Anal Fisting Queen ArgenDana interview for MeatBarn.Club

Hi, folks! Hope you love anal and especially huge insertions as much as I do. Because today we have a short interview with a true Anal Fisting Queen. Meet ArgenDana! She ranks first in SlackHole’s hole size chart. Her anal skills are stunning! 40 cm (about 16″) in circumference and 13 cm (5″) in diameter of her insatiable anus. These numbers are bigger than the length of many dicks! And by the way, her ass fits dildoes of horse length. ArgenDana keeps a domain that redirects you to her ManyVids page. She also keeps Twitter. You’d better subscribe her to be a witness of her new great amazing anal insertion records.
And today this amazing MILF agreed to answer a few of our questions.

Q. How did you get into anal and especially fisting and huge insertions?

A. Ok, I always say the same, I am not focused especially on fisting and huge insertions, I do a lot of standard porn too with men and women, I produce a lot of reviews and porn, extreme porn, lesbian, etc, that you could find on my site I started having anal sex at 16 years old, and after that, I found a nice idea to play with my butt and boyfriend, I also enjoyed fisting and dildos at that time too.

Q. Anal fisting becomes very popular over the years. In 2000 there were just a few models performing. But now we can see hundreds of fisting stars. What are the reasons for this phenomenon, would you say?

A. I disagree with you, the word ‘stars’ is too much, to be a star you need more than a webcam and dildos, a porn star needs technical knowledge, good health, a great body, attitude, and responsibility.
On social media, you can find a lot of stars (the real ones, fakes too), but at the same time, some performers don’t show their faces and pretend to be anal porn stars, how they could be considered “stars”? It is not the same…
The fisting is from the 70s, but the internet works to increase the fame of this practice. the people must be search about the film called ‘Erotic Hands‘, a masterpiece.

Q. What is your favorite insertable?

A. I use MrHankeys toys and my own developed Butt plugs with KinkyX toys which will be released soon on my website.

Q. How long did it take for you to stretch your anal hole to such a heroic size? Do you have any advice for newbies?

A. I have 25 years of experience behind me. My recommendation to the newbies is “if you feel pain don’t do it”, “if it’s unnatural for you don’t do it”.

Q. Most girls are afraid of anal. “It’s painful”, “It’s dirty”, “It’s unnatural”, and so on. How much do they lose in their life refusing anal?

A. They don’t lose anything, decisions are decisions, every person has a personal decision over their actions, even more about the own body. I cannot recommend anything about this because it’s a personal road for any individual to discover for themselves.

Q. My blog promotes an ‘anal-only’ lifestyle. And I don’t remember that you ever used your pussy on your vids. Are you a pure anal-only girl? If yes, will you recommend such a lifestyle to other kinksters? If no, will you ever try to become ‘anal-only’?

A. I do not want to sound harsh; I have said it in other interviews, this type of question shows that you have not seen my site, a shame as I do everything. I am not a one-trick pony!

Q. You have a couple of tattoos on your hot body. Do those tattoos symbolize something or it’s just a decoration? Do you have plans for other body modifications: piercings, new tattoos?

A. My one unique tattoo is art. No plans at this time for more. In fact, I only have one tattoo on my hip, it’s just art my friend.

Q. What plans do you have for the future? What you fans have to expect?

A. Keep up the discovery, I’m always preparing new things. For now and in the future fans can expect to see more at my site. There I share the content I create and the hot, sexy fun I get to explore. Also, follow the fun on Twitter (@ArgendanaFistMV & #argendana here) or on Xhamster or ManyVids and even see the fun on YouTube . Thank you to all my wonderful fans and I hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about me, ArgenDana!

Thank you, dear, for taking the time in your very busy schedule to talk to MeatBarn. I and all kinksters wish you good luck, and we will look forward to your new videos that impress us so much!

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