Vintage German slave Ra

Hi, folks!

I’m sorry for the infrequent updates. But sometimes I have a rush time in my life.

Today I want to remind you of the times of freedom. Times when you could smoke in a plane, and people believed in the future. The Golden Era of the 70th and the Silver Era of the 80th.

This cool mazo girl with a rose tattooed on her cunt is named Ra. She posed for paper porn magazines at that time. It seems that she is German because her shots usually adjoin to shots of Ulrike and Anita Feller, other German mazo stars. I can’t say anything more, because I couldn’t find any reliable info about her. Even with Neural Nets.

But it’s not a reason to jerk a little on these hot pics, even if they are weak quality, as I did in my youth. Needles, bloody spanking, weights on cunt piercing long before Torture Galaxy and Queensnake!


P.S. I hope to make the next post soon.

  • Ts says:

    OMG!!! This Is SUPERHOT!

  • Fred says:

    Wow! She’s a new one on me! This is great.

  • Frisco says:

    En effet, slave Ra est une bonne et jolie fille.
    J’ai fait des recherches à son sujet et n’ai rien trouvé de plus.
    Elle est de la génération d’Anita Feller, Ulrike, et Kirsten.
    Bravo pour ton site qui est très intéressant…

    • MeatBarn says:

      Thank you, dear Frisco!
      We have two troubles with looking for Ra’s story. First of all, it was 40-50 years ago and Ra and the producers are at least 60 years old, or even dead. The second trouble is the language barrier. Girls (grannies now) are German. Unfortunately, I don’t speak German. And even ChatGPT couldn’t help me, because it has fuckin censorship.
      But about a third part of my dear visitors are Germans. Maybe they will find and share something.

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