Mature pierced and tattoed french slave LM23 aka in Internets as ‘slave 23’

A small update for today. HM23. Don’t mess her wig German ‘sklavin 23′. HM23 has ’23’ tattooed on her pubic, but ‘sklavin 23’ has the same digits, but on her lower back.
First time I saw this MILF more than a decade ago. There were a lot of her various pics in the Internets. But nowadays I barely found a few of them.
She is an amateur slave from France. I believe, her Master’s name is Domidee. According to the article here this couple are not just swingers and kinksters, but kind of phylosophers too! If my memories are correct, she was doing some action with other well known amateur real slave Misty (we will have an individual post about her soon).
Enjoy this gallery. I hope, it will be updated soon. Some pics are of poor resolution because they are old and amateur made.

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