Twincest, twincest little stars!
Milton Twins.

Hi, folks!

Desperate wankers can go ⇓directly to the gallery⇓. But for connoisseurs, we have a soft, but hot post. And we go to the past again. But our nearest past, the 2000th. At that time, in 2004, two bright stars lighted up: Cali Marie and Cherish Milton. Sisters, you know? Identical twins, whose early years are unknown. So, we can only guess when and how did they come to lesbian twincest.

They also had scenic names Maressa/Marissa and Melissa. And I think these slutty names match them much better. They were born on May 30, 1985. So, we could call them MILFton twins today. But unfortunately, they retired. Cherish – in 2012, and Cali Marie – in 2016, after acting in the last movie without her sister. We can guess that it’s because their children grew up.

Yes, I think, that they have children because they soot in the “Barefoot & Pregnant 19”, 2006. And both were pregnant. But the movie could be shot earlier. Who knows…
They kept a website It still works, but it doesn’t belong to the duo. It’s very unclear who is the owner. Nethole Services LTD (dissolved in 2015), Sampson Investments AVV, or someone else.

On IAFD here is some info, like height, filmography, and so on: Cherish, Cali Marie.
There is also an unproved account on PH.

If you will watch not on cunts only, you may notice, that it’s possible to identify girls by tattoos.
Cali Marie has a star on her left wrist, a Playboy bunny, and her initials on her right shoulder blade. Cherish is a little bit more decorated. The name “Malone” over her left breast, which was later covered by a flower and a butterfly. She also has a cherry on the right side of her lower abdomen, a Gemini sign on the nape of her neck, a Playboy bunny on her left shoulder blade, and a rose on the right side of her lower back.

Unfortunately, most or even all lesbian twins do vanilla action only. I believe it’s because of probability theory. Identical twins are rare, twincest is rare (yes?), and perversions are rare. We multiply all these chances and get sad results.

But anyway, I find lesbian twincest very hot thing. There are a bunch of other twin lesbians, but I find Milton’s sisters hottest.

And now enjoy the gallery. And vote in the anonymous poll about twincest.

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