Irma, the double gape wonder-wife of Elmer

Today we recall most warmly Irma, the wife of Elmer, the founder of, and his main and most famous model. They started the site in 2006 and wondered innocent auditory of those days with extreme holes stretching and insertions. Even in our time, when only lazy models don’t perform in anal fisting, Irma looks very good. Yes, Siswet’s (~12 cm) or Argendana’s (~13 cm) asshole gapes are much wider than Irma’s 9.5 cm. But Irma beats both anal concurrences in vaginal competition: 10 cm of Irma’s cunt vs Argendana’s 7,5 cm or Siswet’s 7 cm. Not bad, yeah?
A lot of things visited Irma’s holes during passed years: vegetables and medical tools, hands and feet, balls and bottles, road cones and flower bouquets… They even shoved live eels and octopussies in her orifices. But I’m strictly against animal abuse and you will never find such images or videos here.
Like most Japanese porn sites, Elmer’s site is in Japanese only. It causes some problems for gaijin visitors. But as always Japanese porn makers don’t care about it. In the gallery below you may get a feel about what happens on the other side of the Language Curtain. And polish your shafts and beans, of course. Enjoy!

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