Bridget the Midget. Small gem, big sparkle!

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Hi, folks! Today we have a few pics of the small but invaluable brilliant of the Porn World – Bridget the Midget!

Bridget Powers (born October 11, 1980) is a hot naughty American pornstar with dwarfism. She’s often referred to as “Bridget the Midget” or even as “Bridget Powerz”.

Powers was born in Boise, Idaho, and had a rather turbulent upbringing; her parents divorced when she was only one year old, and had to undergo several operations between the ages of three to fourteen due to bowed legs.

Her career began after being discovered at a goth nightclub by a make-up artist working on an adult vampire movie; this led to her debut porn film release in 1999 where she appeared in tens of original films ( with various compilations bringing that up to over 110! Although unsatisfied with what the industry had to offer, she decided to set up her own video-on-demand website instead – which was very naughty of her indeed!

But as a perfect diamond, she has a lot of facets! She has also starred in various comedic and dramatic roles in conventional movies such as Big Money Rustlas, Tiptoes, and S.W.A.T. Here is the link to her IMDB. She has also co-hosted Ed Powers’ radio show Bedtime Stories besides being part of the rock/metal band BlakkOut (

Apart from all this Bridget even has a child too!

On September 2019, however, things went awry. Our hot spark stabbed her boyfriend right into his leg at their Vegas home which got Bridget booked into Clark County Detention Center afterward! I didn’t find info about her afterward.
But who we are to judge a tiny woman for stabbing a guy? We have to enjoy her invaluable contribution to porn!
You also can read a more detailed story on
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