My apology for the long silence

nerdy sysadmin pierced girl

Hi, folks!
First, I made some improvements for Google Core Web Vitals, so I didn’t have enough time and energy to make a good new post.
Then, I got an interview from a tough BDSM erotic video maker, but at the last moment he disappeared, and it is very strange. I don’t want to mess with suspicious guys. So, I just wasted a lot of time.
Then, I got the 5th part of lassie’s story from the honored Lsdmaster. But there are many things to edit to make it acceptable for publishing.
Then I got covid from, IDK where from it was. I was a little bit too sick and tired to work over the blog.
And now I’m getting better. And will continue editing lassie’s story to publish it ASAP.

Sorry, folks. I hope, that I will publish interesting materials more frequently.

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