The Real French Slave lassie Story. Part 3

lassie and her Master Lsdmaster are a cool French couple, an example of total lifestyle power exchange. We both are not native English speakers, so we hope you will excuse poor English in this article. As a romantic French man, Lsdmaster writes very poetically, and we did the best we could in translation. So, you may enjoy the slave’s story below. Here you may read the First Part of the story.  And here is the Second Part.

Start of the new life

During the whole morning, at her work, she kept thinking about what her Dom had said to her: “You are ready to start your new life”. Her thoughts were totally absorbed by these words. The morning was over, and she hurried back to the apartment.
Arriving at the apartment she was eager to know more. But she didn’t have time to speak. Her Dom told her to undress and get on all fours on the kitchen table in front of the mirror. The time had come for him to break the news to her. Once in position on the kitchen table she could look at herself in the mirror her Dom had set up. She was impatient and feverish.
Her Dom told her that from now on when she returns to the apartment she will undress and wait for the instructions, it is naked that her Dom wanted to see her in the apartment and he asked her if she was okay. The young ‘Lorraine cow’ answered ‘yes’ but the answer had to be ‘yes, my Dom’, so she started again by answering: “yes my Dom”.
Her Dom then asked her if she liked this position. She looked at herself in the mirror and saw herself as an animal in the presentation. Her response was quick and she replied: “yes my Dom, I like this position”. The Dom told her that he liked to see her docile and attentive to his wishes. He asked her if she couldn’t wait to know what he had in a store for her. She answered properly: ‘yes my Dom’.
Her Dom asked his young ‘Lorraine cow’ if she was ready to become his toy. She said she didn’t understand what that meant. Her Dom told her that it is about to do whatever he wanted with her. Everything he wanted. The young Amélie told him that he was already doing whatever he wanted. Her Dom told her he wanted more … He wanted her to become his thing. The words clashed in her head, the young ‘Lorraine cow’ did not know what to say. Her Dom got more insistent and asked her again if she would agree, or else he would leave her to rot in abandonment.
She didn’t want to lose her man, so she answered: “Yes, my Dom, I accept and I would be proud to be your toy”. Her Dom looked at her and told her he was happy to introduce her to her new life. He told her he liked to watch her with her small dangling breasts and her big rump. He added that like that, she was good to ass fuck or to cover. A shiver ran through the spine of the young Amélie when she heard these words. She didn’t have time to understand everything because her Dom told her to serve her the aperitif and then to prepare the meal.
The young cow complied, served the aperitif, and resumed her household chores. When the meal was ready, she began to set the table. At that moment, she learned that from now on she would eat when her Dom had finished his meal and that at noon, she would not eat. She was entitled to a glass of water before sucking her Dom.
She served the meal to her Dom and while he ate quietly she had to wait on her knees. When the meal was over she cleared the table and her Dom felt her ass and breasts before giving her his glass of water. After having drunk the water it was the moment of the pipe and the 5 minutes of masturbation. It was time to get dressed to go back to work.

