Vinam, the Pierced Gem of Extreme Sex

Vinam is the model full of skills: heavy piercings in her cunt, pierced clit, needle play, insertions, anal and vaginal fisting, peehole and cervix insertions, electro play, nettles, saline injections, and more, and more. I believe, she is one of the greatest BDSM and BME models. She is retired now, but her vids and photos are still available on If you want to jerk right now, ⇓the gallery is below the text⇓. But I believe, that true connoisseur will be interested in reading further text.

I asked Tom from to tell something about Vinam and that what he answered me:

Vinam was a model who marked a before and after in extreme porn. She started on one of the the biggest webcam platform in 2006. Thanks to her constant training and her daring to try different things, she got a large auditory, that in those years did not meet or have seen a woman doing live such amazing things. In those years the models usually masturbated with dildos little larger than a penis. Just a few of them managed to put a fist in the vagina and some objects such as beer cans or bottles. Instead, Vinam managed to put huge dildos, objects such as coconuts, pumpkins, fist alternately from ass to the vagina, bottles of wine, and even champagne… She also was a lover of oversized piercings and this made everything hotter.

Because of the success that she got with her partner, many people wanted to buy videos of those live shows or specific things. That is why they proposed to mount the first page under the name of where they started to sell videos of subjects never seen or made by anyone before, such as a real cervix penetration. In addition to other fetishes such as peehole play, needles torture, forced orgasms, pumping, saline inflation, electro stimulation, nettles play, and other fetishes always done in extreme tone, she performed in rare or large objects insertions. For instance, Vinam was the first woman who made a video of inserting a toilet brush into the vagina. In addition to doing many anal practices, getting among other things, she put a dildo of 60 cm completely in the ass. She with her partner also recorded several videos of double fisting and many other extreme things.

In 2012 she decided to leave the world of porn, and the project started to work with other models. So the websites and currently host some videos of Vinam as well as other models,s who currently do much more extreme and surprising work were created. Although Vinam was the pioneer and the most versatile model of her time.

And I agree with Tom. Vinam is a legend and she will stay in our hearts and will erect our dicks, and wet our cunts forever! So, enjoy the gallery. Most pics are of weak resolution because they were made in the first part of the era of the digital photo. But it’s hard to try hotter content!