Rachel Greyhound vids

That’s all because of Google Chrome. It works much slower than other browsers, but Google lowers the website rate instead of optimizing their product. And I had to split Rachel Greyhound page on two: the page with cool filthy hot pisc and the current page with filthy hot videos. Here you may watch her doing her slave training, chores, humiliating tasks. She is really one of the hottest bitches of our days. Rachel performs on a website BondageLife.com, where they have not just vids, but online streams with a lot of BDSM fun also. And here you may enjoy some of that vids.

  • Shyla Coutermarsh says:

    Very well!!!

  • Pocytac says:

    Jesus, the corset is wide open in the back!

    Greyhound is really great, but her tits are way too small and the corset isn’t tied tight enough. Wearing a tight corset and ballet boots she really looks cute.

    • MeatBarn says:

      I believe that Rachel doesn’t love tightlacing so much as we do. Her corset is just ornamentation. The same is about tits. She is not a bimbo, but a slave. There is nothing to do with artificial udders. You can’t tie or beat fake tits. But her tits look enough ‘plastic’ to be a humiliating decoration. That’s are my suggestions. Rachel is not a very open person. She doesn’t read PMs. I tried to contact her through DartTech (the admin and so on) and she even agreed. But she banned me shortly after.

      • Al says:

        Hi meatbarn…iam a huge fan of rachel, can u kindly share us abt ur conversation(wat was it) with rachel and y she banned u.

      • MeatBarn says:

        Hi! There was no conversation. I wrote her and she ignored my messages. After that, I wrote DartTech Studios admin. He worked with Rachel at that time and was the admin of the BondageLife website. Maybe he still is. He said that she agreed to answer my questions. And a few days later she banned me.

        But it was 2 years ago when I just started. Rachel was too famous for me at that time. Maybe, I’ll try again. But a little bit later. Now I have to try to shoot my own originals.

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