Phealinphine69 aka Fitbootyqueen aka Asiancumpet. Deep and huge anal penetration asian.

This Asian girl is well trained into extremely deep anal, belly bulge, and all of this is usually mixed with a portion of pure woman submission. We don’t see her face. But, hell, who will care about the face of the girl that has such amazing bottom holes? I’m sorry for the pop-ups appearing when you click on vids. It’s not MeatBarn’s, but video hosting pop-ups. I can nothing to deal with that. One day MeatBarn will host vids in-house.

Open the spoiler to read some about her
She was mostly active mainly on as Fitbootyqueen and Asiancumpet.
Phealinphine69. The original account was presented on xHamster from spring 2015 to fall 2015. Most of the vids were titled “Asian GF …”. The last video was named “Super stuffed fit asian growls…”. Early lingerie pics were from this account. Now account is completely deleted.
Fitbootyqueen. Another xHamster account was started later very quickly. This had the original belly bulging videos. There were questions as to whether this account was really them. On this account, she accepted PayPal donations to buy new toys and other donations. Now, this acc is deleted too.
Asiancumpet. The most recent account on damned Tumblr. The pink wig “FUCK TOY” gif appeared there, the corset anal dildo gif, and a few others too. The account is deleted as well as others.

As I know, she closed her accounts because some dorks doxed her.

A list of dildoes she stuffs in:
Basix 10″, purple
Kevin Dean 12″
American Whopper 11″, curved
Doc Johnson Crystal Jellies 18″, purple
Doc Johnson Crystal Jellies 12″, pink
Topco Сarmen’s fun cock 8.5″, blue

  • yeetus says:

    man I wish that asshole didn’t doxx her

  • Skippy Bippy says:

    Any way to find more of her stuff?

    • meatbarn says:

      I believe, we have all her works on this page. Unfortunately, she stopped her activity. Maybe somewhere in the nets, there is someone who recorded her cam activity. But I doubt it.
      I never saw more so much passion in extreme anal pounding. Phealinphine69 was truly brilliant among anal stars. But we have what we have.

      • Szalony Kucharz says:

        Extreme amateur anal stretching / pounding seems to be in vogue now. Pipaypipo’s videos are out of this world.

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