Robyn Faulkinbury aka “robyn labiacut”

I love this girl for her modification. Her boyfriend Todd Cameron Bertrang circed her cunt about two decades ago, so pics are of poor quality. But we enjoy not only the quality of pics but also the quality of a girl. She is cute, and she likes to be clitless and labialess. Look how proud she is! As a good girl should be.

But did you ever seen honey without a poison, an ointment without a fly? They both got ‘jail time’ for circumcising minor girls ( But this is the authorities’ version of reality. Here is Todd’s version. You’d better listen to his story. And a couple of LA Times articles: One and Two. And I’m inclined to believe him. Because I know about a lot of issues when people were imprisoned with controversial evidence. For instance, the shape of the cat’s tail in children’s drawings was the only evidence in one of the charges. No one is safe, really. If the authority’s goal is to imprison you, they will find a reason. And if you are still here, on this site, you are strange and weird enough to arouse suspicion and hate in puritans and moralists. Watch your six!

I’m not a judge for anyone, and I have my own opinion on such things, but I have to say here no matter what I really think: you folks never-never-never mess with minors, respect the consent, and do your best to follow the law. By the way, what happens to Jewish and Islamic traditions in relation to minors in holy lands of freedom and democracy? Is it OK to cut a penis, but not OK to cut a vulva? But, I may go too far in my reasoning, so I repeat: respect the law and minors. And, of course, enjoy Robyn’s labia and clit removal. My favorite pic is the one where she keeps her bloody cut cunt parts in her mouth. Todd kindly clarified to me, that she ate her clit and clit hood (but not inner labia) and she begged for it. Wasn’t she a jewel?

  • Norwegia Info says:

    Wspaniale pomysly kosztuja grosze. Bezcenni sa ludzie, ktorzy je urzeczywistniaja. Twj blog jest tego wspanialym przykladem…

  • Japonia Portal says:

    Jaki jest sens zycia? To zalezy od tego, jakie zycie masz na mysli. – Colleen Hoover

  • Todd Bertrang says:

    If you want to know what really happened watch this video

    • meatbarn says:

      Wow! I even didn’t expect that Todd himself will comment here! It’s an honor for me, no matter what anybody else says. I will pay close attention to the story and will make the necessary changes in the post.

  • Jani says:

    I am really thankful to the owner of this website who has shared this great piece of writing at here.

  • katieddd6 says:

    This is so amazing! Todd and Robyn are amazing! So sorry to hear that they got into legal trouble over this. But very happy these pics are here for me to rub my clit to (while I still have a clit!)

    • meatbarn says:

      If you want to lose your clit, ask me how ))))

      Thanks for your comment. Todd and Robyn are really amazing. Todd is an interesting man to talk with. I hope good luck will be with him! And with you too.

  • katieddd6 says:

    is there a good way to contact you to talk about it? hahaha 🙂

  • katieddd6 says:

    My contact address is correct! I’d love to hear from you if you do want to reach out!!

  • jos says:

    if she wanted to loose it, he did great.
    my ex also wanted this, she had it done in Egypt before we met

  • Ron says:

    Absolutely cruel and terrible.

    The poor young woman who delivered herself to such a bastard.

    Don’t say she’s of legal age.

    In such a case, the experienced has to protect the inexperienced.

    Just my 2 cents …

    • meatbarn says:

      You may think so. I may think another way. We never will know the truth. Just like the story of Delia Day. But if we will doubt the capability of all young girls we make them sit at home, wear paranja and force them to cook in the kitchen. And forbid them to drive cars, of course.
      I will say again and again. In the current era, every capable person at legal age in a free country is free to make with him-/herself everything if it is consensual. Yes, there will be bastards (and bastardesses) who exploit weak people. But the other way is totalitarianism and dictate. I see no other way. Maybe humankind will find a better idea. If will not destroy itself in next weeks.
      And, yes, the experienced has to protect the inexperienced. Protect, but not force. Forced “healthiness” and “beauty” in reason that “good girls eat rainbow and poop with butterflies” is evil too. The experienced one has to protect the inexperienced not for himself only, but against a crowd of blamers too.
      Yes, there are bastards. But they were and will be forever. But there are many more free kinksters.
      That’s my dime.

  • Ron says:

    I respect your opinion, but I still don’t completely agree.

    I don’t know any woman who would have forced her partner to cut off his penis in whole or in part as a token of love on the internet.

    The same for millions of african women just no video of it.

    There are some men who cut their penises in half and things like that – penile subincision.

    But these guys do it themselves …

    • meatbarn says:

      The keyword is “forced”, don’t you think so?
      And, yep, traditional FGM and circumcision are evil. Because it’s forced.
      I don’t know any woman who cut her man’s dick. Because I didn’t search for it. But I will. I’ll do my best to make a post with a clear explanation of my point of view.
      But you have to know, that there is a pro-woman-circumcision movement. In Africa or the Middle East, I don’t remember right now. But I will give proof links in the upcoming post. End members of this movement cut their cunts themselves.
      Please, give me a day or two to collect proofs and combine words to the post.

  • Ron says:

    Wait a moment:

    Someone who wants to commit suicide is also not forced as well as of legal age?

    So you should just let the unfortunate one do it.

    Is that humanity? Are you a misanthrope?

    Sometimes it is better to intervene than to invoke liberties.

