Gender and role poll

alchemical wedding woodcut print from Philosophers Rosarium

Hi, folks!

You voted in the previous poll actively, so I found the poll idea cool! I will do my best to post a poll every Friday and all polls will be termless. I want to know my auditory better. And I believe, you want to know it too and feel that you are not alone. There are a lot of us, kinky people, in the world! Together – we are the force!

But don’t think that I do nothing but polls. Tomorrow I will post a gallery and a short story of a little bit forgotten model.

Here is the poll about your gender and role. Sorry for so many positions, but there is nothing to remove, only to add.

Gender poll
  • Harry says:

    This is my email, but like everything else that belongs to me in life, my twin sister uses it too. Not that I mean it when I complain. M, straight, dominant with all but sis 100%, with sis 75/25 dominant. Sis is F, bi, submissive about 75% of time.

    • MeatBarn says:

      Wow! Thanks for your comment and contact! I’ll write you right now! But, please, check if my email will fall into spam. It will be from my domain.

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