Master Serpent. The Dark side of the force.

Close photo of Zoltán Kőrösi aka Master Serpent

“If once you start down the Dark Path,
forever will it dominate your destiny. Consume you, it will…”

Master Yoda

“Nepovídal jsem ti to, že Maďary neznáš?”
Sapér Vodička

Zoltán Kőrösi aka Master Serpent is the famous founder of the legendary Torture Galaxy, one of the greatest porn projects in the BDSM world. He passed away on July 27, 2020, after 8 weeks of struggling with pancreatic cancer. He was the idol and inspirer of the worldwide BDSM community, the man most of us have envied. I did my best to publish an article about him on 2 years anniversary of his death. But I failed to meet the deadline because of some troubles with contacting respondents.
The purpose of this article is not only to honor the memory of Master Serpent but to try to discover some truth about this ambiguous person. Rita and Angel, his wives, kindly agreed to answer my questions.
The article is divided into two parts: the current Dark one with Rita’s and the Light with Angel’s answers. If you will read both, you will understand – why.
I also have to beg your pardon for the bad quality of the photos. I couldn’t bother Rita and Angel with “hey, reshoot that photo again in better quality”. Their agreement to share pics was enough to act of kindness.
I will not place here real names or any contact with models. I also encourage you to avoid stalking and harassing porn models and their closest people. I also beg your pardon for possible grammar and style issues, because English is not the native, neither for my interviewees nor for myself. That’s all about the foreplay, let’s go with the main dish.

Zoltán KÅ‘rösi was born on May 17, 1965, in Hungary, his mother is half Russian and half Hungarian, and his father is Hungarian. He was a beautiful tall man, 202 cm. He went to medical school, but he didn’t graduate. After that, he studied as a programming mathematician and claimed that got a diploma.

MB. Dear Rita, thank you for your goodwill to tell me and our auditory about Master Serpent.
R. I’m happy to answer your questions. This is the one thing I can do for myself after his death. My only freedom. If he was alive now, I wouldn’t have the courage to tell you. I would be afraid of him… Being afraid of your love is… terrible.
I didn’t want to pull the lid off him. But I spoke to you, for the first time in my life. There is an old Hungarian song saying, “I can’t tell anyone, so I’ll tell everyone”. Many of my friends said on his deathbed, “Rita, your real freedom has just come”. I didn’t feel it until now. Only pain.

MB. Can you tell us how did you meet Master Serpent?
R. I was girlfriend Zoltan’s friend. He was a man of exceptional intellect. But very often he used this intelligence for evil.
Rita ans Master Serpent wedding

MB. Can you comment on such an information vacuum around Master Zoltán?
R. Zoltán always lied, about everything, to everyone. Zoltán didn’t want them to know where he lived, with whom, or what he was doing. He didn’t give out any information, he didn’t even allow anyone to photograph him.

MB. Would you kindly tell us the Torture Galaxy story?
R. When Zoltán told me about his desire to make a living from BDSM a year after our wedding, there was no website at that time. So he decided to create it and put the pictures we took with a film camera on the Internet. I had to take the film to a photo shop.
During these times, if he was angry with me for some reason, he would punish me by sending me to pick up the developed pictures by myself here, in this pseudo-prudish/conservative country. Of course, at that time, all the employees of the store saw the unusual pictures, and I left the store every time devastated, humiliated, and in tears. I felt that this was not worthy behavior from Zoltán. There are things that I understood years later, but at that time I just acted. I was 28 years old…
At that time, the first website was created, which was called Torture Castle. I think some of you will remember…
Zoltán always talked about me being the only model. He didn’t mention the next step for two years. So when I nodded that we should do it, it was about the two of us…
We started making the original Torture Galaxy site in 1997. After that, Zoltán had no other job. I was the only model for two years. He swore that this was always his wish, and if I fulfilled it, he will love me, give me security and support me forever.
In fact, he tried everything on me: beating instruments, saline solution, breast hemming, piercing, anything. And he kept yelling, “I’ll support you!”
But when I wasn’t enough for him, he wanted to hire models. We didn’t discuss these in advance, he was my husband, and I trusted every his word.
Sometimes he figured out that women would trust a female advertiser more, and I had to get them. I vividly remember one day, it was the period of the small studio mentioned by Angel. I had to welcome 11 women and instill trust. All 11 women wanted to try the needle. Because I spoke skillfully.
Every step was a trauma for me in the future. If I mentioned that there was something that was hurting me, my soul, then he screamed, “You live from it too!”
Then he supported the models. He gave them a big salary, more and more money or other things. Models have to live somewhere, but at least they have to live well, and of course, they also have to have an orgasm, lipstick, clothes, a motorcycle, a hi-fi tower, clothes, shoes, a hairdresser, whatever.
We bought the studios, we didn’t have to pay rent.
We made a lot of money and much more than I knew. Many times more than I knew. He had a secret account, I found out about it at the farewell party I organized. Anyway, I felt that some people are picking on our pockets. They are not interested in BDSM but in money…privacy, and details. I don’t know if those feelings were right, sorry if I’m wrong.

