Real BDSM lifestyle French slave lassie in the beginning
Real BDSM lifestyle French slave lassie in the beginning

Slave lassie’s story. Part 6. Day 3.

Hey, folks! Today we continue publishing the great Christmas gift from the honorable Lsdmaster! The sixth part of lassie’s story, told by her Master.
The 6th part is big enough and I divided it into “days of action”. I will publish them one by one. After that, I will concatenate all “days” into one post. I also will attach the coordinates of the locations mentioned here in the final post.
Please forgive me for the low publication frequency, but sometimes I have some ordinary job to do.
In the current post, I tried to improve my poor English with neural tools. Maybe it helped. Please, tell me about it.

Now let’s continue with the story.

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The next morning, after the ritual and breakfast, she put eggplant from her rectum on a plate of rice to prepare for her enema. Since her Dom had placed her on a diet, just one enema would be enough. Like before, she relieved herself into a cleaning bucket. Afterwards, there was some tidying up to do. For lunch, she was allowed to eat rice with eggplant garnished with secretions and sperm as well as a slice of ham. For dessert, she took the mashed banana that was in her mold using a teaspoon. Dom enjoyed himself with a piece of cake.

In the afternoon said to his toy: “Now when you are almost clean we can go visit your parents. Put on the dress you wore yesterday without anything underneath and only button three buttons out of six.” Delighted at being able to go see her parents again, she made no comment but got dressed quickly while also getting their little one ready to go!

The parents’ village was about twenty kilometers from Heudicourt, situated under the coast. In only twenty minutes, they were there. They hadn’t warned of their arrival, yet luckily for amelie, her parents were at home when they arrived. Mom opened the door for them as soon as they arrived and hugged amelie joyfully while dad said hello. Dad then noticed some unbuttoned parts on amelie’s dress and asked why it was like that; Dom explained it was hot outside so he allowed air circulation – luckily Dad didn’t notice the tattoo!

With everyone in the family present, they all went out into the street from the church where Grandma helped T take his first steps while Grandpa questioned the couple about their plans. Dom mentioned wanting to start an internet business while his daughter mentioned continuing her current job. Grandpa found an internet project to be risky and instead preferred hearing about his daughter’s ‘real job’.

Dom told him that internet commerce was the future, so he decided to do more research. An hour later, they returned home and had coffee and cake. When Mom offered her daughter a slice of cake, Dom suggested she cut it in half because she was on a diet. amelie blushed as her mother protested, but she said that she wanted to be careful with what she ate and that she was following a special diet.

They talked for some time until around 6:30 pm when Dom declared it was time to go back to the bungalow. As they said goodbye to Amelie’s parents, Dom motioned for his toy to open her dress and stretch out her nipples; repeating this process three times during their journey there.

Once at the bungalow, Amelie took care of the little one while Dom watched TV. Then dinner was prepared which culminated in a sodomy ritual involving toys sucking on Dom’s member while the anus collected warm semen coating lubricating sphincter.

(End of day 3)

To be continued…