The Queen and her live potties. An interview with Natalia Kapretti.

Natalia Kapretti

As usual, those dumb wankers who can’t wait, may ⇓click here and watch the gallery below⇓. But, remember, those who don’t read, grow stupid.

I love Twitter because it’s the biggest and most famous social network that allows porn. Yes, there is some political censorship and so on. But there are no other big social media that contains almost everything a kinkster needs. And in the great abyss of Twitter or I found her! Meet the Mistress Natalia Kapretti.
Myself, I don’t like playing with shit very much. But it doesn’t matter when one sees what Misstress does to her slaves. And she has a big harem of them, male and female! Her husband, Kat, Sasha, pregnant Maya, a few nameless men, a few nameless girls, and at least one 75-year-old granny! I’ve lost count. Hey, dominant macho-stallions! Can you beat Natalia’s numbers?
Natalia loves and shows the right things: fisting, lezdom, scat, and urine play. She also dominates males. Yep. It’s not my own way, but as a connoisseur, I’m amazed at how she does it. The essential pleasure will receive those who understand Russian. Mistress Natalia knows a lot about dirty talking.
Natalia keeps a big bunch of platforms where she publishes her works. First of all, her Twitter @NataliaKaprett1. She has also a website, but it looks quite unready. However, don’t worry. There are also:,,, And all links are collected here:
Misstress Kapretti graciously agreed to answer a few questions for me. And for you. Here the conversation is.

Q. How long are you into scat and other toilet activities?
A. I have been practicing BDSM for 10 years. Of these, I have been practicing toilet theme for 7 years.

Q. How did you get into the scat genre? What is your story?
A. Initially, I practiced scat only with men, using toilet slaves as a toilet, training slaves to love and eat shit.
At some point, it occurred to me, and it was a moment of excitement, and why don’t I piss in my slave girl’s mouth. I became interested in her complete belonging to me, possession of her body and consciousness )).
So for the first time, I used her as a urinal and began to teach her to copro during sex.

Q. You have a harem of girls. How many girls and male slaves do you have? Where do you find them?
A. I don’t count how many male and female slaves I have at the moment. I get to know girls mostly on regular dating sites.

Q. Do your girls like scat and other toilet games? We see them smiling while they chew shit. A person who doesn’t like toilet games will puke immediately. But they smile!
A. My girls like copro because I like it. They see my excitement, approval in my gaze, and a call to please their Mistress. Desire to be a dirty girl and pleasure from copro comes itself and strengthens and grows over time.

Q. My favorite in your harem is Sasha. Can you tell us more about her? Is she your lifestyle slave?
A. Oh, Sasha and I have known each other for more than three years. She was young and interested in everything in the world. She was a blank sheet, an open book, clean and ready for experiments, as I call her – depraved innocence)) And I embodied her fantasies, made her the one you see on the screen because I myself am quite depraved)). We lived together for a long time and she was my slave lifestyle

Q. Do you shoot custom material by request?
A. Yes, I make films to order. When time allows me, and of course, if the script fits

Q. How do you clean after scat sessions? Bath, maybe alcohol rubbing? How do you protect genitalia from infection with feces bacteria?
A. You know, there have never been any problems with cleanliness and smell. It is enough to wash in the shower or take a bath. Tar soap helps very well from the smell (I always keep it at home and give it to slaves after the scat session). Advice to men preparing for a scat session: do not use cologne and do not wash with shampoos and soap with a sweet smell)). They enhance the stink of shit but do not get rid of it. I hope my advice will be useful to you)).

Q. Do you have any advice for novices in scat?
A. A lot of men and women are attracted and scared of toilet theme at the same time. Always start with the fact that you like your partner, whether it’s Mistress or just a woman. Without mutual sympathy, it is unlikely to bring pleasure. And remember, shit is just overcooked food. If your partner’s health is pretty well, you are not in danger. A woman or your partner should not also eat fast food. Varied and healthy nutrition will make the taste of shit very attractive.

Q. Your scenes are mostly about excrement. Piss is rare, and I couldn’t find any vomit. It’s because you don’t like piss and vomit, or because most of your customers prefer shit?
A. I guess I’m just more into scat, but sometimes I practice vomiting. Since most of my slaves are fetishists of shit, that’s probably why I prefer games with shit. But I like watching my slave or slave girl bathe in vomit. The smell and slippery components are so exciting. I also really like games with urine, I just rarely make individual films. During the session with partners, we often use it, play, and drink pee, it is an integral part of dirty games)).

Q. What are your plans for the future?
A. I plan to continue making interesting and dirty films. I’m also currently looking for a masochist girl for hard practices. And of course, I want to expand my harem)).
I invite couples to get acquainted with copro and further development.

Q. Maybe you want to say anything else for our readers?
A. Yes, of course.
Don’t be afraid of your desires. Don’t be afraid to go beyond the limits, try new things. After all, copro is also sex, and like sex, it brings pleasure and variety.
Embrace you and wish you interesting acquaintances and loving partners.

P.S.: No matter how strict the Mistress is at the session, she always does it with love for you.
Your Natalia Kapretti

Nothing to add! Russian people have a perspicacious mind, as you can see from the Russian literature and even from this post.
Thank you, dear Misstress Natalia, for your unique work and for your answers!

And now, boys and girls, enjoy the humble, but hot video gallery! For more fun, you’d better click one of the links ⇑at the beginning of the post⇑.

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