MB. Had any model gotten some pleasure from the cruel tortures?
R. There are lies in the movies too… Almost every model did it for money. Zoltán paid a lot for the birth of films. Several models asked for an anesthetic injection before the thick needles… Not always, not in all cases, not everyone, but very often. Disappointing isn’t it? But to be the best, to not let anyone get away, he did.
I’m the big exception. He raised me up. I loved. I became a masochist, the queen of pain tolerance and pleasure. At least that’s the way I look at myself so that no one calls me a porn whore.
No one likes pain in itself. It’s a tool for greater orgasm. The main driver of my masochism is pride. And Zoltán’s pride.
Sometimes there was no agreement with me either. “You also live from this”, said Zoltán, and I had to do this. In this case, it didn’t start with an orgasm, but with pain. Well, it was a real pain and has nothing in common with SM sex.
And once he no longer considered me his wife and never came home. I realized later on that it’s not him who supports me, it’s me who supports him. It was my physical and mental pain, my blood…not his.

MB. Did you ever get any disease, inflammation, or infections from needles or nails? The studio wasn’t sterile.
R. We disinfected everything with medical disinfectant. And the injection needles were inherently sterile. Never had problems with that.

MB. What is about TG and TG2Club legacy?
R. Everything I worked for was his. He was my husband, my strength, my blood, my pain. The legacy, the glory has gone to Angel. She got everything with Zoltán’s death, even Zoltán’s parents’ inheritance. A lot of money.
In the beginning, the certain studio, Király Street was my property, but I didn’t even have a key even during marriage. Later Zoltán transferred the property to himself. But the utility services (electricity, gas, telephone, internet) remained in my name.
Zoltán sent me money every month for me to manage. They moved to Lake Balaton and didn’t do anything. He asked Angel to pay me the same during the probate process. But she didn’t pay. Until the case was closed, I had to pay for everything, including my own apartment and the studio utilities from my own little money. Otherwise, they would have foreclosed on me, the debt would have been charged to my own apartment.
I didn’t even have access to my own TG page, I don’t have my own pictures.
And I have been almost destitute for 15 years, working 12-16 hours for a small salary, and now too… Many people, like you, own my pictures and films. But now I can barely survive.

