Purple Vayda. Enigma slave.

Purple Vayda mouth soaping

You! Illiterate, can’t read, and came here just to jerk? ⇓Go to the videos below.⇓ But it’s never too late to get some reading practice.

I found Purple Vayda’s clips on Xvideos about 2 years ago. And I have to say, that these vids are hot! Everything I like is performed by a girl with shapes I like. Her butt, small, but round as an apple, her tiny tits, and skinny body are very attractive for me. And her face, you know… I prefer loooooong biiiiiiiig noses, as Rita has. But there is something special in PV’s face. Maybe my libido is still under the impact of “Secretary”, one of the hottest conventional movies, and young Maggie Gyllenhaal starring there. (If you for some reason haven’t seen it yet, you have to. It’s really cool, not like “50 shades” shit.)
But what about the action Purple Vayda does? As her Denmark slut colleague PervyPixie, Purple Vayda is perfect in piss drinking and deepthroat. But she also performs as a human ashtray. It’s a rare practice, especially in our healthy-bullshit-lifestyle times. And she shot a lot of chastity belt videos. And diapers. I don’t like diapers, but PV and her Master made real good content, that accents not on the diaper itself, but on the humiliation of diapered slave. And they practice even brainwashing! And mouth soaping! I love mouth soaping so much!
Now she mostly performs in webcam solo. But her older videos are still accessible.
PV keeps Twitter @PurpleVayda, but it’s a lil bit boring because it mostly bombs you with automatic “I sold a video again!” tweets. She also performs on purplevayda.cammodels.com, onlyfans.com/purplevayda, and stars.avn.com/PURPLEVAYDA. There you may watch PV shows and tip her. She claims that she is online daily.
But the most interesting is her FetLife account. There you can find something deeper than “Let me show you tits and butt” and “I sold a video again”. There you will see her writings. There are just 8 posts. But reading them you will find that she isn’t just a slave doll for fuck, but also a sensitive person with feelings and desires. There is one “but”, a little mystery for me. But I will tell you about it after the short interview I got from PV.

Q. How long are you into BDSM?
A. For 5 years

Q. Can you explain your nickname? It’s pretty unusual.
A. Purple is my favorite color. So I guess I just picked it. I’m very simple And terrible with writing.

Q. How did you come to BDSM, to submissiveness. What is your story?
A. My Master introduced me and got me hooked real quick

Q. Do you practice lifestyle BDSM or do you just play?
A. Yes in real life I practiced it.

Q. Some of your videos contain “brainwashing” scenes. Can you tell us about brainwashing, about the effectiveness of this practice?
A. I did this with my hypnosis a few times, and yes it is very scary sometimes how much you will do under.

Q. I also saw a mouth-soaping scene. It’s a very rare practice to watch. Was it just a show, or you sometimes are punished this way?
A. It’s a punishment but was also a request to video.

Q. Was the piss drinking and human ashtray your or your Master’s idea?
A. Both, my and his.

Q. What are your favorite toys?
A. Anything anal and mask

Q. Do you shoot custom videos?
A. Yes, when I am in the mood to do it.

Q. Maybe you can give any advice to those novices who want a lifestyle BDSM relationship?
A. Trust. Trust your partner or it will not work.

Q. Sometimes you say, that you may stop your shows any time. Why? Is video shooting a traumatic experience?
A. Depending on my mental capacity of what I can handle at a time.

Q. Your body is in perfect condition. No fat, all shapes are clear-cut. Do you do any exercises?
A. Actually no. I’m not fit as in I don’t exercise but camming helps me stay fit

Q. You wrote here in your FetLife blog, that you were permanently plugged.
A. Yes I was plugged for 2 years for half the day. Master had this as a requirement.

Q. You also used to wear a chastity belt permanently. Am I right?
A. I wore my chastity belt until I no longer fit in it.

Q. Did the constant plugging and chastity belt increase your libido?
A. Oh, most definitely it did! I would rub the chastity belt against myself.

Q. Did you try prolonged pussy denial, an anal-only lifestyle with your Master?
A. We did this for quite some time however I do not know the total amount of time.

Q. Your blog posts on FetLife are pretty good! Passionate, emotional. Your posts show you as a very sensitive person. Why did you stop writing?
A. Those were inspired moments of writing which are very short time periods but thank you.

Q. Do you have a hobby?
A. Music, singing

Q. What are your favorite books and movies?
A. Comedy and drama and love stories

Q. What are your plans for the future?
A. Not sure yet

As Shakespeare said, “brevity is the soul of wit”.

And now let’s “revenons à nos moutons”. To “but”, to the enigma. If you will read Vayda’s writings you will see good grammar, pretty good style, well-done sentences, and passion. But here in the interview, you may see brief undetailed answers, that are shorter than my questions. What causes such a contrast? Maybe, I’m a shithead she didn’t like to talk with me? Maybe. Maybe she was busy for 2 days and had about 5 minutes to answer me? Maybe. Maybe she got the flu and was sick and tired? Maybe. But why didn’t she say it to me? It’s much easier to say “Leave now and never come back!”, or “I’m tired”, or “I’m busy” than answer a waterfall of questions.
But maybe we have to deal with something resembling Delia Day’s story? Maybe someone will solve this puzzle for me?

PS. PV says that her answers are so brief because I ask too many questions at a time. OK. Maybe I’m a hasty dickhead. And maybe this post will be updated. Because Purple Vayda is too hot to leave her alone so easy.

Anyway, you came here to polish your shafts and shine your peas! So, enjoy a few Purple Vayda masterpieces!