 meets the Dom, and 9 months later, February 2001, is the end of Part 1.
  • 6 months later, September 2001, is the end of Part 2.
  • 3 months later, December 2001, insemination of the Lorraine cow. The end of Part 3.
  • September 12, 2002 Birth of “T.” The end of the 4th part.
  • July 2003. The end of the 5th part.


The 3 weeks of vacation were necessary because the good amélie was tired. But her training should go on. The first week was reserved for rituals.
When she woke up, she sucked her Dom as he had taught her. She had to take the glans between her lips. Then she had to turn around her tongue and play with the foreskin, and at the same time, she had to suck and suck the glans to collect the seed of her Dom as with a big straw. For the reward, her Dom took her by the ears and she stuck out her tongue to receive the precious warm juice. But before receiving her reward, she had to say, “You are my Dom, you are my Master, you are the only one who knows what is good for me, I am all yours, I am your toy”. Then, she went to prepare breakfast, keeping the precious semen in her mouth. When breakfast was ready, she had to spit the juice out into the little jar which was kept in the fridge. When she had finished serving her Dom she could have her breakfast. It was a coffee with a biscuit covered with the mixture from the jar from the fridge (her Dom’s cum embellished with her saliva).

Then she had to take care of the little guy. Then it was time for household chores and preparing lunch. For her meal, of course, she had to stuff her pussy and her ass with the vegetables and fruits that would serve her as a meal. For her cunt it was more like bananas, strawberries, or any kind of fruit small and soft enough not to dilate the hole which had to remain narrow. On the other hand,  zucchini, aubergines, or apples were intended for her ass, all big and firm enough to dilate her anus well.

Then the whole family would go shopping for food or else they had a walk in town or a walk at the pond of the “Sangsue”. Whenever they passed people, the good fat cow amélie felt ashamed because she thought that someone could guess that she was stuffed in front and behind. And she constantly had to squeeze her asshole and cunt to keep some of her meals in her holes, which made her step hesitant. The cum makeup was mostly used when they went out for food shopping.

The next week, Dom told her that he had reserved a bungalow at the Lac de la Madine campsite. The good cow was delighted with this news and told him that it made her happy because she could take her mind off things and they could visit her parents. Her Dom told her that he was satisfied that she liked it and that he was going to take the opportunity to complete her education. About the visit to her parents, he told her that it would depend on her progress and docility during the training. She was surprised that her Dom used the word training even though she knew she had agreed to be her Dom’s toy. She didn’t have time to ask him why, when his Dom told her to come and thank him. She instantly understood the message and hastened to cherish her Dom’s cock to collect the sperm as she had perfectly learned to do. The weekend was devoted to preparations for the week at the lake campsite.

The following week, they went to the Heudicourt campsite on the coast. The trip was short because the distance was only 50 km (31 miles). In an hour they had arrived at the campsite ready to settle in the bungalow reserved by Dom. Two hours after their arrival the good amélie had finished preparing everything. She changed little T.’s diaper and gave him the bottle. During her child’s nap, the good amélie thought she could rest but her Dom told her to come and lie down on the table.

When she was lying down, her Dom said to her, “This week you will receive an enema every other day and like that. You will be good to be assfucked at all times, and your ass will not be full of shit, and it will serve as a pantry much better”. He heated a little water which he mixed with the coffee, which just had been prepared. After having prepared the enema bag, he inserted the cannula into the good fat amélie’s ass and told her, “You are going to stay as it’s 30 minutes and squeeze your asshole tight so there’s wiil be no leakage”. Dom left to smoke a cigarette and 20 minutes later he went over to his toy and massaged her belly to make the enema effect better. Her ass began to ooze during the massage, so Dom told her to lift her ass and hold on tight if she didn’t want to receive a second enema.

After 15 minutes she was able to let go of her sphincter and free herself from the enema in a bucket. The evacuation was carried out in a sequence of farts and jets of brown liquid, while good amélie was squatting above the bucket and pushing to evacuate everything. Dom checked the last pours which he didn’t find clear enough and decided to make another enema with warm water only. After the second enema, the result was satisfying. When Dom said to her, “Your ass is very clean now, we can fill it with your meals”, little T. woke up and began to ask for his meal. While the good amélie took care of the little one, Dom went away to do some shopping.