MB. Did annoying fans ever stalk models?
R. Please tell everyone not to look for the former models.
I disappeared from the site because he used my pictures and videos from the archive for 10 years and I didn’t get any money for them. But a lot of strange people found them, and Zoltán didn’t take care of me anymore. I asked him to remove my shootings.
Strange people found me, and I’m afraid. I have been afraid for many years since Zoltán left me.
Once upon a time, there was a story. 6-8 years ago.
I met a man on Zoltán also met Angel there, not on a dating site. I couldn’t go to any forum to avoid noticing them.
We corresponded for two years before I met him. That evening, at night, he took me to a place where they put something in the drink. The effect was that I was terribly sick, vomiting, vomiting until dawn, right there, in that place. When I got the strength to go home, the man walked me out.
And all hell broke loose.
For 40 minutes, he hit, cut, pulled me by the hair, spat in my mouth, and tore out my earrings. I told Zoltán, I told him the story, the person’s real name, and nick. And in the end, he said he couldn’t help. I also wanted to protect the other women on the site. If it had touched Zoltan, he could have killed that man. He left me in such a way that as long as I live, I will be afraid of who will find him.
I also want to ask TG fans never to pay for videos and photos with my participation. I don’t receive any royalty or other payout from it. All money will be received by other people, and I don’t want to make them richer through me.
I have never, ever given anyone permission, either verbally or in writing, to trade in my images. Only to Zoltán. To my husband. Neither his second wife, nor strangers, nor the videographer, nor the Kinkycore staff.

MB. What kind of man was Master Serpent?
R. I don’t want to hurt Zoltán, because I love him as long as I live. He was a charismatic being who also had many beauties.
He always used friends, buddies, or people he picked up on the internet. But most of all, the videographer was his eternal friend. The videographer was the boyfriend of Christine from KinkyCore. Zoltán also surrounded himself with strange people, for whom Zoltán was no more than a money bag.
There are 3 paintings (one more is somewhere) that a friend of mine made for Zoltán’s 40th birthday. We are in the pictures. I guess you see Zoltán too… He didn’t come home then, even though he was still my husband. And guess what… he did not accept the gift. That’s how pictures stayed with me. He said he would have been happier with an album (of course, because it is a book that is closed, no one can see it).

I believe Zoltán was a sociopath or a psychopath. After the divorce, I found articles on how to recognize them. Unfortunately, the articles were right. You know, power doesn’t equal evil. Absolutely not.
He never ever looked after me again. But he came to lunch every Sunday, even after the divorce. I realized that too late, this is also part of the evil. I couldn’t establish a relationship with anyone else: who can tolerate the ex coming every Sunday…
Zoltán loved no one, only himself and money. Nor Angel, he regretted marrying her, he regretted the child, because he never wanted him.
He spent his last day or two with an old mutual friend and their family, before hopefully going into surgery. And he didn’t want his family to be with him! Our friend got the doctor, he took Zoltán to the hospital. And the hospital also informed him that he had left…
Zoltán asked Angel to notify me if he dies. She did. It was a strange situation. I sobbed inarticulately, She didn’t.
But I love him forever. I informed his family that he died, and Angel didn’t even organize a farewell party.

MB. How it was to be his wife?
R. Zoltán was never satisfied with me. If I was skinny, I had to gain weight; if I gain weight, I became too fat for him. One day we went to the beach. After an hour, he packed up because he said he won’t accept that I’m the woman with the greatest cellulite. He won’t show that I’m with him.
I became anorexic from so much malice. It’s not a self-image disorder, it’s on a nervous basis. There was no video of me for a very long time because Zoltán said that I was very ugly and that the members of the website would be delusional about me. In the meantime, he was labeled a free-living person.
Here, too, I realized late that if they see me in that state, they will ask questions and people will realize that Zoltán has ruined me.
I weighed only 46 kg and with this 46 kg, I became ill with a fever. Then the wind of death touched me. I felt that I was nearing the end. He just yelled for me to eat. Well, that’s when I decided to divorce myself, I had to run for my life. Zoltán didn’t want to get divorced, because it suited him that he didn’t have to and couldn’t marry anyone else.
He lied a lot. He cheated on almost everyone. He went with models and acquaintances of friends and visited porn sites without my knowledge. He made himself a star, and wanted to show everyone who he was!
I just didn’t need it. No way. Not as a wife, not as a woman, not as a masochist. Ruined. Emotionally, and spiritually. My health deteriorated from grief. We bought the big studio. In the end, he already lived there, he didn’t go back home, and he was always busy with work.
He left me alone. There is nothing lonelier than an abandoned sub wife.
He took everything. Our income came only from the website. I didn’t have a job, I didn’t have a husband, and I didn’t have health. Destroyed. Angel was not the first person to whom he rented an apartment, bought a car, gold, or vacations. I knew nothing about this. However, this was a joint business, joint money.
I realized one fine day that Zoltán had foreseen the opportunity in me. And everything beautiful that he showed himself was a part of the entrapment. He took care of himself. A few days ago I was thinking that I love him even to death… Isn’t it Stockholm syndrome?

