Bruce and Morgan Play Piss

Those who want jerk-n-run or are addicted to voice messages enough to fail to cope with a small piece of text may ⇓watch the gallery below⇓

Today’s post is too cute for MeatBarn. But it’s reasonable. I found this amazing couple on Twitter (@bruceandmorgan1). I visited their site. And was amazed! They are beautiful, positive, they play BDSM and drink piss! I did a small research, thank heavens it was easy: Bruce and Morgan keep a blog on their site. So here you will find a very short tale. For full tale, Q&As, and fresh material visit their sites or I believe you will not regret it.

Bruce and Morgan Play Piss

Bruce was the initiator of watersports in their story. He confessed to Morgan about his fetish at the beginning of their relationship. Young pure Morgan decided that it’s a weird thing and didn’t even think that golden showers will ever become a part of her life. But time passed and her interest grew up. She even watched few piss porn videos. And one day she asked Bruce to try. And they tried. Bruce didn’t wait much longer and involved Morgan’s open mouth right away at the first probation. And Morgan loved it: to feel herself a submissive toy, a slave! “The crazier it got, the hornier we both became. It was incredible!” – she says. In 2018 Bruce couldn’t resist and tasted pee too. And they even tested pee cycling. I like the way Bruce trains Morgan to become more and more attracted to piss. He denies her to cum until she will drink a portion of his urine. Smart guy!

Bruce and Morgan started their first site in 2017 and in 2020. On both sites, there are FAQ and Blog sections where you may read more about cool things they do. And they do a lot of stuff: light BDSM, cum play, and of course showering, drinking, and even cooking pee! Morgan is always wearing a cute mask. She says that there are two persons: a smart, educated, and respectable woman of normal life and a fearless horny pissmop behind the mask. Bruce sometimes appears in the scene wearing a Batman mask and it’s so funny! The couple also sometimes invite other girls to their piss feast. But I personally prefer to watch Morgan. I like tiny, skinny women with small titties, exactly as she is.

For me personally, this couple has only one flaw: lack of anal play. I asked B&M about it. ‘We’ve never really been into anal, although we have just started playing with a butt plug for the first time ever in our last video. It was surprisingly fun, so it’s very likely we’ll be doing it again… We know a lot of people like anal but we always prioritize our own interests and pleasure, to make sure it stays fun for us.’ – they answered. So, I hope Bruce and Morgan will find more fun in ass games and will share their joy with us.

I also have to notice the good design of both sites and the excellent, outstanding quality of photos and videos. Vibrant colors, vivid pictures, good composition. And of course, the couple is super positive and motivating.

Here is a small gallery of their outstanding actions! Vids and full galleries are available on

  • zortilo nrel says:

    I love the efforts you have put in this, regards for all the great blog posts.

  • Ron says:

    Should be healthy and is called urine therapy.

    I find this much more sympathetic than having your body perforated or cutting off parts of your body.

    Just my two cents …

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