The day of doubts

All morning at her job, she had imagined a new life of caring and joy with her Dom and now she wanted her to become his thing!
In the afternoon it was confusion in his thoughts. Why her Dom wanted to make her his toy and his thing. She didn’t know what to think anymore. Stay or go. If she will leave, she would have to find an apartment and she would be all alone. Or else she would go back to her parents and then she would have to accept the reproaches again and lose the “freedom” discovered with the Dom. She was so upset that she made a big mistake in her job and was summoned by her manager.
The manager of young Amélie told her that it could not continue like this. The mistake this afternoon was not the first and it should not happen again or she would end her contract. Young Amélie told him that she was a little disturbed at the moment but that she was going to recover. Her manager replied that she was counting on it and that from the next day she wanted to see a new person who will be perfectly attentive and applied in her work.
Amélie was afraid of losing her job. And if that was the case, her Dom was going to leave her because it was for him that she went to work every day. She returned to the apartment completely worried. But when she arrived, she remembered the instructions and she undressed in the living room and waited for her Dom who was resting in the bedroom. Her Dom told her that he was proud of his ‘young cow Lorraine’ because she had not forgotten the new rules. He liked to see her very docile like that and he asked her how the afternoon went.
She said that what he told her at noon had really disturbed her. It kept occupying her mind all the time and then she forgot to prepare a room. Her manager had called her in and told her to be more careful in her work. She didn’t talk about the risk of losing her job because she was afraid of her Dom’s reaction.
Her Dom told her that it could happen to anyone and that if he had to, he would explain to his manager that she did not have to make this kind of reproach. He was pleased to know that his future thing had been disturbed by his new demands. Amélie told him not to degrade the situation by going to see her manager because it was her fault, that she was going to be more attentive. Her Dom tells her that he doesn’t like being criticized. These words reassured young Amélie.
Her Dom tells her that she is perfect with him because she does everything he asks of her: “You suck me, I fuck you, I ask you to live naked, you accept everything. You are a woman that I need”. These words comforted her because she wanted her Dom for herself.
She served the aperitif to her Dom and prepared her glass of water to toast her new life. She wanted to show that she was made for him. They toasted, she drank her glass of water and by the command, she knelt down and began to suck her Dom’s cock diligently while he quietly sipped his whiskey. Ten minutes later she had to open her ass and sit on her Dom’s cock. It was a good position to knead her breasts. Dom alternately stretched her breasts and then her nipples. During this time, she had to contract and release her asshole without moving her rump to pump the semen out of her Dom. This lasted more than thirty minutes, her breasts were painful and she hardly felt her nipples anymore, at that moment a warm flow invaded her anus; she was proud to have made her Dom cum. After serving another whiskey to her Dom she went back to cleaning the d9ck that had just fucked her ass.
She was perfect. A few more months and her asshole would be a great cock pump. She presented her breasts for Dom to inspect the result. He told her that they still needed this intensive treatment and that he liked to knead her small breasts. She wiped her big ass, which was dripping with cum, then resumed her chores. She left to vacuum cleaning before preparing the meal while her Dom went for a walk in town. He told her he would be back in an hour.
He returned thirty minutes later. The good ‘Lorraine cow’ was surprised that he came home earlier. She had just finished vacuuming. She began to prepare the meal. She made a veal blanquette with rice on the side. Meanwhile, her Dom was quietly watching TV. He told her it smelled good and he was hungry like a wolf.
Around 7:30 p.m. the meal was served. The Dom told her that it was very good. Young Amélie who had not eaten at noon was waiting for her turn to enjoy the meal she had prepared. While she was clearing the table and preparing her plate her Dom told her that for tonight she would only be entitled to a portion of rice, a yogurt, and a little water because she had to lose weight. She was eating her meager snack.

Day by day

With the Dom, her life was organized. She didn’t need to think about the future because her Dom was managing her schedule. Sometimes she would have liked to receive friends but would her Dom have forced her to stay naked? She didn’t dare imagine it and she preferred to continue living like that. As she had not trained to choose or to give her opinion, she accepted that her Dom organizes her days.
The day’s schedule was always perfectly organized for the training of the toy and now it was also for the diet. After 2 months of rice, vegetables, and three times a week a little white meat, she lost 6 kg. It was enough for a start because it was not necessary to weaken her too much for her work which was quite hard and then she had to have enough energy to follow her training. The ‘young Lorraine cow’ became an expert with her ass because in twenty minutes she was making her Dom’s tail squirt.
From time to time to enhance these sodomy sessions, her diet was adapted. For two days, she ate only rice with a little meat, which caused slight constipation. The next day, she ate a kilogram of canned spinach. Then, in the evening, after the laxative and the thirty minutes of anal work, it was off to the bathroom. Sitting on the edge of the bathtub she could release her guts while she sucked the member who had just fucked her, she poured out her excrement in a continuous sound of gas and flatulence. A long jet of green dung came to line the bottom of the tub.
She had just shit like a cow. Her Dom then tells her that he could put her in the park with other cows and that one weekend when they take a walk in the fields, she can shit with the other cows. She says she won’t be able to do this, but her Dom tells her that she will because it is her desire. She then replied that she would go to the park to please him. Her Dom would congratulate her, tell her to clean up her shit, and then go to bed because he was going to watch TV.