MB. Do you want to tell our readers something else?
R. An idol doesn’t treat his wife the way Zoltán treated me. An idol can’t be wrong, no! An idol doesn’t lie. An idol does not use anesthetic. The idol, I’m sorry, but then it’s me. He became an idol because of me. Don’t you feel that he fucked you?
But still, as long as I live, I love, mourn, and suffer without him.

That’s the story, boys and girls. I hope you will extract diamonds of knowledge from it. And will reflect on yourself, the Universe, and the relationships between things and beings. As mentored us beloved Master Yoda “Give off light, or darkness, Padawan. Be a candle or the night.”

  • Master Diomedes says:

    Another great interview Meatbarn! I have to admit, somewhat shocking to hear this side of the story.
    I am actually a little surprised that TG generated as much revenue as Rita is claiming. I had always assumed that was not the case.
    And I see Rita did confirm the usage of anesthetics. That had been a common rumor regarding the TG Studio for some time. And it does explain how some of the models were able to take some pretty intense tortures.
    Regardless, I appreciate both sides and I am glad you framed it with both Rita’s and Angel’s perspectives. Irrespective of how he might have been in real life or how he treated people, he still made a massive impact in the BDSM community.

    • MeatBarn says:

      Thank you! Your evaluation is like a honey on my heart!
      I was surprised too. By all of that.
      I believe, that the artist and his creation are not the same. We have a lot of examples of painters, musicians, and poets who behaved like a bastards in real life, but created greatest masterpieces. TG is like that, a masterpiece.
      And, of course, we should pay tribute to Rita, because Zoltan’s project couldn’t start without her.

  • Lev says:

    Looking for gold i found diamonds.

    Such a good interview! Im still processing before starting to read it again, thanks for sharing this. But also congratulations for getting such a pieces of valued information (at least very much valued to me)

    Always had the impression something beyond of bdsm has been going on there.
    Always had the assumption that models did those footages fulfilling internal desires, and some little money. But it surprises me that has been probably the other way around.

    Thanks again for such a good interview and for sharing.
    I hope that Rita can find some light in that tunnel she might still be walking through

    • MeatBarn says:

      Thank you, dear Lev. I’m deeply touched by your praise.
      And, I hope, Rita will be glad to see the understanding among the visitors of this blog. She periodically checks comments in posts related to her.
      As I can say from my own humble experience on backstage at BDSM events, there are a bunch of real masochists who really get pleasure from tortures. But all that events had nothing in common with porn production. Just a performances in a community of same-minded people. Very painful performances sometimes. And for zero rewards. So, now I understand more clear that BDSM lifestyle and porn production are overlapping sets, but not the same.

  • Zen091 says:

    definitely a different story of the Master…
    ka question anesthetic could be understood by watching the videos.
    he certainly calmly knows how to deepen with the vision of the models

  • FRANK says:

    Hi Meatbarn, thanks for this gentle interview and that you take time to get permission from Rita. It’s sad to hear her story, that she was distroyed from this relationship. I was wondering what drives a beautiful woman, that her tits get nailed to a board? Specially at the eve02 video, where the tiny tits blonde get many needles through her nipples and labia I had my doubts of consentual acting..

    I met 3 or 4 couples with sub / dom relationship. On a BDSM party at Catonium I meet a very beauty blonde girl. Her dom has given her for whipping play. One guy was to harsh and she got a few bleeding marks. From my workshops I knew how to care, that there cone no unwanted scars. My girlfriend asked for a first aid kit and we care her. Then her man/dome arrive. I was shocked, 10 years ago, he was a well known national tennis star. He was angry and took her away.

