Robyn Faulkinbury aka “robyn labiacut”

I love this girl for her modification. Her boyfriend Todd Cameron Bertrang circed her cunt about two decades ago, so pics are of poor quality. But we enjoy not only the quality of pics but also the quality of a girl. She is cute, and she likes to be clitless and labialess. Look how proud she is! As a good girl should be.

But did you ever seen honey without a poison, an ointment without a fly? They both got ‘jail time’ for circumcising minor girls ( But this is the authorities’ version of reality. Here is Todd’s version. You’d better listen to his story. And a couple of LA Times articles: One and Two. And I’m inclined to believe him. Because I know about a lot of issues when people were imprisoned with controversial evidence. For instance, the shape of the cat’s tail in children’s drawings was the only evidence in one of the charges. No one is safe, really. If the authority’s goal is to imprison you, they will find a reason. And if you are still here, on this site, you are strange and weird enough to arouse suspicion and hate in puritans and moralists. Watch your six!

I’m not a judge for anyone, and I have my own opinion on such things, but I have to say here no matter what I really think: you folks never-never-never mess with minors, respect the consent, and do your best to follow the law. By the way, what happens to Jewish and Islamic traditions in relation to minors in holy lands of freedom and democracy? Is it OK to cut a penis, but not OK to cut a vulva? But, I may go too far in my reasoning, so I repeat: respect the law and minors. And, of course, enjoy Robyn’s labia and clit removal. My favorite pic is the one where she keeps her bloody cut cunt parts in her mouth. Todd kindly clarified to me, that she ate her clit and clit hood (but not inner labia) and she begged for it. Wasn’t she a jewel?