Degrading to a shitcow

The following week, it was the moment to prepare the exit of the Sunday of the young Amélie. Everything was planned for the place of the walk. On the other hand it would be necessary to improve the volume of the excrements of the ‘good cow Amélie’ so that it makes a good dung in the meadow this Sunday. The diet was changed. For three days she ate only rice and to promote constipation a sachet of ‘immodium’ drug was diluted in her glass of sugar water. It was effective because after three days she had not defecated. The next two days it was the spinach diet so that the color of his excrement looked like dung. She ate a kilogram on Friday and the same on Saturday. During these two days she was exempted from sodomy.
On Saturday evening she started to complain of bloating and pain in her stomach. Dom asked if she had been in the bathroom recently and she replied that for four days she had not defecated. Dom told her that tomorrow she would feel better after the walk. After the fellatio she went to bed with her belly aching. The next day the cramps and pains were still present. She made breakfast for her Dom, and she only had a glass of water because of her stomach.
This Sunday at the end of September promised to be sunny. Dom decided that they would take the walk to Hannoville or Sponville because there are cow farms and it is very quiet. Then they could go see the parents of young Amélie to drink coffee. She was happy with this news and told her Dom that she was going to call them to warn them of their visit. Five minutes later she confirmed that her parents were expecting them at 2:00 p.m.
The young Lorraine cow finished the preparations for the midday picnic. When it’s time to get dressed, her Dom tells her that today she doesn’t need panties and bras like that, she could get naked easily. She put on her floral dress, buttoned at the front and her sandals open.
She had to drink 3 glasses of water again, although her stomach ache and it was already well swollen. Then she spread her buttocks and her Dom delicately inserted two laxative suppositories in this well presented rectum and he told her to squeeze her buttocks well and wait for the effects.
They took the car and headed in the direction of Sponville via Puxieux in search of a quiet path near a meadow with pretty companions in white and black dresses (the dairy cows common in Lorraine and in the department of Meuse). The belly of the young cow was starting to pull at her and she contracted her sphincter as best she could (she was used to doing this during sodomy sessions) so as not to release the excrements. Her Dom tells her to hold back or they’ll go straight in and won’t go see her parents. She squeezed her buttocks and next Puxieux Dom found the right place.
He put the car in the path and stopped the car after a hundred yards. There was a park with about fifteen cows. Once out of the car Dom tells Amélie to undress and leave her dress in the car. The young cow was starting to have stomach cramps from holding back. She got on all fours and walked towards her companions. Dom told her to restrain herself and that she could shit like her fellows when she received permission. She walked towards the pretty cows in the black and white dresses.
As she walked towards one of the cows, her Dom patted her rump. Between her buttocks you could see a trickle of liquid excrement running down her thighs. When she got near the animal, Amélie saw the puzzled look of the cow. Her stomach was hurting more and more and she was having a really hard time holding back. Her Dom sat down next to her, massaged her breasts and stomach, then told her that if her parents saw her like that, they wouldn’t believe their eyes. A young girl raised in the Catholic tradition who walks naked on all fours in a meadow and who is about to shit like a cow!
Her Dom congratulated her again on her progress. He told her that he found her perfect like that and that she was almost like a real living toy. At the same time as he crushed the belly of the young Lorraine cow, he told her to push very hard because he wanted to see a long jet come out of her ass. The result was instantaneous and a nice spray of green and brown color squirted from the ass of the young Amélie. It lasted almost a minute and at the same time she pissed loudly. At the end of her exercise she had to turn around to contemplate her pretty dung.
Her Dom asked her how she found the dung she had just made and if she felt lighter. She replied: “yes my Dom, it’s better but I still have a stomach ache”. She was able to lie down in the grass next to her dung while her Dom returned to the car.
