Alisson_punk. How Deep Does the Rabbit Hole Go?

cervix insertion porn image by alisson_punk

Hey, kinksters! The human body has much more holes for insertions than people usually think. And here we have a cool illustration. Welcome Alisson_punk, the cervix player! As always, illiterate dorks can ⇓⇓press here⇓⇓ to reach the gallery.

She is really cool! Her cervix hole is larger than the anus of some girls (shame on them!))). She is 34 and she is from Colombia. Alisson_punk (Andrea Perez) is very active in nets: she keeps Twitter, performs on Chaturbate, posts her amazing works on ManyVids, and has a page on Flirteo. And she was very kind to answer briefly a few questions for you.

MB. Please, tell our readers how did you get into porn?
AP. I am a single mother of six children and we do not receive any help from their parents. The best way I had was porn.

MB. How long do you shoot porn?
AP. About 7 years. I entered the world of porn when I was 27 years old. I started with the cervix two years ago.

MB. Why did you choose cervix insertions?
AP. I chose it Because I realized that people like it a lot and extreme things are selling the most. And also because I like it.

MB. Could you please tell, me what kind of exercises did you do to stretch your cervix?
AP. In the very beginning, I used tampons to keep the cervix open.

MB. Is it for money only or for pleasure too?
AP. I also feel pleasure, I like what I do and I enjoy it.

MB. How do you keep hygiene to prevent womb infections?
AP. I take care of infections by taking pills and washing with vinegar and bicarbonate with warm water and also use clotrimazole cream.

MB. So, you make videos on demand. What kind of scenarios do your users like?
AP. Users like more extreme content. It’s something too interesting for everyone to see my big and deep cervix. If I make “normal” videos they are sold worse than those ones when I open the cervix wide and the hole looks enormously big.

MB. It is also very interesting, how often users order custom videos.
AP. I almost don’t sell personalized videos, because users wait for my imagination, and they buy many of the videos that I publish.

MB. Do you have any plans about expanding your niche? Maybe wider stretching or something else?
AP. I have tried to open my cervix and peehole wider, but it is not so easy. It needs the patience to achieve it. So, we all have to wait for wider holes.

MB. Maybe an advice for girls who want to start cervix play?
AP. To those who want to start cervix insertion: do it very carefully to avoid being hurt.

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