Irma, the double gape wonder-wife of Elmer

Today we recall most warmly Irma, the wife of Elmer, the founder of, and his main and most famous model. They started the site in 2006 and wondered innocent auditory of those days with extreme holes stretching and insertions. Even in our time, when only lazy models don’t perform in anal fisting, Irma looks very good. Yes, Siswet’s (~12 cm) or Argendana’s (~13 cm) asshole gapes are much wider than Irma’s 9.5 cm. But Irma beats both anal concurrences in vaginal competition: 10 cm of Irma’s cunt vs Argendana’s 7,5 cm or Siswet’s 7 cm. Not bad, yeah?
A lot of things visited Irma’s holes during passed years: vegetables and medical tools, hands and feet, balls and bottles, road cones and flower bouquets… They even shoved live eels and octopussies in her orifices. But I’m strictly against animal abuse and you will never find such images or videos here.
Like most Japanese porn sites, Elmer’s site is in Japanese only. It causes some problems for gaijin visitors. But as always Japanese porn makers don’t care about it. In the gallery below you may get a feel about what happens on the other side of the Language Curtain. And polish your shafts and beans, of course. Enjoy!

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  • FRANK says:

    Hi Meatbarn, I’m missing the PL/UA actress hotkinkyjo at your ranking 😉
    I’m with you against zoophilic sex becaus the possibilty of zoonosis infect.

    My personal experienc was a menage a trois with the “girl with the whip” and a friend plus

    I’m sad, I had some scenes on mit minidv camcorder, but it dosen’t work anymore. After some vanilla stuff the girls had good vibrations and opend their bisexual side.

    When the “llus girl” fingered the “whip girl” more and more fingers went in her pussy. The “plusgirl” come back from the kitchen and had then a 0,33L coke can, wrapped in a condom and showed it up the pussyof the “whip girl” until it was hidden like at this web photo
    Both girls gave birth 10 or 12 years ago, no training or passion for inserting before.

    A 0,33L cola can has 66mm diameter and heigth is 115mm .

    The “plus girl” likes anal sex, so she get a condom covered tennis bal with 67mm diameter, she was struggeling to get it out.

    The “whip girl” told me that her pussy hurts for 2 days after a little bit. And she never can drinke a coke from a can like before.

    • MeatBarn says:

      Thank you for commenting and sharing your experience!
      There is a lil problem with HKJ. Alex Thorn wrote me and asked to remove her pics. This blog needs to gain more “weight” to negotiate with him.
      My humble opinion about your experience is that you are a lucky guy. Because not every girl could be in a superposition of body abilities and a wish to stretch.
      My first sub had not just a narrow but a very short vagina. And all my efforts to stretch it a little were unsuccessful. The same situation was with her ass. 5 cm (2″) were her maximum. And she had some pain after sessions. She was interested in stretching, but “Failed, we have”.
      My second sub was not very interested in stretching and anal was a kind of punishment for her. But her cunt could fit my fist in the first day! And both fists in the last. And no pain at all.

  • Hanzo says:

    How did you get the uncensored pics? I subbed for a month, every that showed pussy was censored per Japan law.
    This is rare, Thank you for sharing!, wonder if any of the vidoes are now uncensored?

  • Hanzo says:

    MeatBarn, would you kindly consider posting some of those uncensored videos on google drive?

  • Hanzo says:

    Thank you! Appreciate all you do for the community!

  • Hanzo says:

    Hi Meatbarn, if you can Provide the links to the download, I can download them upload to googledrive and share to this site if that works?

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