DeutscheGummihuren and his cutest rubber harem

DeutscheGummihuren and his fetish model

Hi, folks!
As always, impatient bastards always can ⇓click here to slide down to the pics⇓. But now they could be very surprised.
Today is the day of cuteness! Bruce&Morgan have a concurrent in this category.
Welcome DeutscheGummihuren! This German guy posts thousands of pics on Imagefap. Beautiful girls wearing winter clothes, rubber, latex, cowbells, gags, lacy masks, and hoods of brightest assorted colors. I saw nothing like that ever! His fetish is absolutely spectacular! I can’t understand it, but I can value it. He also keeps a DeviantArt profile and hundreds of profiles on other social networks and image hostings. He is a very enthusiastic and open person. He allowed me to use his pics as they were mine ))). He also likes when strangers make photo manipulations and captions with that photos in a humiliating manner. Girls shown on pics are his friends, or hired models, or hired hookers. That depends on the situation. But the main requirement is obedience!
And now behold the cuteness!

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