    With some sexual practices it is enough to stand in the shower and everything is as if nothing had ever happened.

    Here at least scars remain, partially body parts are missing not to mention the health physically and mentally in the long term.

    Sometimes it is better to seek professional help than to move on.

    • meatbarn says:

      Let me ask some questions.

      You say, “Someone who wants to commit suicide is also not forced as well as of legal age?”
      What about euthanasia? Is that humanity to forcefully keep a person alive despite their pain and suffering?

      You say, “Sometimes it is better to intervene than to invoke liberties.”
      Who will judge? You? Me? Society? Majority? Who properly knows where is the edge?

      And I have to agree about professional help. Sometimes it is necessary.
      But 1) a lot of kinksters feel stigmatized and guilty and are afraid to share their soul movements with profanes, even professional profanes. and 2) a lot of kinksters don’t want to change themselves, they are who they are. Maybe you want to cure gay people of their gayness? As I remember, to be gay was “unnormal” not so long ago in countries of freedom, and most “ordinary people” in the world still think that to be gay is a crime or abnormality.
      Tell me, what is normality? But, please, don’t involve “ordinary people”. Ordinary person’s opinion about normality in Pakistan or Iran differs the same in US or Netherlands and differs from the Chinese one.
      What is the etalon of normality?

  • Ron says:

    Entry in a search engine: “woman cuts off man’s penis”.

    Usually out of hate, never out of love …

  • Kurt C. says:

    Dear Mr Meatbarn,

    first of all, please excuse my comment, which you probably won’t like again. As you can see for yourself on the internet, the field of labia correction is the field of activity of professional doctors:

    Apparently there are some women who want to give their vulva the appearance of such of a young girl again. There is nothing wrong with that, even if i think that these women should look for another lover who appreciates their adult feminine assets or, if necessary, a psychologist instead of a doctor. Only brutal and unscrupulous bastards like the ones in the pictures who mutilated young Robyn Faulkinbury’s vulva do not enjoy my sympathy. Thank you very much for your understanding of the variety of opinions on a matter.

    Also i would like to wish you and your family a Happy Easter in the near future.

    I greet you warmly,

    Kurt C.

    • meatbarn says:

      Dear Kurt C.!
      Thanks for the warm Easter greeting. I hope we all will be alive to meet the Holy Easter. I wish everyone in the world and especially in Eastern Europe to meet the Holy Easter in peace because the war is much worse than any extreme consensual sexual practice.
      I was very angry at the beginning of your comment, but your greeting softened my heart.
      I will be very soft. Please, Mr Kurt C., tell me something about how wrong are people from the images below. How do you think, will this Mursi woman shoot you immediately from her AK when you will try to explain to her that her lip is mutilated by a ‘bastard’? Or she first will smash you with the AK stock? Does this warrior woman look like a victim? Does this warrior man look like a victim? Are their traditions of scarification wrong? Should they go to the psychologist?
      Mursi warrior womanMursi warrior woman
      Mursi warriorMursi warrior man

    • Sam says:

      Dear Kurt C.
      If Robin was captured , kidnaped and cast down in BMW trunk, forced crippled against she’s will – it is crime.
      But if Robin is mentally untermenschlich that voluntary mutilated herself – it is not a crime!
      When schwuchtels compulse dressing wear with pink triangle – it is crime, because they protest and rebel.
      When they voluntary decorate their dress rainbow-banner – it is beautiful, because they voluntary marked that they are petukhi.

  • Kurt C. says:

    Dear Mr Meatbarn,

    thanks for your answer. The examples you mentioned are body modifications that have been traditionally common in the Mursi tribe for centuries and which are not or only slightly sexually motivated (please enter the link into a translation program). I think different standards are to be applied here than in the case of a young, life-inexperienced american woman who was persuaded by her significantly older egoistic and sadistic partner to do things about which she is no longer happy herself today. Comparable to how unwise it is to physically change the human mouth and throat because this makes the daily necessary food intake more difficult, it is comparable unwise to extremely change the physical sex organs by body modification because beyond interesting films and pictures the sensual experience and the ability to have an orgasm are more likely to be hindered. I ask you to remain weighed with me, even if our opinions rarely coincide.


    Kurt C.

    • meatbarn says:

      So, you agree with me that members of Mursi and other tribes have the right to modify their bodies. Nice. Let’s go further, as Socrates did in his disputes.
      Let’s research the term “life-inexperienced”. The law in most countries has no this term. How do you evaluate a person’s life experience? How do you do it via photos? Can you say that Masha Filippova in the first photo is a victim of a how-you-call-it ‘bastard’? Is she life-experienced? Is the guy in the second pic experienced enough? Or is he a victim? Is a woman in the third picture enough experienced or she is a ‘bastard’s’ victim?

      Maria Filippova pierced and tattoed
      Pierced man
      Tattoed and pierced woman from

  • Todd Bertrang says:

    People who hate on any specific mod always do so out of self emulation, a because I don’t like it or wouldn’t do it therefore it’s wrong. It’s called being an adult. If anyone wishes to contact me you can do so here. [email protected]

    • MeatBarn says:

      Thank you, Todd, for this comment and for your courage and readiness to talk to these “adults”.
      Folks, I’m on Todd’s side in this situation. He is a professional, not a maniac.

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