He arrived with provisions of food an hour later. There were courgettes, apples, bananas, eggplants, rice, minced meat, potatoes, etc… Dom said to the good fat cow, “Put my son to bed, and then you are going to peel zucchini and you will cut it in half. Then you will come and suck me with your mouth and pump my cock with your big ass.” When she was done peeling the zucchini, she cut it in half as her Dom had ordered her to. Then she started to suck her man’s cock with passion. She applied herself to sucking the glans well between her lips while her tongue frantically nuzzled the tip of the cock. During the fellatio, Dom worked with the teats of the good big cow without tenderness. He crushed them and stretched the nipples until she moaned. When he felt that his cock was ready to enter the anus of his toy he took a piece of zucchini and made two cuts in a cross half the length with the knife. Then he said to the maid amélie to open her ass and pushed the piece of zucchini deep inside her voracious ass, starting with the rounded end.

He said to her, “Now your ass is welcoming and prepared, you are going to pump my cock in a squatting position as I taught you and as you know how to do it. At the same time, you are going to caress your clit and the clit only. I don’t want to see a single one of your fingers in your pussy and I want you to cum when my cum fills your ass.” While the good fat cow’s rear end moved up and down around Dom’s cock, he amused himself by slapping his good fat cow’s rump. The big ass was starting to blush while the good amélie was busy polishing her clitoris and conscientiously sucking Dom’s cock with her anus. Dom began to feel the first spasms of his toy’s asshole around his cock, so he took her buttocks with both hands to fuck her deep in the ass and ejaculated deep inside her quivering ass, flooding the zucchini with cum. Dom took the second piece of zucchini and inserted it into the slobbering hole. He said, “You are perfectly stuffed, so from now on, you are going to squeeze your ass well to keep your meal warm my fat cow. Come on, go get dressed, you’ll just put on your dress without underwear and we’ll go for a walk with my little T.”

The whole little family took the direction to the nautical center. The good amélie pushed the stroller where the little one was lying, and Dom followed them and enjoyed the show a few meters away. They walked along the lake towards Nonsard, the other village on the edge of the lake. The weather was sunny and the temperature at the end of the day was very pleasant. There were many walkers and tourists buzzing around the shores of the lake. During the walk, Dom savored his pleasure watching his good amélie walk with a hesitant gait because she squeezed her buttocks tightly so as not to let out what filled her ass.

After 20 minutes they passed near the children’s play area and the good amélie tried to avoid the eyes of the people who passed her. A mother who passed near her asked her how old her pretty boy was. Her face flushed with confusion, and she replied that he was 11 months old. The woman told her that he was very cute and she wished him a good day. The good fat amélie felt relieved not to have to continue the conversation because she didn’t know how to hide the embarrassment that came over her every time she met the gaze of passers-by. Dom approached her and, while massaging her buttocks, he said to her, “It’s true that he is handsome my son, you did a good job. I don’t know if we can guess that you are naked under your little dress and that your ass is full but I can tell you that by observing you correctly we can imagine very well the depraved female that you are. And I like that.” When they arrived near the Digue des Chevaliers, Dom told his good amélie to get his son out of the stroller to make him walk. It was little T’s first steps. While she was making little T walk. Dom took the opportunity to pass her hand under her dress and he could see that her pussy was sticky. He also checked by passing his hand between the buttocks of his toy that her ass was not losing the sperm that served as cooking juice for the zucchini that filled the ass.

He said to her, “In fact, you like these humiliating situations because it makes you wet, your pussy is all drooling. Come on, we’re going back to the bungalow because seeing you wet like that makes me want to bugger you again.” The good amélie put T. back in the stroller and they took the way back. Dom walked behind. Arrived at the bungalow, the good amélie prepared the bottle and put the baby to bed. Meanwhile, Dom was drinking a beer and smoking a cigarette on the little terrace overlooking the lake.

Dom called the good amélie . He said to her, “Go to the bedroom, put yourself on the edge of the bed on your back and prepare your ass, I will add a little zucchini juice which fills it”. Dom took his time to finish his beer while the good amélie was waiting lying on her back on the edge of the bed with her legs bent and her ass in position, ready for sodomy. Dom approached with a plate in his hand. He tells her to open her anus to squeeze out the first half of the zucchini without pushing out the other half. She pushed on her sphincters and you could see the shiny corolla of her anus opening, allowing the piece of zucchini to pass through. Dom retrieved the piece from the plate and then wiped the secretions that surrounded the piece of vegetable around the mouth of his good big cow before telling her to open her mouth to suck the zucchini while he went to the fuck. Dom put a pillow under the good amélie ‘s buttocks to adjust the position and, without preliminary, he buggered his toy.

