Lassie’s Story. An interview with her Master.

lassie and her Master Lsdmaster are a cool French couple, an example of total lifestyle power exchange. MeatBarn asked some questions and Lsdmaster promised to give some answers. We both are not native English speakers, so we hope you will excuse poor English in this article. As a romantic French man, Lsdmaster writes very poetically, and we did the best we could in translation. So, you may enjoy the slave’s story below.

The very beginning.

lassie was born in Lorraine on May 24, 1976. She is the only daughter of an entrepreneur father and a housewife mother. She spent her childhood in a small village in the department of Meuse. Michel, his father is rather severe and authoritarian and Christiane, his mother is very pious and very protective …
lassie’s education continues in Catholic schools. Her studies are laborious. She was not particularly gifted at school. Studies aren’t made for it. It will orient itself in the medico-social sciences. One sector among others for young girls. She is discreet and knows how to be of service to others (she obtained a professional Baccalaureate in SMS (social-medical science) specialization in 1997 at the age of 21).

She is not pretty but we can find something for her … A bit naive, rather docile, she learned to respect institutions and authority. Young Amelie was shy and lacked self-confidence. She was a little fat. It was true, but it didn’t matter. She was attracted to mature men. She needed authority and security. Certainly the duality between her severe father and her protective mother. In 2000, it was the meeting, she was seduced by her future Master (Not yet Lsdmaster). She loved her confidence, her education, and the protection and attention she received. In a short time, she will leave the family cocoon to live with her Dom in a small town in Lorraine. It was something new that she could have called freedom.

Compliments, attention, sex (she liked that), discovering the taboos (there was a lot to discover; thanks to her education), all the ingredients for good preparation …

Pushing limits

She liked cock but as a good and naive young girl, she had to progress. She was applied and studious in the discovery of new practices. The sexual regime was 2 blowjobs a day, one before breakfast and one after lunch to keep the taste of his Dom. After the blowjob, she had to execute 5 minutes of masturbation with no pleasure. Then she went to work. Anal sex was of course part of the learning. She was reticent at first because she found it disgusting. To make her want to be fucked, she was allowed to caress and enjoy. Sodomy allowed her to reach pleasure, so she began to ask for that practice to free herself. The evening after the dishes and the cleaning she had to wait for the wishes of her Dom. At first, before falling asleep she liked to be fucked.
It didn’t last long. It was time to show her that the fun was not free.
Six months later, after evening sodomy, she had to suck and clean the dick of her Dom. She had discovered the taste of her ass. Nights became less pleasant.

When she fell asleep she was soiled (the shower was allowed in the morning only) and with the taste of her ass in the mouth until morning. As punishment, sometimes she was not allowed to take a shower and left to work dirty and ashamed. She felt repulsive. But when she used to come home her Dom told her that he liked her smell and that he found it attractive. She liked these reassuring words.
Her cunt was not attractive: small drooping lips and no fleshy big lips. Her cunt was rarely used, and if it was, it was a reward. Of course, orgasm was prohibited.

With this strict routine, 9 months later she was ready to start her new life.

To be continued…

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    Chiennelassie is the best female slave for real. I like her and her master. Eventually her Master can contact us. Would like this.
    Sirandy and Slave Mary

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