Slave lassie’s story. Part 6. Day 2.

Real french slave chienne lassie handcuffed, tattoo on wrist

Hey, folks! Today we continue publishing the great Christmas gift from the honorable Lsdmaster! The sixth part of lassie’s story, told by her Master.
The 6th part is big enough and I divided it by “days of action”. I will publish them one by one. After that, I will concatenate all “days” into one post. I also will attach the coordinates of the locations mentioned here in the final post.
Please forgive me for the low publication frequency, but sometimes I have some ordinary job to do.

Now let’s continue with the story.

Previously on “The Real Slave lassie Story”:

  • July 1997 she graduates Bac pro SMS, May 2000 meets the Dom, and 9 months later, February 2001, is the end of Part 1.
  • 6 months later, September 2001, is the end of Part 2.
  • 3 months later, December 2001, insemination of the Lorraine cow. The end of Part 3.
  • September 12, 2002 Birth of “T.” The end of the 4th part.
  • July 2003. The end of the 5th part.
  • The second part of 2003. 6th part, day 1.



Around 7 am she got up to go pee. When she returned to bed, Dom kindly invited her to suck him and, of course, before receiving her reward, she recited the adoration phrase for her Dom and received the warm semen on her tongue stuck out well. Then she got up to prepare breakfast and take care of little T. An hour later Dom got up. He took a glass and told the good amélie to spit out the semen mixed with her saliva that she had lovingly kept in her mouth. She was entitled to have coffee with a slice of toast decorated with part of the contents of the glass.

When breakfast was over, Dom told his good fat cow to sit down and blindfolded her. He says to her, “Now, I am going to mark you and you will have to guess what I am going to write. Hold out your left arm, I’m going to start. And don’t move”. Dom prepared the material to tattoo his toy with his initial. The materials were simple: a needle and a vial of Indian ink. Dom began by tracing the outline with a pen and then began the tattoo on the top of the left wrist of his toy.

The good amélie tensed when she felt the first pricks. Dom reassured her by telling her that they were only small needle pricks. After an hour the outline was finished with a line 2 millimeters thick and an hour and a half later it was almost done. Dom asked her if she understood what he had written and she answered that she couldn’t find it. He said to her, “Concentrate and don’t relax, I’m going to repeat the outline.” He pricked in a new layer of Indian ink on the wrist. Then he repeated the question, and she said that it must have been a letter. He told her it was that but did she know what letter it was? He redid the outline again and she said, “I understood, my Dom. It’s D”. “It’s good, now this “D” will guide you in your life as your Dom whom you belong and who educates you.”, he answered. He took off the blindfold and she could contemplate the mark that will decorate the top of her left wrist for life.

“Do you like it?”, he said.
“Of course I like it! I’m yours, my Dom,” she replied.
“Perfect! In three weeks, I’ll go over a new layer of ink to finalize your marking.”

She didn’t like the term “marking” because it made her think of branded slaves but she wanted to please her darling Dom.

The bar

They got ready to go and do some shopping in the village of Vignelles-lès-Hatonchâtel, which was a 10-minute drive away. They bought bread, 2 steaks, and a few cold cuts at the butcher’s, then some vegetables. Dom says to amélie, “These aubergines and zucchini will be perfect to fill and dilate your asshole.” amélie blushed and looked around to see if anyone had heard what Dom had just said. She was reassured to see that there was no one nearby. Then they stopped at the corner bar in the main street and while the good amélie was taking care of the little T., Dom settled down at the bar counter and took the opportunity to buy 2 packs of cigarettes. When his good big cow entered, all the eyes of the regulars turned to the front door: the morning sun illuminated the entrance with its light, and anyone could easily guess that the woman who entered was not wearing any lingerie.

Dom was pleased with the entrance of his good fat amélie. He chose a table where he could see the customers sitting at the counter. They sat down at a table and Dom ordered a beer for himself and a soda for his good amélie. Then he told her to open the buttons on the front of her little flowered dress up to the height of her hairy pussy and ordered her to go to the toilet. Then he said to her in a low voice, “I want to see the effect that a shy, submissive, and slutty young mother like you can have on the drunkards at the counter”.

She complied and lowered her head, passing close to the two people who were sitting at the counter. Dom saw that his toy had caught the eye and prompted remarks and a few mocking smiles between the 2 guys at the counter. When she returned two minutes later, all eyes were on her again. She was an attraction of the day for the patrons of the bar. After they finished, always under the obliging gaze of the bartender and the customers, she had to go and pay the bill.

In the car, Dom says to amélie, “You did the right thing. You were perfect, very shy but perfectly submissive and very seductive, just the way I like it. Slutty and shy, you should have seen how they checked you out when you passed by them. You caused a sensation and I think they will remember this moment. There is not much entertainment like that in these small villages.” amélie answered that she had not been able to see all that her Dom had just described to her because she had lowered her head, ashamed to show herself like that. And she ended by saying that she was ready and always available for the desires of her Dom.