Lying down, she waited for her Dom to return with the meal. Arrived near his toy, he told her to squat down and wipe her ass on the grass because there were already flies starting to land on her ass. She rubbed her cup as best she could on the grass to remove all traces and showed the result to her Dom. There was still some left over and she started over three times to get an acceptable result. Then they came out of the meadow, on all fours for the young cow that goes without saying. Arriving at the car, she put on her shoes but the dress remained in the car and they continued on foot on the way to find a place for the picnic.
The young Lorraine cow asked if she was going to stay naked and her Dom replied that of course she was going to stay naked. That way her very pale skin would take on a little color. They found a lightly shaded spot on the edge of the woods for the picnic. Amélie took out the sandwiches and the drinks. Before starting to eat she had to give her Dom a blowjob while he was drinking his beer. She could garnish her half-sandwich with her Dom’s seed. When the meal was over, she remained standing while her Dom took a restorative nap.
After the nap was over, the Dom told her that her skin had taken a little color. Indeed the sun had started to color her milky skin with a pretty pale pink shade. It was time to go drink coffee with the parents of the good and docile Amélie. Before getting in the car his Dom wanted to fuck her on the hood. She laid down on her back on the edge of the hot hood and spread her buttocks to present her anus still irritated by the session in the meadow. The hollow of the knees on the shoulders of her Dom she sucked the member with her anus to extract the juice. He shook the young Amélie, holding her by the thighs to activate his ejaculation. Five minutes later she had the right to put her dress back on and she cleaned her Dom’s cock who told her to squeeze her buttocks …
They took the direction of the village of Amélie’s parents. She wondered what her parents would imagine when they saw her. Was everything that had just happened visible? She was afraid her father would notice something. While he was driving, her Dom looked at her and told her that she was lovely and that he was happy with her. This reassured her. They arrived at Rue de l’Eglise in front of her parents’ house and got out of the car. Her parents were waiting for them. As she got out of the car, she felt a bit of spunk run between her thighs; she squeezed her ass and rubbed her thighs to spread it so it wouldn’t fall to the floor. Her mother told her that she looked good and that she was happy to see her beloved daughter. Greetings ended they settled down to drink the coffee.
During the discussion she squeezed her ass for fear of making a stain on the sofa. The father asked how her work was going and her mother wanted to know if he was going to get married. For work she says it was going well but it was tiring. For the wedding, Dom replied that he first had to find a well-paid job. The father replied that he had to start working and then he could negotiate the salary. Dom told him he was looking but couldn’t find anything interesting. While they were drinking coffee, the mother suggested that they come and have Christmas at the house. Dom replied that it would be good and that they would think about it. The mother insisted and said she was glad to see her daughter.
Two hours later Dom and the young cow made their way home. After a few kilometers she took off her dress and she noticed a task on her buttocks. All the way she wondered if her parents had seen her. She asked her Dom if he had seen anything and he told her that it didn’t matter because it was docile and slutty that he wanted her.
When she came home she put her dress back on without putting on the buttons. She passed a neighbor who was intrigued by the vulgar outfit of the young cow who did not dare meet this questioning gaze. Arriving in the apartment she took off her dress, took off her shoes and waited for her Dom’s wishes.
During the days, weeks and months of the end of 2001, the physical and psychological training of the docile Amélie continued slowly but surely. Sexually she had accepted the desires of her Dom (the sodomy and the daily blowjobs as well as the humiliating sessions where she had to shit in the bathtub). With the diet, her body and her mind had adapted well to these new practices (she had lost eight kilos). The end of the year was approaching, and a surprise awaited the young Amélie.