He pushed half of the zucchini that was left and when it was well introduced he told her to suck his cock. Good Amelia began sucking the member with her ass. Dom grabbed the inner cunt lips and began to stretch them and open them as he slowly moved his cock back and forth into the good amélie’s ass. He was enjoying the sight of his toy: she had her mouth filled, her ass filled, and her belly contracting to the rhythms of the sucks. And while he was playing with the deformed labia of her cunt he told her to rub her clitoris and that she could cum when he will fill her ass. What a lovely show! The big cow with her legs raised gets buggered and frantically rubs her bean to achieve pleasure. Dom perceived the first spasms of the ass around his cock, but he wanted to enjoy the show a little more. He slapped the good cow’s flabby udders several times. Surprised, the good amélie almost choked on the courgette. For another 10 minutes, Dom continued the sodomy and finally filled the hole of his fat amélie with sperm. He took the zucchini from her mouth and put it back in her ass, telling her, “Tomorrow the zucchini will be well marinated in my sperm and you will be able to enjoy its strong taste.” She had almost come. Dom left her, thighs raised with slobbering pussy and painful labia minora, frustrated at not having come.

Leaving the room while he was adjusting his pants, he told her to get busy preparing dinner because the little entertainment had whetted his appetite. Dom told the good amélie to make a mash with chopped steak for him and a good portion of rice with a glass of water and yogurt for her. She prepared the meal and then took care of changing and feeding little T. After the meal, the three of them took another walk by the lake, enjoying the sunset. Coming home around ten o’clock in the evening Dom whispered in the ear of his toy that tomorrow he would mark her. She asked him why he wanted to do this because she already belonged to him and she already accepted all his desires. He replied, “It’s one more desire so that you never forget that you belong to me. Before falling asleep, she sucked her Dom and pronounced the ritual phrase, “You are my Dom, you are my Master, you’re the only one who knows what’s good for me, I’m all yours, I’m your toy”. Dom stroked her face and wished her good night. Tired from the busy day, she fell asleep thinking about how and where her Dom chose to tag her.

(End of Day 1)

To be continued…

  • lisa says:

    Thank you for the sixth part of chienne lassie’s story. That must have been a great trip. Awesome how it has to “prepare” its meals. Sometimes I am a little bit jealous. It is such a gteat slave and it really looks as ugly as you can expect of such a thing.

    • MeatBarn says:

      Thank you for the comment! It’s not the whole 6th part. The “Day 2” will be published ASAP. The whole text is huge for my humble skills in translation and editing. And I believe that a waterfall of text is tiring for the readers.

    • Lsdmaster says:

      I like your comment.
      The trip would be good for a slave in training.
      And “its” meals must be taste… You can try it…
      Enjoy the following.

  • Lsdmaster says:

    Happy New Year, Dear Readers.
    Enjoy with chiennelassie’s history.,
    The shy and insignificant young girl transformed into a degraded and animalized slave toy.
    I hope you will appreciate the folowing.
    Don’t forget to comment.

    • MeatBarn says:

      Thank you, dear Lsdmaster! And happy New Year to you too.
      I’m sorry for the slow translation of your story. But I have a little bit too much job to do in ordinary life )))) But I hope to publish “Day 2” on this weekend.
      And I address to our kinky readers: please, comment! The more you comment the sooner the next part will be published!

  • mb says:

    Récits très prenant.
    Un grand merci pour ce partage.
    Dans l’attente de la suite…

    • MeatBarn says:

      Thanks a lot! I hope to publish the “next day part” tomorrow. Sorry for the delay, but my ordinary job has vore me for the past couple of weeks.

      Dear mb, was it you who commented photo of Urrtiko’s ass on FetLife?

    • MeatBarn says:

      Thanks a lot! I hope to publish the next day tomorrow. Sorry for the delay, but the ordinary job vore me for passed couple of weeks.

      Dear mb, were it you who commented photo of Urrtiko’s ass on FetLife?

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