Rachel Greyhound

This post is about another meat girl, a real slave, and porn model Rachel Greyhound. Unlike Katja Brüning or chienne lassie, girls who are lil bit difficult to find, Rachel Greyhound performs on the website BondageLife.com. Rachel also keeps Twitter and performs in BrutalMaster vids. In our gallery and on her website you can easily see the degradation and uglification of this slave. She was a pretty girl, but now (Feb 2020) she is totally bald, including shaved eyebrows. Her Master has a good sense of aesthetics of ugliness.

The only thing I don’t like: they often play with unreasonable dangerous substances and conditions, such as dry manure without any breath and cunt protection or prolonged exposition to direct sunlight. I can understand nails and hard bloody whipping, but I can’t understand inhaling manure dust and sunstroke. Do they find sexy respiratory, and genital infections, or cancer? Plus, a slave with bad health is useless.

Here you may watch some pics showing Rachel and her degradation. Her vids are here on a separate page because of stupid Google rating system. She has a disgusting bald head, but a cool body shape and a pair of well-done fake tits, that make an accent on her only destiny: to be a fuckhole.