Layla Extreme, the vaginal fisting queen of 2000th

Those hasty bastards, who don’t want to read, ⇓click here to watch the gallery below.⇓

I usually don’t pay attention to vaginal insertions, I find it a lil bit boring. But Layla Extreme deserves a post.

She started to post her pics and vids in 2005 on Today the site is closed and the domain is for sale. Sad, but true. But you may watch the front page on the great internet archive

The Bio part of her site is very uninformative, it was made mostly as a keywords collection. There are Layla’s body properties: height 163cm, weight 50 kg, 95-60-88. The Bio also tells us, that for the first time she started to share her photos with a blurred face. And, really, in the gallery here you may find a few shy pics with cells over her face. After getting some popularity, the bio tells, she decided to make a website. As I understood, she started shooting in her 20th. And she performed in countless photo and video shoots with her cunt stuffed with countless objects: huge dildoes, bunches of candles, doll heads, rugby balls, baseball bats, pumpkins, eggplants… If I will continue, the post will become like a glossary of round objects. Layla also liked to flash her body outdoors.
She retired in 2012. I couldn’t find, why. Just the site stopped publishing her new materials and started to post other models. Honorable Max Hardcore told me: “It’s normal for girls to make a few videos when they’re young, and then drop out.” Who am I to argue with him?

Of course, Layla’s vaginal stretching talents are average for the current time. Irma, Amazing Ty, Veneisse, DirtyGardenGirl, and a few other girls have their cunts bigger. But in her time such stretching was not usual for porn. And I believe that Layla deserves to have her name stay in eternity.

  • Enemator says:

    Layla was my big favorite. She is a Hungarian girl. I ran into them once during a photo shoot on the banks of the Danube. Unfortunately, she didn’t do anal stretches. It used to disappear from the market. I think he’s got married and had kids. Loosely, easily :)))

    • meatbarn says:

      Yep. A lot of girls change their interests to less extreme practices. For example, Adrianna Nicole or Cherry Torn. Or merry, or just disappear as Layla, Mia Sweet, Nasty Natascha. But new girls come to their place. Do you remember, how rare anal fisting was in 90th-00th? At a moment I can call to mind just O’Pearl and a few other german amateur girls. But now we have a great bunch of anal gaping gems: Argendana, Siswet, Stasya Bloom, Raisa Wet, Jenny Simpson, Vanda, and tens of them. Anal stretching becomes much more common. So, let’s watch what will happen next!
      Thank’s for your comment! And notice, that I will make a new post very soon.

      • Lady_Kirsten says:

        In the past, from the ’70’s till the ’90’s there were perhaps thousands of fisting and anal gaping girls but we didn’t hear or know about them because there was no internet, social media and social networking like we have nowadays. My world of sexual experiences openend up when i bought my first desktop pc and had my extremely slow internet connection. I saw things i never knew they excisted. And now many years later i’m a little bit of a huge pervert and i do kinky stuff almost on a daily basis.

      • MeatBarn says:

        I believe you are right. Now your words made me recall in memory porn playing cards, which I purchased when I was a teenager in the first part of the 90th. There were 4 or 5 photos with vaginal fisting. It was so hot! Maybe that cards deck was the reason why I like fisting so much.
        And as we can see in the submissive Ra’s example, needles and piercings were practiced in the 70th-80th too.
        I also collected CDs with porn galleries. And after getting access to the Internet, painfully slow at 33600 bit/s, I started to explore the Universe of kinks. And I still do it.
        And my greatest mistake was to think, that porn and kinks are something bad, and to struggle with my wishes when I was younger. I lost many years when I could be active in the porn industry. And now I’m trying to start doing things which I had to do in my 20th.
        So, younglings, remember: there is no evil in porn and kinks if mutual consent maintained is.

  • Enemator says:

    Obviously, the female body has physiological limitations. Already, if we want to prevent health damage.
    Argenda or Siswet are dancing at this border.
    A bad movement and colon can be damaged. The many different lubricants used and the forced enemas wear a lot on the intestinal mucosa. This often leads to ulcerative colitis.

    I approx. I first saw a vaginal fist in a German porn in 35 years (It took place in a hospital) It was the maximum for a very long time. Then I saw female analfisting in a video of the also German Kit Kat Club. (In life much sooner 🙂 Since then, there has been little professional (or even amateur) adult actor who hasn’t tried this. It became a kind of aptitude test. Anyone who does not have an open orifice is unfit for pornography. 🙂

    Now the ever-increasing prolapse of the hit .. which I admit was exciting at first … is now more of a sight to behold with a deeply protruding gut.
    (I prefer to look deep into the wide vagina or rectum ..)
    The other big trend is the use of dildos that penetrate very deep, up to 1 meter. This means making full use of the colon. Surprisingly many performers make such videos.

    Of course, there is also a revolution around the throat:)
    They are pushing deeper and deeper dildos deeper and deeper.

    Sorry if I was a little extensive 🙂

    • meatbarn says:

      Thanks for your comment!
      Yep, you are right, saying that extreme things may cause great problems. But here I see small detail. Safety. There are tons of literature about fisting, about the safety of large and long insertions, and so on. And everyone who watches deep and large fistings has to remember: “Never do it at home”. But! As we know, there are a lot of extreme things that people do. Parkour, yoga, weights lifting, hanging on hooks, full body tattooing, free diving, sky diving, and many many others. And of course, some of these practices aren’t suitable for everyone. Genetics, or in other words, starting body constitution, training, health, and a lot of other things influence one’s ability to do extreme practices. And you have to be sufficiently mature (and of legal age!) and capable to start to train. But if you are, and you can’t live without your extreme games, why not?
      On my blog, I don’t call everyone to fist their anuses. But if they are capable, of legal age, have read enough theory, and can’t live without it, why not try? Safely! Hey! Safety first! If you will tear your ass for the first time, you may lose the ability to have fun forever! Superpowers come after superpreparation!
      But as an anal and throat fetishist, I can only greet modern trends.
      And if my readers, watchers, and other visitors want, I’ll do my best and make a post about insertion safety.

  • Ron says:

    What a divine superpussy on a natural and beautiful woman …

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