Interview with Vanda, the Anal Star

Hello, my dear perverts! Today we have a short interview with Vanda. Those, who can’t read and think because of spermotoxicosis can jerk on the ⇓gallery below⇓ right now. But the true gourmet will read the text with interest, even despite blue balls.

Vanda (aka V_A_N_D_A) is one of my loveliest models. The first time I saw her in “Vanda&Sasha” video. And she was so hot! Actually, Vanda has an awesome slim body, the sexiest face, an elastic anus, a profound throat, and charming voice. And she is the sexiest cigarette smoker! Now she is mostly a solo model. Her site is (it’s a really perfect world!). There you can find a bunch of links to her web resources. She also keeps Twitter (@VANDA99076002), where you may find announcements and sometimes her off-porn photos. Subscribe to her to stay informed. I also have to notice, that a lot of Vanda’s photos are real art of photography, especially black&white. Composition, focus, colors – everything is good. She really is a multifaceted personality. So, I asked her a few questions, and she has kindly agreed to answer.

Q. When did you first get an interest in the porn world? What attracted you?
A. As soon as I discovered the Internet. (1999). Or the Internet discovered me.

Q. Why did you choose anal insertions as the main topic?
A. Anal like a desert, but not the main meal. I think in virtual reality, in an intimate fantasy world, or just for fun many people, including me, prefer to go straight to the desert.

Q. You are a well-known anal insertion and deepthroat star. But now we see less your deepthroat vids. Why?
A. Believe it or not, but after I’ve got a few teeth implants I’ve lost the ability to swallow a dildo. Seems it was a limited-time skill.
I still can take a real penis all the way in my mouth with pleasure and even tickle balls with my tongue while …

Q. What do you personally prefer to see in porn (if you watch it), and what turns you on in your personal life?
A. Who doesn’t watch porn?! Recently I’ve become a fan of Japanese lesbian foot fetish vids. Yes, I do have some sexual bugs about my legs and feet, and it affects my dress-daily style and my webcam activity as well.

Q. What are some of your turn-offs – both in porn and personal life?
A. Ultimate turn-off, instant passion death is when he starts to mention another woman (in a sexual context).

Q. What makes a hot porn scene in your opinion?
A. Emotions in eyes, and facial expressions even if the face is hidden.

Q. Why did you choose a solo career?
A. I am not working on my vids/pics. I even don’t edit them. I just turn on my camera (web or on phone) and stream/record. I do it randomly, with no schedule, just when I want and when it is comfortable for me. About 10 years ago I tried myself as a real porn model and I didn’t like it as much as I like spontaneous action.

Q. Nowadays a lot of models practice anal fisting. Much more than in 2000th. Why do you think that is?
A. In the 2000th the majority XXX portals were registered in the USA, performing fisting there was and is a violation of the law. Personally was banned for mouth fisting on iFriends (a popular webcam site in 2000th). Now people can use Canadian or European platforms to share vids with any fisting without any troubles.

Q. What advice can you give to nubies in anal and deepthroat?
A. Don’t listen to any advice. Just make sure it is safe and do as you like.

Q. Do you keep a large toy in your ass while you are sleeping? Maybe any life hacks to hold your ass ready all the time?
A. There is time to keep an ass ready and time to let it rest.

Q. Thanks a lot for your time. Maybe anything else you’d like to tell our visitors?
A. Thank you for your attention to my alter-porn-ego. Please, take good care of your-sexy-self.

And now you may enjoy Vanda’s gallery here. But don’t forget Twitter (@VANDA99076002) and, where you can find fresh Vanda’s videos and support her.

  • Ron says:

    It´s great when a beautiful woman can use her anus like a second pussy.

    • meatbarn says:

      As for me, a woman should use the anus as her first pussy. And the real vagina is just for childbirth. Or for some bizarre insertions.
      But I love Vanda not for her skill only. She has a perfect body, a sexy face, and a voice! Oh, did you hear her voice? OMG!

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