Lori Pleasure, a hot exhibitionist MILF bimbo with huge fake tits.

This post a lil bit differs from the MeatBarn central theme. You will not see any extreme penetrations, slavery, or body modifications here. But I think that today MeatBarn heroine is as hot as others. The reason is her manner of dressing and behaving in public places. Lori Pleasure has no taboos and wears slutty daring clothes, that make an accent on her great artificial boobs. Her face isn’t a Miss Universe’s face (oh, no!) but does it matter? Nope. Does anyone care what face a bimbo has if she has 2 hot fake tits, 3 holes, and behaves like a slut?
Lori Pleasure kept a website loripleasure.com, but now it’s closed. She also keeps a Twitter account twitter.com/loripleasure, where you may watch her fresh tits twits. Lori also shots professional porn videos, but I found them too vanilla and a lil bit boring. Her photos on the streets, in shops, and at parties are much hotter! And on MeatBarn you may enjoy her gallery.