Master Serpent and Angel wedding

Master Serpent. The Light side of the force.

“Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter.”
Master Yoda

“Watch out for things that go too well.”
Jango Fett

“Ty Maďary neznáš…”
Sapér Vodička

Zoltán Kőrösi aka Master Serpent was the famous founder of the legendary Torture Galaxy, one of the greatest porn projects in the BDSM world. He passed away on July 27, 2020, after 8 weeks of struggling with pancreatic cancer. He was the idol and inspirer of the worldwide BDSM community, the man most of us have envied. I did my best to publish an article about him on 2 years anniversary of his death. But I failed to meet the deadline because of some troubles with contacting interviewees. So I publish it now, on Halloween, the Day of all souls.
The purpose of this article is not only to honor the memory of Master Serpent but to try to discover some truth about this ambiguous person. Rita and Angel, his wives, kindly agreed to answer my questions.
The article is divided into two parts: the Light with Angel’s (current) and the Dark one with Rita’s answers. If you will read both, you will understand – why. The second part will be published in next few days.
I also have to beg your pardon for the bad quality of the photos. I couldn’t bother Rita and Angel with “hey, reshoot that photo again in better quality”. Their agreement to share pics was enough to act of kindness. And I’m too weak in photo retouching.

I will not place here real names or any contact with models. I also encourage you to avoid stalking and harassing porn models and their closest people. I also beg your pardon for possible grammar and style issues, because English is not my first language either for my interviewees or for me. That’s all about the foreplay, let’s go with the main dish.

Zoltán Kőrösi was born on May 17, 1965, in Hungary, his mother is half Russian and half Hungarian, and his father is Hungarian. He was a beautiful tall man, 202 cm. He went to medical school, but he didn’t graduate. After that, he studied as a programming mathematician and claimed that got a diploma.

MB. How did you meet Master Serpent?
A. We met on a dating site. I didn’t know what he did at the time. We were both married back then. I lived with my husband, Zoltan was alone, but Rita was still his wife. At our first meeting, he showed me the studio on Király street. I was so surprised by this! At first, I looked to see how I could get out of it.
So, at the start of the first session, he blindfolded me and I immediately received the first big needles in my breast. I’m masochistic and submissive, and I’ve been interested in that for years. I was so excited by the feel of the needles that I asked him to take the cloth off my eyes and untie me from the rack, so I could see in the mirror what he had done to me. It was love at first sight. So I didn’t get into this story as a model. In an addition to providing many orgasms, he subjected me to very active torture, with which he completely enchanted me. The first film with me was completed after a few months. After that, we only played together, without recording. A few years passed before we moved into an apartment together. It was a very stormy love affair. We played everywhere, not just in the studio. In a restaurant, on the street, on vacation, while traveling, everywhere. Then we got married, and our little boy was born. We were married for 10 years, then he got this terrible disease.

Master Serpent at his wedding

Master Serpent at his wedding

MB. Could you also tell the TG studio story?
A. With Rita, his first wife, he began to activity in BDSM as a sadistic master. There was no internet at that time, so he looked for extra partners through newspaper ads. That’s how he met the members of Kinkycore (it was named “orchidX” at that time) and made lifelong friendships with them.
As soon as the Internet became available in Hungary, Zoltán created his first website. He uploaded their own photos at that time, and the number of materials and photos increased with the search for new models.
There were two studios, as you can see in the movies. In the center of Budapest, close to each other. The first studio was actually just a studio, the one with black furniture. Work was going on there for more than 10 years, but Zoltán outgrew it. The red and black studio at Király str. 19 was ready when we met. It was located in a large civilian apartment on the third floor of a 200-year-old historical building originally built by a manufacturer. Up to this day, I still don’t understand how tolerant the residents of the house were! The apartment was not soundproofed and film shoots were also held there for more than 10 years. The neighbors never said anything about the noises.
During this time, a lot of models visited there. But there were several people who came to film at Zoltán’s for ten years. Let’s call them the core models: Rita, Hilde, Judge, Anita, and Bianca.
In the spring of this year, I sold the studio furniture, because Zoltán was the soul of it all. I couldn’t imagine that anyone else could continue this work in the space he created for himself. I also sold the big apartment where the furniture was housed.
The models all worked somewhere during the day and usually came to the studio every 3 weeks for shooting. A film shoot usually lasted 3-4 hours. Of this, 1 hour was the torture itself, the rest was the friendly conversation before or after. That’s why they got paid, per film, even if the film was interrupted or didn’t materialize for some reason. Before each film, Zoltán thought a lot about the script, designed and manufactured a lot of tools for his own ideas. He worked for hours in the studio to realize his ideas.