Back at the bungalow, she prepared the meal of the little T. and the meal of her Dom. She was fed by a plate of rice decorated with the zucchini that had been fermenting in her ass for almost a day and a tall glass of water, semen, and secretions. To make it easier for the zucchini to come out, Dom put his index finger in the rectum of his toy to open it with a circular motion. When the meal was over, she peeled the eggplant and prepared it the same way as the zucchini she had just eaten. She prepared the coffee for Dom and, while he drank the coffee, she got into the position of fellatio and polished with her tongue the glans and, at the same time, she sucked Dom’s cock with her mouth.

When the member was fully erect, Dom took half of the eggplant and inserted it with some difficulties into the anus of his big cow. Indeed the diameter was almost twice as big. But by insisting and with lubrication with the rest of the sperm and a little anal secretion, the piece of eggplant was swallowed. Then she “sucked” the dick of her Dom with her anus to extract the warm juice. Finally, Dom told her to lean forward to introduce the other piece of eggplant which was also difficult to introduce. Dom took the opportunity to tell her that her asshole still needed to be widened. He checked that everything was in place by inserting the middle finger of his right hand then he told her to go into the bedroom and lie face down on the bed until “T” finished his nap. Dom took the opportunity to blush the ass of his big fat cow with a dozen slaps on each buttock.

At the lakeside

When T.’s nap was over they got ready to go for another walk. The good amélie was still with her flowery dress unbuttoned to her pubis like in the morning and she took care of the little one while Dom walked in front. They headed south along the lake to reach the bird-watching point. Dom had chosen a quiet place. On the course, there were few walkers, which reassured good amélie because she didn’t want to be stared at and compared to a slut or a whore, as had happened to her in the morning.

Everything was quiet until they arrived at a small beach by the lake near the pond of Gérard Sart. A bunch of young people were having fun and partying enjoying the holidays. The good amélie heard the remarks of some who said among themselves: “Look, she is naked under her dress and you can also see her pussy”. They tried to pass near her to check that they could see the hairy little pussy of the good fat amélie. Dom called out to the young people, telling them to look elsewhere and take care of their own business. This stopped all the giggles and the comings and goings near the good amélie and the little one. The family continued their walk to the bird-watching point.

The place was totally quiet. The observation point was a small wooden construction where you could learn about the fauna and flora of the lake. They were alone and the interior was out of sight. Dom says to his toy, “You’re going to get naked and caress until you cum. Enjoy we’re alone because I’m not sure this is going to last. Get down on your knees and jerk off. I’ll check that you’re not faking…” While she was masturbating Dom walked near the observation point and returned a few minutes later. He saw her toy eyes closed and concentrated to achieve liberating enjoyment. Dom squatted down next to the good amélie and while he stuck his middle finger in her anus he told her to hurry up if she didn’t want to be taken for an exhibitionist slut. She concentrated again and again as she rubbed her clitoris and after three minutes Dom felt the contractions of the sphincters around his finger.

She had enjoyed and she collapsed face down. Dom turned her around and made her suck on the finger that came from her ass. Sitting her big cow hindquarters, Dom slapped her breasts and told her to get up and put her dress back on. T. started to show signs of impatience. He stirred in the stroller and began to raise his voice. Dom told amélie to take care of their son.

The way back began. With her dress unbuttoned, you could clearly see her hairy, drooling cunt and her reddened breasts. Dom walked ahead at a good distance and the good amélie followed painfully. After 300 meters shortly before arriving at the place where they found the group of young people, she wanted to button her dress. But Dom said to her, “You can put one button back but no more and you can choose the button…” He sneered because of course he knew that whatever button she will put young people could always get an eyeful.

When he passed by the young people he said to them,
“You can look but it’s all. You can say ‘hello’ to my son, and if you are attentive you could see the hairy and very juicy sex of the lady. And of course not a comment on her, look, that’s all. It’s clear?”.
“Ok, sir, we understood.”

He advanced fifty meters and waited to enjoy the show. When she approached the group, the group surrounded the mother and her son. One of the guys asked the good amélie if it was her son and how old he was. Meanwhile, the other boys and girls were playing voyeurs and took the opportunity to look at what Dom had proposed to them. The good amélie answered the boy and accelerated her steps, being red with shame. When she arrived near her Dom, he asked her why she had attracted the teenagers around her, and she answered that he had asked her the age of T. Dom said to her: “I think they also took the opportunity to get an eyeful with your outfit.” He laughed and headed back.

End of the day

Arrived at the bungalow, Dom told amélie that the walk had tired him and that he was going to drink a well-deserved beer. Then he told her to take care of T. and when she’s finished she’ll come practice sucking him off.

The day ended and before going to bed the good amélie had to pronounce the ritual phrase, “You are my Dom, you are my Master, you are the only one who knows what is good for me, I am all yours, I am your toy”.

Dom said to her: “Open your cunt by pulling on the inner lips and while you are going to suck me and caress your bud, I will fill it with mashed banana. This will be your dessert for tomorrow”. Dom slowly filled her pussy with the mashed banana until she managed to cum. Dom made amélie spit her sperm into a glass and put it in the fridge. Although her pussy was overflowing with yellow paste, the mixture of wet and banana, she lay down like that.

(End of day 2)

To be continued…

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