The Christmas

She was looking forward to the end of the year because this time she could be on vacation for the last week of December and she could spend Christmas with her parents and enjoy her Dom all day during the week. She had found the presents for her parents (a book for her mother and a craft tool for her father) and now she had to find for her Dom. She found him a chic shirt that he could wear on New Years Eve. She wondered what her Dom was going to offer her.
For Christmas Eve her Dom bought her a rather short cream-colored chunky-knit wool sweater dress, a matching beanie and a pair of high-heeled caramel-colored suede ankle boots. She thought it looked like a prostitute but her Dom told her that he found her very attractive and that it showed off her ass and that you could tell her nipples through the dress. On December 24, the time to prepare had arrived. The docile Amélie prepared herself. After the shower she switched to makeup. Her Dom wanted her to be just enough defiant then she got dressed, the dress, the shoes and the hat. No underwear, she had trained to deal without t. They left around 7 p.m. to arrive 40 minutes later at the parents’ house.
It was cold outside. They walked for a few minutes to reach the parents’ house. The young cow’s nipples were starting to harden and she could feel the cold covering her shaved pussy. As they walked, Dom pinched her nipples hardened by the cold then he felt her rump telling her that she was horny dressed like that and that he wanted to cover her. The young Amélie cow found herself overcome by contradictory feelings, she felt flattered and at the same time she felt ashamed to show herself like that in front of her parents. They arrived in front of the parents’ house.
Dom told the young cow to stand up straight in front of the door, legs slightly apart and hands behind her back. This allowed to guess that she was not wearing underwear and made the tips of her breasts stand up. Then he rang the bell insistently. When the mother opened the door, she was surprised to find her daughter in this outfit that she found vulgar. She told them to come in and asked her daughter if she wasn’t cold dressed like that. The young cow answered no because the dress is made of wool and it keeps you warm. After the usual greetings and hugs, they settled down warm around a glass of champagne.
The mother said that she found her daughter changed, that she had become a woman. Young Amélie replied that it was with the advice of her Dom that had transformed her. She also told him that she saw that she had lost weight and that it was fine on her. She replied that she had lost 8 kilos and that it was also with the advice of her Dom. Father and Dom were quietly listening to the conversation. The father remarked that he found his outfit a little too daring but Dom replied that it was a party outfit for Christmas or for the New Year and that he found her very attractive like that. The father continued and asked about his daughter’s job and asked Dom if he had found a job. Dom replied that he was considering getting into computers and mail order sales. The father seemed interested in this choice which was to have a future and he encouraged him to continue in this direction.
Then it was time for the meal. As a starter, snails, then a stuffed turkey then a little cheese and to finish a Yule log for dessert. At 11:00 p.m., you shouldn’t miss midnight mass because the mother was very keen on this celebration. To make a good impression Dom accompanied the family to the village mass. He was able to admire his work on the transformation of his toy on the short trip. After mass it was the distribution of gifts. A book for mum, a craft tool for dad, a shirt for Dom, a porcelain toilet paper holder (cow figurine) and two envelopes for the maid Amélie. The first envelope a small check from her daddy and the second envelope with a note on which was written: ‘the gifts await my toy on the way home and in the apartment’ signed “your Dom”. The young cow looked at her Dom with a questioning air, he answered her with a serene smile.
After a last piece of Christmas log, a coffee and a little alcohol Dom and his young cow left her parents. The mother warmly took her daughter in her arms. She knew now that she was not wearing any underwear but that didn’t matter as she saw her daughter as a woman now. On the way home Dom told her that she had looked perfect because she had impressed her parents …
After about twenty kilometers he stopped the car in a path and told his toy that it was the moment of his first gift. He tells her to roll up her dress, take her breasts out of her dress and get on the hood of the car, spreading her thighs. He said to her: I am going to show you now in the middle of nature on the hood of the car and it will be your first gift because I am going to cum in her pussy and I hope you will enjoy this unique moment. She settled on the hood and waited for her Dom’s member to insert into her juicy cunt with the desire to be penetrated. When the member was well at the bottom of the slobbering hole she had to suck and pump Dom’s cock as she knew how to do with her anus.
While she was busy extracting the semen from the cock of his Dom, he kneaded her breasts and excessively stretched the nipples of her toy. The reward took a long time to arrive and despite the intense pain in her breasts she took advantage and felt the hot juice from her Dom’s cock invade her pussy. As soon as the ejaculation was over, his Dom withdrew from the cunt of his toy and told her to stay a few minutes without moving on the hood, keeping her legs in the air. He took a lamp from the car and came back to shine it on her young cow’s cnt, breasts and face. She seemed both happy and ashamed. Her Dom told her that he liked to see her like that half object and half animal and added that he had enjoyed covering her like a bull would have done with a good young cow. She would have liked him to kiss her but no matter what he had come in her stomach. And most importantly, her Dom was happy.
She put her dress back on, wiped her crotch, licked his hand, and got into the car. They returned without a word. Arriving at the apartment she expected a special requirement from her Dom, but none of that. Arrived in the apartment, she undressed and waited for instructions from her Dom. She thought of the gift as it was written on the card. The Dom returned with a package the size of a shoebox. ‘Here is your gift.’ She asked if she could open it. ‘Of course, this is to finish what we started earlier on the way back.’ She didn’t quite understand what that meant and she opened the present.

