Misty, the French real MILF pierced slave.

Oldie, but goodie. Misty, the star from Master Alarac‘s constellation! When Misty appeared on the Internets she was already a mature woman. It was more than a decade ago. Unfortunately, she doesn’t make any photoshoots now. Please, excuse the poor quality of her pics, that was made at the beginning of the digital photo era. But we still may enjoy her ugliness, submissiveness, her chastity piercings. You have to note, that the has a unique piercing jewel: a clit shield. A lot of slaves are infibulated, and a lot of cunts are closed with rings and locks. But a clit shield you will see on Master Alarac’s slaves only. So, watch her gallery, wank, and be happy!

  • subbeat says:

    What a beautiful women. I like the piercings she wears.

  • Mr.Berrie says:

    Misty is my faforite

  • Menti says:

    Was für eine schöne belastbare Sklavin!

  • Alarac says:

    I must admit you do a great job giving informations about people I met a long time ago, or friends like LM and Domidee, or just people I was in contact with, like Serpent (who sent me long needles to test on Misty’s chest) or Delia Day…
    If interested, I have a lot of videos on Fetlife and photos of my slaves (ringmaster69) and I wrote some texts about Chloé, will write also about Misty, and Irina later perhaps…when I have time! keep up the good work!

    • MeatBarn says:

      Dear Master Alarac! Thank you for your warm words! The positive evaluation from such a great person like you, or Lsdmaster, or Rita is the most pleasurable thing in my porn blogging life!
      I hope to publish your story too. But my hardest problem is the language barrier. I barely understand French. Sometimes I meet difficulties in the translation process. But I will do what I can.
      Thank you for your amazing work and the awesome samples of female slaves you created!

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