    A few months later I net her randomly at the gym. We made appointments for some Les Mills classes. During this time we spend time together at the wellness area/spa. That means sauna, whirlpool had to used naked.. One evening she missed the class, but waited for me at the spa. At the pool she sit on my lap and she smelled drunken. I said that I have a girlfriend and its better for me to leave.

    I never met her at the gym again. One year later a ‘photo model’ I knewed that she also worked as hooker said that her friend need new photos for advertising, Her business didnt go well. I was shocked when the girl came in.

    It was she, little tipsy and she told her story. That the business of her man was bankrott. That she worked for him as escort lady at hotel bars for lonly business man. Whene the hotels noticed her, she had to leave. Then she worked at the Relax night club. But when Sting from The Police arrived after concert her man get furious / jealous next day. he believed that he can lose control over her. Then he subpressed her, that he will tell her daugther, what her mother is working for.

    Then she had drunken a bad accident and crashed her leased mercedes without insurance. Then the shool of her daigther call her. The teacher told her that the kids found her photos on the internet and bully her daughter. So she changed city and shool.. She recognized, that her man cheated her and has a new girlfriend. It was a former girlfriend of her. One day the new girl worked also at the same brothel like her. But she also controlled her like a pimp.

    Then came the wake up call. Police called her. Her daughter was raped. She want some drink at the disco and the guy said to her she had first to show her boobs, like her mom do. The daugther ran out of the disco, but the boys chasdd her, ripped of her clothes on the parking lot, until she wear only her slip. Other guest came to help her and call the police.

    She changed again the city and work now as waitress. We decidet to cut the conections, that her old life never catches her up.

    • MeatBarn says:

      Thank you for your comment, for your experience, and for your praise!
      That’s a very sad story. But I have a couple of thoughts about it.
      First of all, I have to say that not every lifestyle BDSM relationship is kinda Bastard-victim. I know a few couples who live in that style for years and decades.
      I never had enough energy to keep myself as a Dom/Master/Owner/Mega-macho and so on for longer than 2 days. So I have no personal 24/7 experience. Yes, I kicked out a girl in my youth. She loved bloody cuts. I have a few scars from her and she has a few from me.
      But with time she became too arrogant. So, I kicked her out, and I don’t regret it. I believe, she doesn’t too. I met her a couple of times a decade later. She has a nice daughter and has no anger toward me.
      But, anyway, not all sadists are bastards.
      The second is that such sad stories are very common among non-BDSM couples. Hookers that are violated by pimps. Girls who have to steal and fuck to earn a little cash for their addicted boyfriends. One shouldn’t be a BDSM follower to be a dirty motherfucker.
      Yes, there could be a correlation between sadistic affections and bastardness. But who knows?
      I also have to attract your attention to Cupcake Sinclair ( She is a very cool independent pro-feminist woman. And sub/mazochist. Maybe she does everything for money too. Maybe she uses anesthetics. I don’t know. She refused my offer to interview her. But as I can see, all her needles-trought-tits at least are consensual.
      And now about consensual play. What is consense in BDSM? It’s like a razor edge. So we have to deal with each case independently from the other. I believe judjment by precedents don’t work with BDSM.

  • Szalony Kucharz says:

    Well, I must extend my big thanks to the author of this site for posting this brave and honest interview with Ms Rita, without any attempt to edit it in a way which would have downplayed the darker, questionable aspects of the lifestyle it is advertising… as a fan rather than an active, experienced participant. My expectations about most such sites popularizing alternative sex lifestyles in such cases when some true stories come to light is to brush them off as nothingburgers and double down on preaching about the true ideal of a dedicated safe-sane-consensual slavegirl dreaming of nothing else than becoming a 24/7/365 anal-only masochist named ‘meat’ and living in a barn. I have noticed you are not afraid to look beneath the surface and willing to revise your preconceptions, so hats off to honesty!