MB. Had any model gotten some pleasure from the cruel tortures?
A. Every single torture, as you can see in the movies, ended with an orgasm. The vibrator and Zoltán manually took care of equalizing the pain. That was very important. No one could ever leave without enjoying themselves.

MB. Who is the current owner of TG videos and pictures legacy, after Master Serpent has tragically passed? Why were TG sites closed?
A. I and my little son are the legal heirs. Unfortunately, I could not operate the websites due to the very long, one-and-a-half-year probate process. Zoltán had a contract with the paying company, not me. Zoltán’s death came so suddenly that there was simply no time to sort it out, as he was in a very bad condition and suffered a lot.
Of course, I have all the movies, on cassettes and digital cards. I still don’t know what to do with this terrible amount of film. Since our marriage, our life was a 24/7 relationship, completely different from an average marriage due to the strict subordinate and power exchange relationship. I was left with a very big gap. My son and I were very alone before the beginning of a new life that we did not choose for ourselves.

MB. Did people ever recognize Master Zoltán or models on the streets?
A. Hungarian subscribers and members were banned from the site for many years. This is for our own safety and the safety of the models. Zoltán didn’t want anyone to find models and harass them. In the many letters of interest received on the website, some people came up with very insane ideas, these people were immediately banned from there. They sent a letter to Zoltán telling him what they thought he should do with which model. Almost without exception, these would have caused permanent injuries. They wanted mutilations, amputations, abortions, and the girls’ data and contact information. In Hungary, the BDSM community is quite closed. We were never recognized on the street, so that was no problem. There was no hint of this in our everyday clothing.

MB. Did annoying fans ever stalk models?
A. Many people came to the news of Zoltán’s death, most of them expressing condolences with good intentions.
There were a few fanatical fans who still managed to get a few models, despite all security measures, but only by mail. This did not bring result in a live meeting.
And there is also a layer of criminals, bad people who want my possessions, values, and films. I shut myself down for a year because of this. In several cases, the police helped to remove these people from my environment. This was a difficult time for us. Now, even after 2 years, I am cautious.

MB. What kind of man is Master Serpent?
A. Zoltán was an outstandingly intelligent and very creative man. He was well-read, knowledgeable about world affairs, and had an inquisitive and active personality. He liked comfort, good food, and drinks. We traveled a lot with him, but always only for 4-5 days at most because we had to deal with the work on the websites a lot.
Zoltán was a very generous and helpful person. He regularly provided financial and human assistance when someone was struggling with problems. Friendships were formed with the models. I still keep in touch with many of them through the Internet.

MB. How it is to be the wife of such a man?
A. Partly, we lived like a completely average family. We moved to the countryside and lived in prosperity next to a forest from the money the movies brought. It was a good life. Zoltán went to Budapest twice in one week to make a film, he was at home with us for 5 days. We went on a lot of trips and traveled. Since I am a maximally submissive woman, it was not a problem for me to be surrounded by so many models. At home, Zoltán was always the boss and he made decisions in everything. Our environment did not know what we do for a living, and how we earn money, and Zoltán devoted a lot of energy to this.

MB. Can you share some memories?
A. In our lives, BDSM was not a spice or an extra element, we lived in it, and we lived from it. It is very difficult to have such a relationship for so many years. It is mentally difficult and there is a lot of responsibility toward the other person. If I had the means or the opportunity, I wouldn’t want to do it any other way. It was nice and well rounded, the two of us complemented each other perfectly. A masochist and a sadist. Despite the many difficulties and spiritual struggles, I cherish and keep only the beautiful memories. I will never forget this special person and his very unique and unconventional life. I can call myself lucky that he gave me almost 15 years of his life.

MB. I have to express my deep gratitude to Angel for her answers.

So, my dear kinky boys and girls, here we finish the first part. I leave all the conclusions in your hands. The second one will be published in a few next days. I hope.

Sincerely yours,