Degradation poll

Collage of French slave lassie before and after degradation.

Hey! The Friday poll is here!

I published the next fragment of the French slave lassie story. She is a well-known lifestyle slave and I publish fragment by fragment her story here for more than a year. So, I think all the kinksters want to know how deep our degradation fetish is. To degrade or be degraded? This is a question!

Please, vote and comment! Your feedback is very important not for me only, but for all of us.

Remember: the poll is anonymous, so don’t be shy or paranoid.

P.S. Hey! Who are those girls which are ready for the degradation? Please! Post a comment! I’d like to talk to you!

  • Eefje says:

    Great respect for Lassie or Amilie.
    I dont think i could do what see did being an 100% dedicated sexslave for years and having all these humilations as branded, pierced, shaved bold, made incontinent havungher ass ruined and public humilation

    • MeatBarn says:

      Hi! Thanks for the comment.
      Most people are not ready for such treatment. Degrading like lassie requires 2 factors: a predisposition for degradation and the skills of a Master. In lassie’s case, we see how things can go if a proper Master will meet a proper slave.

      • Lsdmaster says:

        That’s right.
        amélie who became chiennelassie.
        The shy amélie met the right Master to turn “her” into an perfect object of submission…

  • Moutel Philippe says:

    j’ai ma vie durant espéré avoir une telle Esclave dévoué totalement et à dégrader
    62 ans aujourd’hui j’ai bien peur ne ne jamais le vivre

    • MeatBarn says:

      Don’t lose hope. “To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yiel!” As I can see through the Internet, France has a big BDSM community. Visit events, become familiar with people. I hope you will find such a bitch!

    • Lsdmaster says:

      C’est comme pour beaucoup de choses, il faut être prêt pour saisir la proie quand elle se présente. Ensuite, il savoir être patient, pour manipuler sa proie, l’isoler et l’asservir.
      Une jeune fille amoureuse en recherche de repère sera toujours une bonne proie.
      Maintenant, à toi de jouer.
      Like many things, you have to be ready to grab the prey when it comes.
      Then, you have to be patien to manipulate its prey, to isolate and enslave it.
      A young girl in love looking for landmarks will always be a good prey.
      Now it’s your turn.

  • Lsdmaster says:

    Hi to all fans,

    I hope you will vote to this poll. Perhaps you know where lived the toy !!!

    Be the first to found where lived the object as chiennelassie until 2014.

    You must be Member to vote.

    I wish you a good end of Year 2023, and an happy new Year 2024

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