Urrtiko poses

Hi, folks.
This is a pilot shot of some original BDSM made with my hands. Model Urrtiko poses exclusively for you. Please be kind to my meager skills. Everything in was not so easy as I believed, especially awful background. I’ll do my best to increase quality.
But come on, look at this tasty bitch! And I want to make an accent on the close-up photo of her cunt. She drips. Because she loves to be tied and helpless. And of course, she loves that firm clamps. I hope in closest future we will make more and better photos and videos to enjoy you, my kinky colleagues!

  • Lsdmaster says:

    What a nice piece of meat!
    I have some ideas… but clamps on nipples and labias, that is a good begining.

    • meatbarn says:

      Thanks for your warm words! It’s an honor for me to receive praise from you. She is really a hot bitch with a great potential! I hope, we’ll make more interesting shots. But now I have a lack of time (because of lack of money) to make new posts, so the blog renews rarely. I hope I will be freer soon.

  • Drag says:

    As suggestions, can you make your slave become human furniture maybe she can be chair or table or toilet and you sit on her if don’t want to show your face you can wear mask

  • John Brown says:

    I love so much your own work and I love so much the big tits of that model. You can make her tits tie up so tight for the next time using for example ropes, zip ties or even rubber bands if is possible. But as other user said, is a good begining

    • MeatBarn says:

      Thanks a lot! I believe that your and other community comments will stimulate her to participate in funnier and hotter photo and video sets.
      I have to notice, that the “other user” you mentioned is honorable Lsdmaster, the owner of slave lassie. Don’t miss her and her story! He made a great work over his slave!

  • mb says:

    Magnifique série de photos.
    Quand est prévu une nouvelle série.
    Une belle femme avec un corps magnifique.

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