    My even deeper and more sincere thank you goes to Ms Rita, who was willing to share her story, the good, the bad and the ugly. If by any chance you’re reading this: You’re a lovely person! I know this may come off as weird, coming from a longtime fan of TG, who’s been morbidly fascinated by the content and at one point inspired to try some of the stuff in his own relationship, now long-gone….

    What I have just read was an eye-opener… or should I say, a second eye-opener. I don’t know if anyone here remembers the story of Susan Anton, known as Delia Day on the now defunct site. That was back in the early 2000s, when both myself and the Internet were still young, dumb and full of cum. So, still deeeply fascinated by BDSM lifestyle I was quite shocked to find out that a supposedly good slave/painslut/*insert another lewd title here adorned with unusually large body piercings was in fact living in an extremely abusive relationship which ended in her killing her master/husband…

    Shortly after that, my own modest experiments with BDSM made me realize that this is not something that I really wanted to pursue and, what’s more important, not something I wished to impose on anyone. While my cravings, now significantly dulled with passage of time, used to be strong, and I can still see the appeal of most of that (anal-focused sex, impact play, bondage, body and play-piercing), I noticed – even as a young, virile man, prone to thinking with his groin rather than the rational and empathetic parts of the brain – there was a great potential for abuse, let’s call a spade a spade. Not just physical, but deep psychological abuse which lasts longer that the time it takes for a bruise to heal. And I just couldn’t go that route, even when genuinely presented with such opportunities at several different times. If you look closely into the other person’s eyes when your own are clouded with lust, the bestial, cruel kind, you should still be able to notice whether they’re with you, clouded with lust just the same, or even more. And if their lust is not there (just don’t mistake the lust in their eyes with the reflection of your lust in their eyes), but instead there are glimpses of uncertainty, fear of rejection or outright stupor, that’s when one should reconsider. No fleeting pleasure, however deep it might be is worth the price of delayed and prolonged suffering imposed on another. And no one should call themselves a master at anything sex-related if they constantly fall pray to their own desires, enslaved and consumed by them so deeply that they fail to see the other person’s needs.

    • MeatBarn says:

      Thank you for your comment, for your praise of me, and for your words of gratitude to Rita. She checks comments here and, I believe, will be touched by your words. She deserves it. And we had to publish this post. And she did her best! She is very fragile and sensitive but has a brave and strong core.
      Of course, I (and, hopefully, my guests too) know about Delia Day. I have a post ( with her gallery and a link to a well-done investigation made by Eleanor Neale.
      But Delia’s story is not very clear. We have no witnesses. Of course, any court will acquit her after watching her photos. If there was violence and coercion, so she was a victim and I’m very sorry for Susan Anton. If there was a casualty, I’m very sorry for her too. But I’m glad that she is free, not enjailed, and spends her time with her kids and grandkids. I hope, she is happy now.
      Now about calling names here, on MeatBarn.Club. You could read on the page “About”, that I use name calling as a part of BDSM play. This blog has not only a truth-finding purpose but also a stiring-up-lust purpose. For fun. Not for violence.
      I will explain what for. I’m a natural-born sadist. I remember it from my childhood. My childhood was very happy, no one abused me. My ex-ex is a natural-born sub. And she remembers it from her childhood too. I believe, that there are natural-born BDSM-oriented persons. They can do nothing with it. And this blog is for them too. For people like me. But we have to keep our humanity with us and rein our passions. That’s why I placed Master Yoda’s quotation as an epigraph here. And that’s why I try to post not only funny galleries for wankers, but true stories too. Alice needs to know how deep the Rabbit’s hole is.
      About changing your mind with time. It’s normal, to change with time. Nothing is permanent, and even more so the human mind. I became much calmer with time, because my hormones level became lower and more stable, and because I got some experience. I lost a feeling of newness and lost some interest in some practices. I believe, that influence of hormones is stronger than the experience. My friends and my ex-s became calmer. It is normal for you to change your mind. But it doesn’t mean that 24/7/365 is always abuse. We have to deal with each case independently.
      And I agree with your thoughts about masters. That’s why I placed Master Yoda’s quotation as an epigraph here.
      Thank you for your great comment. And may the Force be with you! )

  • J says:

    Thank you for this insight to the life of Serpentmaster Zoltan.