The Present.

On the box there was a picture of a dog and she could read “Pet Elevage. Accessory for dog”. She thought she would find a necklace or something similar but when she opened the box she found a vial of the product, several syringes and several plastic tubes. She asked what it was going to be used for and her Dom answered her: “It’s to inseminate you. Earlier my cock entered your pussy but it was the last time. With that, I’m going to inseminate you. like an animal and we both know this week is your ovulation period. So we’re going to use this material to impregnate you, I hope you enjoy that? ”
Again she was torn between the pleasure (having a child with her Dom) and the humiliation of the situation she had to accept. She begged her Dom to do otherwise but she knew deep down that it was no use. He told her that if she wanted a child it was like that. It was time to go to bed. She took the box and put it next to her in the bedroom. They fell asleep without a word. The young cow, overcomed by fatigue, fell asleep.
The next morning Dom woke his docile young cow Amélie, who was still sleeping, around 10 am to prepare breakfast. She brought breakfast and started the morning blowjob. After a few minutes her Dom pushed her away and told her to masturbate while standing in front of him while he drank the coffee in bed. Her Dom also told her that he wanted to see her cum. Surprised, she began to fondle herself in a hurry to achieve enjoyment. Dom was enjoying the spectacle of his animal which gave itself a spectacle invaded by pleasure. Her legs trembling, her stomach agitated with spasms, she gave a jerky gasp. She had enjoyed! Then she poured coffee again for her Dom who, while flattering his rump, told him to sit on the edge of the bed and have a coffee. While she was drinking her coffee, her Dom stroked her oozing slit. He spread the fluids of pleasure (a mixture of love juice and mucus from the cervix) on the face of the young Amelia cow. Then she finished her coffee and took care of the household chores while her Dom went to take a shower.
After the midday meal, the young obedient Amélie had to go up on the table for a new masturbation session. Kneeling on the table she was again allowed to enjoy but this time, her Dom had fun with the tips of her breasts. He pinched these delicate pieces of flesh between his fingers and his hands. She had a hard time reaching orgasm because every time she approached the goal, her Dom stepped up the pressure to increase the pain in her chest. But after 30 minutes the pleasure won out over the pain and again she was overcome with liberating spasms. Her Dom congratulated her and stroked her pussy again to collect and smear the gooey substance which again dried on her face. In the afternoon she dressed as the day before and they took a walk in the small town.
The young cow was happy to be walking with her Dom but she was ashamed to show her face soiled by the whitish traces of her orgasm. They walked along the town’s pond and took a short break on a bench. They returned after 2 hours. In the apartment Dom asked the good Amélie if she had enjoyed this day. She said she had enjoyed the walk and enjoyed feeling the pleasure of her orgasms but she was feeling a little tired. He replied that she had been perfect and that tonight she could rest.
She made a different meal for her Dom and for herself. For the good amélie it was a vegetable diet, salad with fish in court bouillon followed by yogurt. For the drink, it is 2 liters of water per day. After the meal she cleared the table and her Dom told her to go get the insemination kit. Then she performed a fellatio that she ended with a masturbation to collect the semen of his Dom in the tube provided. Then she lay down on the table with her thighs wide open. His Dom transferred the lukewarm juice into the syringe and said to his thing: ‘now I’m going to inseminate you like we would a bitch, keep your thighs wide open and up’. She felt the lukewarm syringe sink into her pussy and slowly he released the cum deep in the hole.
-There you go, your first artificial insemination is finished from now on, it will be the only way I will use to impregnate you. My cock will only visit your mouth, your ass and maybe one day your urethra. Tomorrow and for 3 days it will be the same program as today. Masturbation, walk and insemination before your well-deserved rest. For now, keep your legs in the air while you suck my cock to clean it.
She laid down for 30 minutes and she was able to go to bed.

