Slave lassie’s story. Part 6.
The end of the year.

Whipped ass of chiennelassie, the real French lifestyle BDSM slavegirl.

Hey, folks! Today we finish publishing the great Christmas gift from the honorable Lsdmaster! The sixth part of lassie’s story was told by her Master.
The 6th part is big enough and I divided it into “days of action”. I will publish them one by one. After that, I will concatenate all “days” into one post. I also will attach the coordinates of the locations mentioned here in the full-text post.
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Now let’s continue with the story.

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The year comes to an end

They ended the vacation week like that. Walks, enemas, fellatios, sodomy, various humiliations like meals on all fours at the foot of her Dom, only her sore buttocks whose color began to turn purple and yellow were spared from the blows of the sticks. When they got back to the apartment, Dom kept the morning and evening ritual with anal sex, squatting on Dom’s cock, or daily oral sex, on her knees. Every night she had to masturbate and sometimes Dom would let her orgasm when her mouth or anus was full.

At the end of August, she resumed the work routine with always the same obligations; she had to describe in detail her day and she had to respect the schedules that her Dom had dictated.

She felt constantly watched but Dom explained to her that it was because he wanted to understand her needs and that he was interested in her. She felt trapped in the routine of work, household chores, and the duty to take care of little T. which was taking up more and more of her time and the daily demands of her Dom and since October she had to take her temperature each day and record it on a small chart in the kitchen. The good amélie had understood what that meant… With all these tasks in addition to her work, she had no more time for herself.

The second weekend of November Dom applied the second coat of Indian ink to the tattoo she wore on the top of her left wrist. She was quite proud to wear her Dom’s initial. It was a sign of belonging and, at the same time, she was with her Dom at all times. Dom understood this well and soon he could take the next step to dominate his toy even more. At the beginning of December, Dom bought Christmas gifts for his good fat amélie: a pretty porcelain cow figurine and a special kit… For the other gifts, they made the purchases the weekend just before Christmas.

Christmas Eve (Wednesday, December 24, 2003)

The end of the year was approaching, and she had a week off at the end of December. She could spend Christmas with her parents and be with her Dom all week. Like every year for Christmas evening, the little family went to the parents of the good amélie. She had found the presents for her parents (a pretty vase for her mother and a DIY tool for her father), and she had bought a bottle of whiskey for her Dom. What her Dom would offer her remained a surprise.

She had put on the rather short cream-colored chunky-knit wool sweater dress, the matching beanie, and the high-heeled pair of caramel-colored suede ankle boots that she had worn two years earlier. The difference this time, as always had several extra pounds, the dress molded her posterior and her belly and the stretched mesh of the dress hinted at her nudity.

Of course, she felt uncomfortable but her Dom found her attractive like that. Her big ass was highlighted and the large dark halos of her nipples were revealed through the dress. The docile amélie got ready. After the shower, she moved on to make-up. Her Dom wanted him to be just provocative enough so she got dressed, the dress, the shoes, and the hat. No underwear, she lived without. They left at the beginning of the evening and 40 minutes after they arrived in the village of the parents. Dom tells his toy to go ahead with his son. The mother opened the door and told them to come in, then she told her daughter that she recognized the dress.

After the customary greetings and hugs, they settled into the living room. The mother thought that T. had grown well and that her daughter was radiant. The good amélie replied that her Dom was very attentive and that he knew what made him happy. The mother told her that she had a few extra pounds, but that she preferred to see her healthy rather than skinny. Dom replied that he found her very attractive like that with her extra pounds. The father asked a few questions about his daughter’s work and asked Dom the same. Dom replied that he was considering continuing his research for a mail-order site.

The meal was very classic. Snails as a starter, the stuffed turkey to follow, and to finish off the Yule log. At 11:00 p.m., a quick trip to the church for midnight mass, and after the mass, we moved on to the distribution of gifts. The vase for mum, a craft book for dad, whiskey for Dom, clothes and toys for T., and for amélie, a pretty porcelain cow, and a marked surprise box for my beloved. As always, Dom and the good Amélie received an envelope with a check.

They unwrapped the gifts and when amélie opened her package, she looked at her Dom with a questioning air, he replied with this comment: “these are the kitchen tools for the special dish, do you remember!!!”. She knew very well what it was but she did not expect to receive a new insemination kit. The parents were intrigued but did not ask any other questions about the usefulness of the vials and syringes…

The couple returned to Briey around 1:00 a.m. They went to bed but this time no fellatio, no sodomy, only the ritual phrase “you are my Dom, you are my Master, you are the only one who knows what is good for me, I am all yours, I am your toy”. Dom says to her: “Rest my good amélie, I want you to be in good shape and that you fully enjoy the end of the week. You’re ready for what’s next.”

The end of the 6th part.

To be continued…

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