    For me BDSM always always has to be based on mutual consent.
    I now see that rita was blinded by love and was not able to walk away from the narcist Zoltan obviously was.

    My admiration for rita remains.
    Her own words define the essence of a slave / sub:

    The main driver of my masochism is pride.
    And Zoltán’s pride.

    The pride of rita of taking so much pain is so much visible on the photos and video’s of her.

    I hope rita meets a decent owner who will make her grow and give her a few decent decades in her life where she can feel owned loved and have an owner next to her who is proud to have her.

    rita if you read this I have the deepest respect for you and wish you some good decades ahead.

    • MeatBarn says:

      Thank you for reading and commenting!
      I think about BDSM and simple sex the same way as you do. Both sides have to wish for it and get pleasure. The porn movies – that’s the other thing. I’m sure that it’s OK to hire models for decent pay. But Rita’s situation was worse.
      Rita periodically checks comments here. Maybe one day she will answer you herself. But anyway, she is touched by warm words from commenters.

  • Cumletsenjoy says:

    Thank you Meatbarn for these two interview giving exact opposite sides of TG. I was amazed by the content of TG. I really never understood why I was watching these evil experiments. Needless to Skewers to Screws and Forks. I guess the anticipation of what’s next what more how horrible or extreme he will go. His cruel imagination was absolutely unbelievable. I always believed anesthesia was there else how can girls smile when a skewer is hammered in ur tits so I was right. But I always wondered and I searched forums for…. why wud some girls get ready for these pain… how they agreed… what is the it’s executed…any medical emergency happened…how post scene clean up…how models will deal with the cuts the holes n bruises…and what was that black didlo was where models who smiled on skewers in their tits were screaming guts out by this dildo…. Meatball if you can get these details…Basically behind the scenes… it wud be great.

    • MeatBarn says:

      Hi! Thanks for reading, it’s a great pleasure for me.
      First of all, I’d like to say that there exist people of all genders who love pain or are interested in pain. You may watch an example in the video.

      Second, there exist persons who like to cause pain and injuries. And a blade edge divides sick mad maniacs from sadists who are true masters of themselves. Like Sith and Jedi. It’s a really good match. Passion vs tranquility.
      Third, there are also exist people who are ready to suffer for a good reward.
      So, we have to study each case separately. For instance, I’d like to attract your attention to Cupcake Sinclair. She is an independent strong pro-feminist woman, but she also performs in hard bloody scenes on BrutalMaster.
      And about backstage. Maybe it’s time to ask BrutalMaster about it. Cupcake recommended asking him about bloody actions. I’ll try, but no promises.
      Sincerely yours,
      Meatball 😉

  • D says:

    My condolences to Rita, I’m sorry you had to suffer from your love of Zoltan and I wish you the best of luck in this new chapter of your life.

  • VHS75 says:

    We can find Yin and Yang everywhere, even here in this bizarre BDSM story.
    Thank you for posting, I will think about it and try to learn something out of it.

    • MeatBarn says:

      Thank you for reading and commenting! Every story contains things to learn. TG story is a kind of “Rashomon” story. And maybe every story is too.

  • MrStrang says:

    I stumbled here because last week I found a vague mention somewhere that Master Serpent had passed. Since I have been a fan of the project for years, although I hadn’t been following closely recently, I was a bit upset to find out this was true. But big thanks for the author for making this interview, and especially big thanks to Rita for sharing this unique and eye-opening story.

    I am sorry to hear you feel you have been treated unfairly, and very sorry to hear you have encountered inappropriate and even criminal behaviour from someone in the “BDSM community”. That kind of brutish behavior is unacceptable and it is even more despicable towards a lovely and merited sub such as yourself.