The Insemination

The program to impregnate the young and docile Amélie who will become Dom’s future dog continued as planned: Wednesday December 25, Thursday 26 and Friday 27, masturbation in the morning upon waking and at noon to increase her rate of fertility hormones and then, walk to the lake and in the evening after harvest, artificial insemination by injection of sperm with a sterile syringe. During the Friday night injection Dom told her that the program for her insemination was over and that now her body will choose.
On Saturday they reserved a table in a restaurant for New Years Eve. Previously the face of the good amelie had been covered with her vaginal secretions produced during the two daily orgasms and for make-up on her eyebrows and on her lips, the sperm of her Dom. The evening before going to bed she was still entitled to the masturbation session on her knees with the work of the breasts and nipples while she sucked the cock of her Dom. The enjoyment of orgasms allowed her to endure the pain on her breasts and now she was impatiently awaiting the result of her insemination.
Sunday took place like Saturday, ie masturbation, fellatio followed by make-up with sperm and a walk on the lake. On Monday December 31st, the morning unfolded like the other days and after the walk to the lake, it was the preparations to celebrate the New Year. The good Amélie was dressed as for Christmas Eve but this time the makeup was almost finished … After a quick fellatio she was able to add a layer of semen on her lips, on her eyelids, on her eyebrows and spread one little on his cheeks. Her face resembled that of a poorly made up geisha but her Dom told her that he found it very original and that this whitish color matched that of her milky skin.
Around 8 pm they took the direction of the lake. The young and docile Amélie asked: ‘why?’ The Dom told her that they were going to take a little walk before going to eat. They made a little stop on a bench and Dom said that before going to eat she was going to masturbate and give him a little blowjob. She crouched down in front of her Dom sat on the bench then fondled her pussy while she sucked her Dom’s cock. In the half-light she was not afraid of being observed and as she suffered no torments on the breasts, she took advantage of the enjoyment and sucked the member diligently. During oral sex and before ejaculation, Dom told his toy to keep all the cum in her mouth without swallowing it and that she could pour it into a glass when he was in the restaurant which was only 2 minute walk.
These 2 minutes were quite long for her because she was careful not to swallow the sperm. Entering the restaurant, the docile Amélie saw the questioning gaze of the receptionist (was it her special makeup or her outfit) but she couldn’t say anything at the risk of swallowing or spilling the sperm out of her. mouth. Dom said they booked on behalf of S …. by 9.15pm. They sat down at the table reserved for them and the docile Amélie was able to pour her Dom’s juice into a glass. Her Dom told her she could drink it at the end of the meal. During the meal, she felt the questioning glances of the other customers who aimed at her. At one point, the waiter asked if she had finished the glass where the sperm was in so she could get rid of it. She replied rather embarrassed that she hadn’t finished yet. The waiter put the glass down but seeing the exchange of knowing smiles he had with his Dom, she felt feverish and very embarrassed. They continued the meal and when the time of the new year came they toasted the new year and the success of its fertilization, with a glass of champagne for Dom and a glass of spunk for the docile Amélie.
Around 1 a.m. they returned to the apartment. His Dom said he had enjoyed this evening and that they would go back to this restaurant because he had seen the waiter’s voyeuristic and accomplice side. The docile Amélie said that she was embarrassed to meet the questioning looks that observed her but that she wanted to please her man because she knew that this is what he expected from her. She wanted to remove makeup so to speak, but her Dom told her that she would do that tomorrow because now she had to go to bed to rest. The next morning no masturbation but a fellatio before breakfast to garnish the rusk she ate. Then she took a shower and resumed household chores. In the afternoon they go for a walk around the city. The evening was quiet. Preparation of the meal and before sleeping his Dom told her while palpating her body that he wanted her to be pregnant because her breasts would increase in size and the hormones would increase her desire for sex.
She fell asleep hoping to get pregnant. The next day she returned to work. In the days that followed, his Dom was a little less demanding. Just 1 or 2 blowjobs with sometimes the intense massage of her breasts with stretching of the nipples. All this while waiting for the result. is the blood going to flow between her thighs like every month and will the urine test be positive …

To the Part 4…

The previous Parts: Part 1, Part 2

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    They want it to exist as an object that really has no any importance to anything at all. Some think it as just plain odd to allow these kinds of things to occur alas they do anyway even when you dont want it to but thats just the way it is.

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