Happy New Year, kinksters!

AI generated portrait of nude girl wearing red harness and Santa's hat

Hey, boys and girls, they and those, quir and curious, vertibirds and even unsexuals. And all other genders and kinks of the Universe! I love you and I wish you a happy New Year!

The past year was strange, stupid, dangerous, frighting, boring, and depressing but also fun and interesting too! Me and you all – we did a lot of work! And I feel the new beginning of this project. More interesting models and studios, more and harder MeatBarn originals, more communication! More, and more, and more!

Someone will say, “Asking for more is a fockin consumerism!” But I will say, “No!”. Asking for more is the engine of the creative force of the Human and all Humanity. And not only! Even animals want more and can act creatively to achieve their targets, even if the target is a simple “fart and run” joke. Love animals, you bastards! Love people, you bastards!

I wish you more fun and more peace for you in the New Year, you, meat bags! I love you! And you’d better love each other! Fuck each other in every style you like! Make love, not war! Don’t fright each other, don’t kill each other, don’t rape each other! Just have fun, you bastards!

But don’t forget about condoms! HIV, HVB, HVC, HPV, lues, clap don’t sleep!

I love you and wish the luck to all of us!

Sincerely yours,

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