    After reading both stories of Zoltan I certainly have gained new perspective to this project. I never knew anything about the background or relationships before. But come to think of it, being driven to something as strongly as he clearly was, may become obsessive (or maybe it is obsession to begin with). And he probably “had” to break more than a few rules to accomplish something like this, but when you start breaking the rules then the danger is also to get entangled in lies or become arbitrary, and break the trust of the ones close to you.. It is a sad story and definitely there is something to be learned.

    I still think the works are brilliant, and because of the emotional intensity in the scenes, it is in my opinion closer to arts than just pornography. Although it was clear that Zoltan was the primus motor in planning the scenes and made the torture happen, I never thought that he alone was the artist. Without the models there would be no performance. And without Rita’s contribution maybe this whole project would have failed.. But I am glad it didn’t, because with it the world is a little bit more interesting (and definitely much kinkier) place.

    I want to express my deep gratitude for Rita for sharing this honest story and for co-creating the great works. I hope you will find joy in life again!

    • MeatBarn says:

      Thank you for reading! And thank you for your warm words addressed to Rita. She sometimes reads comments here and she will appreciate it.
      And I agree with you, that TG made the world more interesting. I found TG videos in the first part of 2000th and Rita was my favorite model. And those vids had a big impact on my mind, kinks and life.
      And I never believed that days that I will talk to Rita. But my wish came true. And it’s a big reward!

  • Nora says:

    Is there any chance to get the old pictures that were produced at the beginning?

  • John88 says:

    Maybe you can find out more of the relation between Kinkycore and TG2 ?
    In the past they shared some models and Kinkycore is still active today.

    • MeatBarn says:

      Christine and Ervin, the founders of KK, were good friends of Master Serpent. That’s all I know. Unfortunately, they didn’t want to contact me. Even answer me.

  • Max says:

    Man, this is UNIQUE material !!! Thank you so much for this. If you don’t mind, I’ve shared the link to this article on Pornolab ( People were asking about Master. Thank you again, this is such a big work, so many interesting fact covered.
    And your site, btw, is also very interesting! I wish you all the best!

    • MeatBarn says:

      Thank you, man! I tore my ass on these two interviews. Did you read both of them?
      Sharing my links is a very good gift for me. I still have low attendance. I’m weak in SEO and I lack time to direct all my efforts to promote the blog. So, every backlink is a big gift for me!

      Happy to see you here and hope to enjoy everyone with good unique materials!

  • Bianca says:

    Can I just say how proud I am for Rita? I know her from a long time and I always had respect for her but now I love her even more. She got her voice back, great interview, well done. Much respect Xx

    • MeatBarn says:

      OMG! OMG! Bianca herself! Thank you for supporting Rita. And thank you for the comment! It’s an honor for me.
      I hope once you will tell your story too. People know very little about the adult industry backstage. Especially about the extreme niche. People either think that being an adult model is an endless paradise full of fun or they stigmatize them as pariahs and easy-to-get objects. It’s awful!

      • Master Diomedes says:

        Concur with MeatBarn. Would love to get more insight into the backstage aspects of TG and the adult industry. Would also be curious how Bianca found the TG and got involved.

  • Peter says:

    Yes I also would like to know more about the background of TG and Kinkycore.
    I guess that “Christine Thunder” was one of the first models of Kinkycore and sometimes she appeared also in TG videos. Can you write something about her ? It is hard to find anything.

    • MeatBarn says:

      Hi! I’d like to know more about Christine too, but she is kind of autistic or like that. I couldn’t make contact with her or Ervin, the admin.

  • RapemoaR says:

    It seems that Master planned everything clearly from the very beginning and knew what he would do. His incomplete medical education, I believe, gave him knowledge of anatomy as well as basic skills for his manipulations. And the programmer’s diploma was useful for writing the website. It seems that this was a long-term, far-reaching plan. And, unfortunately, Rita also acted as a tool in it on the way to achieving her goal by Zoltan. Anyway, she’s hero to me.

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